10 Household Items That Weigh About 200 Grams

Have you ever taken time to know how much things weigh around your house? 200 grams feels almost like nothing in your hands. It’s neither too heavy nor light, but just the right weight.

So, which everyday household items weigh around 200 grams? Here are some surprising yet everyday things you interact with.

1.  3 C-Cell Batteries


Did you know that one C-cell battery weighs about 67 grams? When you put three together, that makes about 201 grams, which is slightly above by a gram but still workable.

The C-Cell batteries are not common than type A cells, but they’re easy to find in the market. They are mostly used in toys, musical instruments, and flashlights. You can use some used or new batteries to measure 200 grams or just share this fun fact with family and friends.

2.  A Cup of Granulated Sugar


Granulated sugar is a common baking ingredient that weighs 200 grams and commonly used in most households. However, different baking ingredients have different densities, thus affecting their weight. For instance, a cup of granulated sugar weighs 200 grams, whereas a cup of flour weighs 120 grams, which is less.

It is helpful to know the volume of different ingredients so that you can get the right amounts. When you are baking, having a cup of granulated sugar means you can easily compare other components by weight.

3.  200 Cubic Centimeters of Water


Water is easily accessible to most people, whether bottled or from the tap. Two hundred cubic centimeters of water weighs 200 grams.

To get the right proportion, you can use a measuring cup or 2-deciliter cup to measure the water.

If you are using water to calibrate your scale, place your cup on the scale and press tare, and the scale will reset automatically. Always note the weight of your cup to get the most accurate weight and measurement.

4.  80 Pennies


You can also weigh 200 grams using several pennies. You’ll probably need around 80 pennies to reach 200 grams because each weighs about 2.5 grams.

Point to note is that pennies come in a single roll, and you’ll need more than one roll to attain the required measurement. It’s good to use new coins because they are not dirty or worn out, and they weigh precisely 2.5 grams.

It may odd having all these pennies in the house, so using them for measurements is probably not the best ides. Unless, of course, you just want to have fun.

5.  4 Cinnamon Pop-Tarts


Everyone loves to eat pop-tart for breakfast, but most people don’t know how much they weight. Not all pop-tarts weigh equally, but the closest to 200 grams is the oh so sweet cinnamon tarts.

If you need something that weighs 200 grams for weight comparison or measuring, always go for frosted Pop-Tarts since the unfrosted ones are 50 grams less coming in at around 150 grams.

6.  A roll of nickels


A roll of new US nickels weighs about 200grams. A roll contains 40 coins, each weighing 5 grams.

Like using nickels, you require new coins because some coins metal wears away with handling over time, decreasing its weight. With old coins, they might have accumulated dirt, which can make them more massive than the 5 grams per coin.

To get the exact weight, always use new coins and remove the paper as it could add a slight amount of weight.

7.  A Cadbury chocolate bar


Hand up if you love chocolate. These sweet snacks are readily available at home and come in handy when you need to munch on something.

In weight, they come in at approximately 200 grams, slightly less or more, depending on your favorite brand.

Whether you are going to use it to make a delicious bowl of chocolate ganache, deep some strawberries for that extra sweetness, or enjoy it with a glass of red wine, you are sure to forget about counting calories and enjoy this treat.

8.  A box of Lipton tea


Every household loves tea and takes it either during breakfast or at any given time of day. It’s known to boost your heart health, lower bad cholesterol, and improve your gut health.

Some research even suggests it helps reduce blood pressure. In most houses, you will find a box of the Lipton tea, but most people don’t bother to know how much it weighs. Understandably because you are more interested in its health benefits.

Because it made it on this list, you now know Lipton tea weights around 200 grams.

9.  A can of zent tomato paste

One of the ingredients used to make food yummy and tasty is a can of zent tomato paste. You probably have a few of these in your pantry if you prefer a hot, home-cooked meal.

Tomato paste has higher levels of lycopene, an antioxidant known to protect against some cancer types and promote healthy skin. Like other items on this list, a can of zent tomato paste will weigh around 200 grams.

10. A tin of Nescafe

Coffee is a must-have in most homes and for good reasons. It stimulates your energy levels, so you have that great kick-start to your day. But that’s not the only benefit you get.

Coffee is also known to help burn fat, lower risks to type two diabetes, protect you from Alzheimer’s disease, among other benefits. If you didn’t know, a tin of Nescafe weighs 200 grams in approximation.

You have learned that most things we use daily weigh just about 200 grams. Many of these items are readily available in the markets and houses hence making it easier to use them as measuring tools. In comparison, some of these items come close to this or exceed it by a small margin. The above items are just an exact or slightly off by a gram.

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