10 Common Items That Weigh About 45 Pounds

There are many reasons you’d be researching this topic, but if you just lost 45 pounds and want an estimate with something familiar, you came to the right place. By looking around the house and common places you visit, we’ll give you an idea of items that weigh 45 pounds.

1. Men Olympic barbell 


Barbells are the simplest looking equipment in the gym, but most people are surprised when they first touch them because they aren’t always the easiest to use. Since the 1900s, people have preferred to use barbells while training, but some fitness enthusiasts will spend years working out and never touch one.

Men Olympic barbell weighs approximately 45 pounds compared to the standard barbell and is one or 2ft longer. It also has heavier and thicker ends in comparison to the usual bar and more stable during lifting.

2. Cambered bar

The cambered bar weighs around 45 pounds, but in comparison to other barbells, its low hanging weight poses a challenge to most lifters. It’s actually recommended to attempt using this barbell if you have years of experience lifting weights and perfected your squat game.

Its shape helps you add some serious weight, but it has two handles on either side of its body to stabilize the lift. This bar makes your squats more challenging and targets your glutes and hamstrings.   

3. 20kg weight plates

20kg weight plate

If you prefer to workout at home, you can make your workouts more challenging by using a weight plate. If you are already used to lifting weight, a weight plate will come in handy to make your exercise a little more challenging.

Although they are commonly used with barbells, a plate can be used during front raises, lateral raises, side bends, halo, and squat presses. A 20kg plate translates to 45 pounds. 

4. American bison calf

American bison calf

The American bison or American buffalo is in real danger of becoming extinct and is one of the most successful conservations stories of all time. This native beast does not look fierce when it’s born and only weighs around 45 pounds.

American bison calves are not as massive as their European bison cousins, although they are generally equal in size. What’s surprising to most is how they manage to weigh 930.4 to around 2204.6 pounds when fully grown on a vegetarian diet.

5. Adult elephants’ heart


As the largest existing land animals, the most common elephants are the African bush elephants, Asian elephants, and the African forest elephants. Of the two species, the African elephant is larger, growing to 8.2 and 13 feet tall and weighs anywhere between 5,000 to 14,000 pounds.

Although a little smaller, the Asian elephant weighs 4,500 to 11,000 pounds and is 6.6 and 9.8 feet tall. The hearts of both mammals weigh around 45 pounds. 

6. Collared peccary

Collared peccary

Their primary habitat is in the rainforests and deserts of the southwestern parts of North America and South America. These tusked animals start life at 1.54 pounds and can develop into sturdy-looking 45 pounds, which is pretty amazing.

The collared peccaries, also known as javelinas, look like pigs, but they belong to a different family of mammals called Tayassuidae. Their coats have a hint of yellow on the cheeks, but they get their name from the white-collar running around their shoulders and necks.

7. Clouded adult leopard

Clouded adult leopard

The clouded leopard is a beautiful secretive cat, agile at climbing trees. Named after its spotted coat, you will hardly see it in the wild unless you know where to look.

This cat roams regions of southeastern Asia, including parts of Malaysia and Indonesia’s rain forests at the foothills of Nepal. The leopard will grow into an adult at around 20.5 to 66.1 pounds. They are an endangered species and feast on monkeys, deers, and birds, amongst other prey.

8. Two large mirrors

Breaking a mirror is said to bring seven years of misfortune. Although not everyone believes in the myth, we can all agree that mirrors can be pretty heavy.

A large mirror of about 70cm by 100cm weighs 22 pounds and is mostly found around dining rooms and entryways. To hang it, you’ll need to drill the mirror into the wall since most adhesive strips can’t support its weight. Have these large mirrors in your dining room and entryway, and you’ll have a combined weight of 44 pounds, which is not very far from our target. 

9. A 20 kilogram of potting soil

Household plants are as common as pets, so it’s no surprise to see people carrying bags of potting soil around. Peat, one of the main ingredients of potting soil, has an absorbing quality to retain water and maximize plant growth.

It can be mixed with bark, compost, and coir to make a plant’s ideal soil. Potting soil is usually found in small bags of around 5kgs each, but if you need a larger bag, you can find it in 20kgs, which is 45 pounds. Alternatively, you can always buy four 5kgs bags.

10. Two high chairs

baby chair

High chairs are mostly introduced during weaning to help babies sit upright while eating, which reduced choking hazards. A high chair’s weight will depend on the material used, but most weight around 22 pounds.

Interestingly, these chairs can support double it’s weight, about 45 pounds, which is the average weight of a five-year-old. Each year, numerous infants are injured when using high chairs, so ensure you adjust your safety straps, seat, have a wide, stable base, and ensure the wheels are locked during feeding.

Learning about random stuff and how much they weigh is fun, but it’s also a way to acquire knowledge that helps change your perception. Hopefully, this article has given you all you need regarding this topic.

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