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10 Common Items That Weigh About 7 Grams

Some people are better at working out what some items weigh compared to others or are at least good at remembering how heavy particular items are.

The following list of 10 common items weighing around 7 grams or 0.25 ounces contains objects that are quite hard to guess what they weigh. Small things that weigh about 7 grams or 0.25 ounces are often tricky to work out the weight of if we aren’t familiar with them.   

In contrast,  objects that we use regularly should soon become very familiar, leading to us finding out how much they weigh or thereabouts.  

1. Pack of Sewing Needles

Not everyone is good at using tiny hand- sewing needles that seem almost weightless when repairing items of clothing and other objects.

A pack of hand-sewing needles, which often come in 12-24 pieces or even bigger packs, can weigh anything from 4g to 10g.

And they are certainly worth their weight in gold if we desperately need to sew up a few embarrassing holes in some of our clothes.

2. 10 Polymer 5-pound Banknotes (sterling)

Spread of £5 notes - polymer

Although the older paper banknotes weighed a little bit more than the polymer cash we use today, there isn’t that much difference when holding one or even a stack of notes.

As one polymer 5-pound note weighs about 0.7 grams, we can safely say that ten of these modern banknotes comes to around 7g or 0.25 ounces.

However, you would have to have a serious amount of these banknotes in your wallet to even start to notice any real amount of weight.

3. 2 Pennies (sterling)


Until Septemberer 1992, Great Britain used one pence coins made from a composite of bronze, zinc, copper and tin that weighed about 0.9 grams.

These very light coins were eventually replaced by copper-plated steel versions that are 20.3mm in diameter and weigh about 3.56 grams.

Given this information, we know that two of these light coins will add up to a weight of about 7 grams or 7.12 grams if we wish to be more precise. 

4. Pencil


The average weight of a standard unsharpened pencil that hasn’t been used already is from around 6 grams up to about 7 grams.

As well as making sure the pencil hasn’t been sharpened to be more accurate with its weight, the eraser at the end of the pencil should be as good as new too. 

A classic pencil that’s fresh out of the box and measuring 7.5 inches or 19cm in length could easily weigh around 7 grams or a quarter of an ounce. 

5. Pair of Cufflinks

Just how much a pair of modern or classic-style cufflinks weigh will depend on what they are made from and their size, of course.

The average size of these stylish apparel accessories is 0.5 inches x 0.5 inches or 1-inch x 1-inch and they can weigh anything from 4 grams to 15 grams. 

Cufflinks made with precious metals like gold are going to be heavier than those made from stainless steel – silver cufflinks are much lighter than stainless steel ones though. 

6. Standard Postcard

The standard postcard, which is 210mm x 14mm for A5 and 148mm x 105mm for A6, can weigh from around 7 grams up to about 13 grams. 

They are classed the same as small letters by the royal mail meaning customers pay the same fee for sending one as they would for a standard letter. 

As some people like to collect postcards from places they visit around the globe, there are plenty of homes with heavy boxes full of weird and wonderful postcard designs. 

7. 7 Cigarettes

The two main factors that will affect what a regular cigarette weighs are its length and the amount of tobacco that’s used in its manufacture. 

Cigarettes that measure 70mm in length (regular) will be a fair amount lighter than the king-size versions that usually are around 84mm long.

Considering one regular cigarette weighs around 1g with 60%-80% tobacco content, we can calculate that seven of such cigarettes will come to about 7 grams in weight. 

8. 3 Teaspoons (metric) of Flour


People who spend more time in the kitchen than anywhere else in their home will often look for information on how much various recipe ingredients weigh.

Keen cooks who often use flour when baking cakes might find it useful to learn that 3 teaspoons of the stuff come to around 7.23 grams.

By knowing what each ingredient weighs when preparing a dish, amateur chefs can be much more successful with whatever it is they’re trying to make. 

9. Eyebrow Tweezers  

Eyebrow tweezers

Eyebrow tweezers are either made from stainless steel or plastic although there are some designs that have been made from ceramics and other material.

The average weight of plastic or stainless steel eyebrow tweezers is from 7g right up to 20g, which is a fairly large difference between the two weights.  

Many of the tweezers available today online will often have a slanted tip and measure 36 x 4 x 3mm in size or slight variations of these measurements. 

10. Wedge or a Slice of Lemon

There are three different sizes of lemons – small, medium and large that are sliced and added to one of many kinds of alcoholic cocktails and food dishes. 

With a typical small lemon (around 58g) with a diameter of just over 2 inches, we can make wedges or slices from the lemon that weigh around 7 grams.

But each slice or wedge would need to be about an eighth of the small lemon’s overall size so that we can achieve equal amounts of around 7 grams or 0.25 ounces.