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11 Common Items That Weighs 11 Ounces

Whether you have lost 11ounces or are just curious about how much it is, you came to the right place. In terms of weight, it may not be too heavy to hold, but if you talk about losing inches, then you may have noticed your clothes fit better already. At home and around you, there are several things you can use to estimate just how much 11 ounces is. On this list, we compile 11 items. Let’s get to it.

1. 1,1/3 cup of milk 

When cooking, you understand how measurements play a critical role in determining how the end product turns out. With the right measurement of ingredients, you are guaranteed to come up with an excellent end product. When you do not have a kitchen scale at hand, yet you want to measure 11 ounces, worry no more because 1 1/3 cups of milk will give you the exact measurement you need. 

2. Two hamsters

Hamsters are great pocket pets. An adult will weigh around 7 oz, which means that the weight of two hamsters is equivalent to 0.3 kgs. A hamster is known for transporting food in the pouches of their cheeks and bury it afterward. It is believed that some of them are capable of storing up to 900 ounces of food in their barrows.  

3. Adult human’s heart

The heart is one of the biggest organs in your body and an important one at that. The average mass of an adult human heart is 11 ounces, and it can pump up to 10 to 20 liters of blood; this is also approximately 3 to 5 gallons of blood through the heart’s chambers.

4. 9/10 of a can of soup

Eleven ounces is equivalent to 0.890 times the weight of a can of soup. Normally a can of soup weighs about 12 ounces. Cans were invented in 1913 to store soups and other foods to be shipped to soldiers in the war. However, can openers weren’t invented until these cans were made of thinner material. Before this time, blunt tools and instruments were used to open the cans. 

5. 3,1/4 of the American football 

Eleven ounces are equivalent to 0.7586 times the weight of a football in America. American football, on the other hand, weighs 1.3181 times that amount.

According to NFL standards and Football League set rules, the ball to be used for American football needs to weigh between 14 and 15 ounces. This makes it a bit heavier than 11 ounces, but it works great if you need a quick estimate of what 11 ounces feels like.

6. Three-fourths times a soccer ball

After the football, you could be wondering if a soccer ball is heavier than 11 ounces. Well, according to FIFA regulation, a standard soccer ball should weigh anywhere between 14 to 16 ounces. At the Smith Art Gallery in the museum in Stirling, Scotland, there is an artifact said to be the world’s oldest football. The ball is approximately one-third to one-half the size of a modern soccer ball, making it lighter than 11 ounces.

7. About two billiard balls

Eleven ounces is equivalent to 1.913 times the weight of a Billiard ball. As per WPA specifications, a billiard ball weighs approximately 5 to 6 ounces, meaning that two billiard balls would weigh 11 ounces.

History narrates that in the 19th century, it was hard obtaining elephant ivory, which was used in the manufacture of billiard balls. This challenge inspired the hunt for a replacement material, with industrial plastic winning the race. 

8. One and nine-tenths times hockey pucks

You could still be right if you said that 11 oz is equivalent to 1.913 times the weight of a puck in used hockey. Much similar to a billiard ball, a hockey puck weighs about half as much as 11 oz.

The standard weight of an ice hockey puck should be between 5.50 and 6 ounces. They need to be heavy and light enough to stay on the ice and accelerate to up to 160kph, which is equivalent to 99mph during games. 

9. Three and a half decks of playing cards

A deck of cards weighs 0.30 times 11oz according to the international standard of paper sizes (ISO 216 B8). A 52 card poker deck measures 63×88 mm and weighs 3.3oz. The record-holding for the largest card tower was built back in 2010. It utilizes nearly 3700 decks and stands 3.5 m, which is the same as 11ft. It weighs more than 8000 ounces.

10. About 3/10 a liter of water

The weight of water is dependent on its temperature. A liter of water at 4° C / 39.2° F at its point of maximum density weighs 35.2749 ounces. This means that 11 ounces of water would be equivalent to about 325 milliliters or 0.3 kgs of water.

Given that the earth is majorly made up of water, the total water volume is thought to be about 13.59 quintillion. This is equivalent to 13,590,000,000,000,000,000 liters, or approximately three thousand, five hundred and ninety gallons of water.

11. Two baseballs


Similar to billiard balls and hockey pucks, standard baseballs weigh about 5 ounces. This means that 11 ounces are 2.1463 times the weight of a baseball. Therefore, the weight of this ball is equivalent to 0.465 times 11 oz. According to MLB rules.

The Major League Baseball rules state that a standard baseball such as those used in official games should weigh between 5 and 5.250 ounces. This weight standardization aims to reduce any effects the weight of the ball might have on a pitcher’s throw. A pitcher can toss the ball to speeds of 150 kph or 91mph with a fastball pitch. The fastest ever recorded pitch was 171 kph or 106mph. 

These are more things around your home or workplace whose weight is equivalent to or close to 11 ounces. This isn’t a full list; there are a lot more; with a bit of research, you might be surprised at all the common items around you that weigh 11 oz.