10 Household Items That Weigh About 3 Pounds

Although friends talking about how much certain household items weigh are sometimes keen physicists, learning about this kind of stuff is not just for science nerds. 

One reason why some people wish to learn about the average weight of things in the home would be to help them work out how much produce to buy.

Lots of folk (myself included) use their knowledge of what various things at home weigh to calculate what weight of ground beef or pork chops to purchase.

By recalling the weight of stuff in the house that you are familiar with, it can be easier deciding how much weight to ask for when visiting the local meat market. 

Whatever your motive is for being here, please continue reading to discover a list of 10 household items that weigh about 3 pounds:   

  1. Standard bag of apples
  2. Small bag of potatoes
  3. Laptop computer
  4. Electric water kettle
  5. Table lamp
  6. Steam iron
  7. Sandwich maker
  8. Stainless steel wok
  9. Drinking glassware
  10. House plant

Knowing what various household objects weigh could make life a bit simpler. 

But even if you don’t need to draw on this knowledge on a daily basis, being aware of the things at home that are around 3 pounds (1.36kg) might come in handy one day.  

1. Standard Bag of Apples


It’s one thing sourcing your favorite apples for a bargain price but if you end up pulling your back out when putting them in your shopping bag, you may need to rethink.

Fortunately for those looking to use apples as the core ingredients of a fruit salad, it’s easy to pick up a standard bag of apples that are about 3 pounds in weight.

And not just your average providers of vitamins, A, B, and C either. Adding a fairly light 3Ib bag of Granny Smith or Red Delicious apples to your list of groceries isn’t difficult.

2. Small Bag of Potatoes 


Weekend weightlifters who like getting creative when working out may already be familiar with the different weights of potatoes. 

Of course, if you happen to have a bag of this popular staple diet item that comes in 3 pound bags, you may just use it to do a spot of exercise at home. And why not?

3. Laptop Computer


If we consider that the first truly portable computer – the Osbourne 1, weighed a staggering 11kg, there’s no surprise technicians pressed for much lighter models. 

Introduced in 1981, this cumbersome and weighty early model of laptop was soon forgotten – consumers opting for a laptop of around 3Ibs in weight or less

4. Electric Water Kettle


If you don’t enjoy having to put the kettle on more times than you think necessary when certain guests show up at your home, you may be able to make such tasks more fun.

Guessing whether your new electric water kettle weighs about 3 pounds might sound like a tedious pastime to some but to others, it’s quite entertaining. 

That said, you should find the weight of the kettle you buy either on the side of the packaging or on the instruction manual found inside the box.  

5. Table Lamp


Stylish lamps and other lighting can make a huge difference to the ambience of your home.

Shoppers that have discovered a table lamp weighing around 3 pounds may take advantage of the lack of weight in these sometimes hefty household items. 

One benefit of having a lightweight table lamp is being able to move it to different parts of the home without straining yourself. 

6. Steam Iron


There are just some chores that are too much to handle for even the more patient of people. 

Whether you hate ironing or find this necessary task quite therapeutic, it pays to buy a steam iron that weighs around 3 pounds. 

Purchasing a reasonably light steam iron to get through your dreaded or welcomed ironing chores may allow you to press your pants or crease your shirt without feeling too stressed. 

7. Sandwich Maker


Single guys who don’t mind skipping a decent meal in favor of a quick snack are likely to have one of these fellas in the kitchen. 

But if you manage to get hold of a sandwich maker that is not all that heavy, cleaning the gadget after use should not be as bad as it could be.

We all know how hard it can be to clean one of these things – even the non-stick models, but having a sandwich maker weighing around 3Ibs will make the job seem less arduous. 

8. Stainless Steel Wok


We’ve all seen those fearless chefs tossing the contents of their piping hot wok into the air – letting the ingredients fall back into the wok as part of the cooking process.

However, if you thought all these oriental cooking essentials were extremely heavy, think again.

Indeed, it’s not too difficult finding a stainless steel wok that not only weighs around 3 pounds but is built to stand even the most strenuous of cooking sessions.  

9. Drinking Glassware


Houseproud people who love to entertain friends and family on special occasions are likely to have glassware that is kept for such events.

In some cases, sociable folk looking forward to having someone special over for dinner will be keen to buy a box of drinking glassware that weighs about 3 pounds

Not only does this help keep the weight down in regard to your vehicle when out shopping, but also provides you with glasses that are more pleasant to use. 

10. House Plant


There are plenty of people that don’t consider their house to be a home without certain things in it – house plants being one of them.

In fact, some homeowners could be accused of turning their once simple looking residence into something that would not look out of place on National Geographic. 

The good thing about plants, of course, is that you can pick one up that is still a ‘seedling’. This allows us to avoid carrying potentially heavy plants.

Originally posted on July 13, 2020 @ 8:29 am

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