11 Common Items That Weigh About 20 Pounds

In order to discover a number of common things that weigh about 20 pounds, we had to search online for relevant information. 

Of course, plenty of products that we’ve bought over the years will come with information detailing their net weight as well as the overall weight with packaging.

What we’ve put together here after some extensive research is a list of 11 common items that weigh about 20 pounds (9.07kg). 

Whether you wish to close an argument about what a particular object weighs, or you need to complete a project related to the weight of things, please look at the list below: 

  1. Sledge hammer
  2. Push lawn mower
  3. Garden statues
  4. Shopping cart
  5. E-bike
  6. 6-berth tent
  7. Water cooler
  8. Dog crate
  9. Weighted blanket
  10. Patio table
  11. Hydraulic bottle jack

There are lots of things in the world that weigh 20 pounds such as products with this weight as standard.  

The list we have compiled for this particular article, however, contains objects that are roughly this weight.  

1. Sledge Hammer

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Although most people we see swinging a heavy-looking sledge hammer will have plenty of experience with these construction tools, this is not always the case. 

There are some DIY fanatics determined to prove to their partner that using a sledge hammer, even if it is 20 pounds in weight, will not wear them out.  

Of course, trying to demolish an old garden wall with a sledge hammer under this weight would make the entire task a much more difficult job.    

2. Push Lawn Mower


Since the invention of the modern lawnmower, we’ve been introduced to a variety of types with some looking more like mini tractors than mowers. 

Keen gardeners with their eye on one of the push lawn mowers that weigh around 20 pounds have got plenty of these gardening essentials to choose from.  

One way of keeping to this weight would be to purchase a push lawn mower that does not exceed a 16-inch cutting deck and 10-inch wheels on the front. 

3. Garden Statues

People who not only splash out on great looking ornaments for inside their home but also small statues for the garden, will often look for the heavier decor options. 

When getting garden statues that weigh in at around 20 pounds, most homeowners are looking for extra stability in the item.

And as most of the weight from hefty statues of animals or garden gnomes is in the base, sourcing garden statues that remain upright during bad weather is not too hard. 

4. Shopping Cart

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Although designed primarily for grocery shopping, rust-resistant shopping carts with reinforced handles can be used to transport a wide range of things. 

One reason to buy a shopping cart that is around 20 pounds in weight would be to ensure it is capable of dragging a fair amount of weight when out shopping. 

And as these superb shopping accessories are on wheels, there’s no need to worry that you’ll strain yourself when getting the weekly groceries in. 

5. E-bike


As more and more people today are beginning to become increasingly aware of environmental issues related to vehicles, the sales of bicycles have rocketed. 

If you’re after an e-bike that weighs about 20 pounds so you can start working on your cardio fitness, you’ll be spoilt for choice. 

6. 6-Berth Tent


Spending the weekend in the great outdoors can not only be lots of fun but also quite educational for both experienced and novice campers. 

One thing you should discover when sourcing a 6-berth tent weighing around 20 pounds is that these mini homes are not all that difficult to erect. 

And although collectively, there is a fair amount of weight in the tent poles and pegs, some of the weight in big tents is due to the often quite heavy material used.  

7. Water Cooler


A plastic water cooler with a capacity of 2 gallons may only weigh around 2-4 pounds when empty. 

However, if you were to fill one of these liquid holders with 2 gallons of water (16.69 Ib),  you’ d discover that it now weighs approximately 20 pounds. 

What beverage you choose to fill one of these thirst quenchers with on warm summer days is entirely up to you, of course.  

8. Dog Crate


Some dog owners don’t like to encourage their four-legged friend to sleep in their bed in order to make the pet more independent.

Many of the dog crates weighing about 20 pounds are however, very spacious as well as being built to last. 

Of course, people passionate about pooches with a large dog crate will often fill the canine home with lots of comfort-inducing items like toys and blankets. 

9. Weighted Blanket


If you’ve ever wondered why weighted blankets are very popular today, something called Deep Pressure Stimulation is your answer. 

Indeed, experts have discovered that blankets weighed down with glass beads or other materials to around 20 pounds and other weights can aid a good night’s sleep. 

Apparently, the weight of the weighted blanket you choose for this purpose should be around 10% of your body weight for it to be beneficial. 

10. Patio Table

Apart from the heaps of lightweight patio tables on the market today, the heavier versions such as ones made from cast aluminium are still very popular. 

Well-designed and fairly hefty patio tables weighing around 20 pounds will not only provide aesthetic value but also reassurance for the user.

The last thing homeowners would want is to see flimsy garden furniture blown all over the garden after a night of dreadful weather.  

11. Hydraulic Bottle Jack

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With the capability of lifting anything up to around 20 tons, hydraulic bottle jacks that only weigh around 20 pounds are really quite impressive. 

Often constructed from alloyed steel, some of the better models of these tools for both residential and industrial use are extremely handy.

Hydraulic bottle jacks can be used for lifting a variety of things as well as keeping structures in place while carrying out repairs. 



Originally posted on July 18, 2020 @ 8:22 am

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