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11 Things That Weigh About 400 Tons

We get it, 400 tons is not exactly something you lift or even imagine. It’s approximately 362,874 kilograms. But, it’s not surprising that some things weigh this much.

While getting a single item may prove difficult, some combinations will give you an idea.

So, to quench your curiosity, here are some of the things that weigh 400 tons.

1. Four Swimming Pools

An average swimming pool weighs around 100 tons, and the oldest swimming pool is in Pakistan.

Swimming pools are found in most hotels though there are people who have them in their homes.

Interestingly, half of the people in the U.S cannot swim or perform basic safety skills, and something fascinating is that swimmers sweat in the pool.

Swimming is one of the best exercises so if you have a swimming pool close to you, use it to keep fit.

2. Four Cloud Gate Sculptures

It was constructed between 2004 and 2006 by an Indian-born British Sir Kapoor. It is nicknamed the bean because of its shape.

Cloud gate sculpture comprises 168 stainless steel plates welded together and has no visible seams because the exterior is well polished.

The visitors can go around the sculpture taking photos capturing its unique properties.

3. Eight Adult Whales


Whales are divided into two main groups’ namely baleen and toothed whales. Baleens have fibrous plates in their mouth, which they use to filter out huge quantities of krill, whereas the toothed whales have teeth that allow them to feed on large prey such as fish.

Only male narwhals have a tusk that develops from a tooth used for foraging and breaking the ice, fighting. The tusk is a sensory tooth used to detect changes in the sea.

Nets mostly catch the whales by fishers as they do their fishing. Interesting people think that whales are killer animals, thus calling them ‘killer whales,’ but dolphins are the ones that kill.

4. Twenty Ancient Pharaoh Statues

The original pharaoh statue weighs an average of 20 tons. The statue was discovered back in 1820 at the Great Temple of Pta.

hen they found the pharaoh statue, it was broken into six pieces, and attempting to repair it seems futile. However, the location they found the statue is named Ramses Square, and it was later redone to a height of 11 meters.

In 2006 they decided to move it after discovering that Ramses square was not safe. It underwent a few restorations and moved to the Giza plateau.

5. Sixteen Stonehenge Sarsen Stones


The biggest Stonehenge sarsen stone weighs around 25 tons and 9 meters tall. It is located in Salisbury, England, and was built around 4000 years ago.

It is believed the stones were brought from Marlborough Downs. Several research types show that the stone was built for ritual purposes and others think it was a part of the union for Britain.

All in all, these are beliefs, but the fact is that it is one of the most famous megalithic monuments across the globe.

6. Sixteen County Line Log Splitters

It is a log splitter with a driving force of more than 25 tons. It is affordable and fast and can split logs with 25 tons in 11 seconds.

Though it is fun to split firewood using our hands, a log splitter saves time and can help you split a large amount of firewood.

7. Eight Crane Barge 120*30*7

It is a long float-bottomed offshore boat used for carrying goods on canals and rivers.

The way it is shaped allows it to carry a large amount of cargo, and the vessel can either be towed or tugged by other vessels. It has rotating cranes used to load and offload goods.

The Crane Barge has been used to ferry goods since time immemorial. The goods ferried by this boat are cereals, oil, garbage, sand, timber, etc. It has an average weight of 50 tons, and so 8 crane barges makes 400 tons.

8. 1500 Pigs


Pigs are native to the Eurasian and African continents. They are social and brilliant animals who prefer to sleep nose to nose.

Interesting enough is that studies show that they dream just like human beings.

Pigs have big heads with long snouts that they use to dig the soil with to get food. They are omnivores; thus, they can eat both plants and meat.

The female pig known as sow sings to its piglets, and at the age of 2 weeks, the piglets can identify their own mother.

If you think pigs cannot run, you are mistaken. They can run up to 11mph. They rarely sweat, contrary to what many people think, and when they want to cool down, they wallow in the mud.

9. 4500 Kangaroos


A fully grown male kangaroo weighs around 0.085 tonnes. There are six large kangaroos species, but the most popular are Eastern, western, and red kangaroos.

They walk by, hopping and bouncing on their hind legs. Their long tails are thick at the base and used for balancing.

The young kangaroo is born at an immature stage, weighing a gram, and since it has clawed, it uses them to crawl up to the mother, thus landing on the pouch.

It attaches itself to the teats and spends most of the time there, and after it gains weight, it starts detaching itself. After ten months, it leaves the pouch completely and feds for itself.

10. 9000 Toilets


Toilets are used for collecting human urine and feces. We have a flush or a dry toilet, but they all serve the same purpose. There is some set with a sitting posture, whereas others are set in a squatting posture.

In modern houses, a toilet can be in the same room like the bathroom, but it is not necessarily the case. An average sitting toilet weighs around 0.0436 tonnes.

11. 2500 Reindeers

A reindeer weighs around 0.1660 tons and is also known as caribou. They are native to the Arctic, subArctic, tundra, boreal, and mountainous region of northern Europe.

There are two main ecotypes which are tundra and forest reindeers. Tundra reindeers are many, and they migrate up to millions compared with forest reindeers.

The list of things and animals weighing 400 tons is endless. But as always, I know you have picked one or two items, and you know their weight by heart.