11 Things That Weigh About 6 Tons

According to science, the weights of things vary in different altitudes (height above sea level). Individuals’ weights also differ at altitudes. Why weight and not mass?

Mass is an object’s matter, whereas weight is the amount of force caused by gravity, that is, the strength the gravity pulls an object.

If you love checking on the weight of different objects, animals, weapons, vehicles like the beast, this article is for you. Inside, you will learn fun facts too.

Read on to find out different weights of things, feel better, build up your mental health and discover.

1. The African Bush Elephant


The African bush elephant is among the heaviest land mammals, with the male elephant weighing 6 tons or even more (up to seven tons). What makes the elephant that heavy?

Quick Facts

  • Did you know “Elephant” was derived from a Latin name, “Huge Arch,” meaning huge?
  • The elephant has an evolutionary advantage. Why? It evolved from teeth to the tusk, which are approximately 2.7 meters long. However, the tasks are commonly recorded as 0.6 to 0.9 meters, with the male elephant’s tusks being the heaviest and most protracted.
  •  Did you know the bush male elephant tusks weigh up to 175 pounds each, equal to 0.0875 tons? And since the animal has a pair of tusks, multiply the weight by two.

The female tusk, on the contrary, weighs about 40 pounds.

  • The African elephant is huge compared to its counterpart Asian elephant. Surprisingly, some Asian elephants miss tusks, which reduces their weights even further.
  • Elephant tusks are inherited as it happens to any other genetic trait. The animal uses the tusk in defense, lifting objects, digging, gathering, and stripping bark from trees for food. Imagine it consumes around 0.25 tons of vegetation each day, which is 4-7 percent of its body weight.
  • Funny enough, the African elephant up to 150 kilograms of dung daily.
  • The forest elephant ear is one-sixth the size of its entire body. It functions primarily as the cooling mechanism. On the same note, the elephant uses the ears to funnel in sound waves from the surrounding, sending the signals to its sense of hearing. The African ears, too, are larger than those of the Asian elephant.
  •  Over and above, the elephant has huge feet’ angles and contains extensive connective tissue and fat at its heel.

You should also know, there exist two African elephant types, which are:

  •  Loxodonta cyclotis, from the African forest.
  • Loxodonta Africana, from the African savannah.

2. Weight of Three Hippopotamus


A single hippopotamus weighs around four thousand pounds, which is equivalent to two US tons, and therefore, three of them add up to six tons.

Quick Facts:

  •  Hippopotamuses are among the deadliest animals under the sun.
  • Hippos jaws are sharp shut with an estimated pressure of 2,000 pounds per square inch, which is one full US ton.

3. Weight of Six White Rhinoceros


White rhinoceros, an animal native to Africa, weighs around one ton when fully grown; six of them result in six tons. Ironically, the rhinoceros is light grey, not white, as the name suggests.

Quick Facts:

  • According to IUCN, the white rhino is among the most favorite animals for postures, specifically for its horns and skin.
  • The white rhinoceros skin and horns are used to make knife handles and bags well known for durability.

4. 5-6 Horses


A horse typically weighs 2,200 pounds, around 1 US metric ton. And about five to six of them add up to six tons.

Quick Facts:

  • Typically, a horse looks cool to be around. However, the animal gets fierce enough and can hurt you to the point of sleeping in the hospital.
  • Postures no longer target horses as it used to. In history, individuals made glue from the bones and hooves of horses. Today, people have shifted to using synthetic glue.

5. Average Delivery Truck


Some vehicles weigh six tons. For instance, a 15ft 1-4 Isuzu ton six-wheel refrigerator falls in this category. The truck is mostly used to deliver fish and meat.

Interesting Facts about Trucks:

  • Truckers for small businesses drive for around 115,000 miles a year. This is approximately three million miles for a lifetime.
  • Truckers sleep 240 nights away from home every year.
  • The 15ft 1-4 Isuzu has a capacity of 4.3 liters, hence among the most economical trucks for small businesses.

6. Two FWD Model B 3-Ton Trucks

FWD Model B 3-ton is a US Army ammunition truck ordered in 1912 by the US army. The truck’s loading capacity and the chassis weight adds to three tons. Two of them add six tons.

Quick Fact:

  • The Americans designed the FWD Model B 3-ton truck for towing artillery guns.

7. Two ZIL-41041 Limousine Class


The limousine weighed about three tons; two of them, six tons.

Quick Fact:

  • The Soviet Union leaders used the ZIL-41041 limousine class. Vladimir Putin had one in 2012.

8. Two Big Dolphins (Orca)


A mature orca male weighs three tons. Thus two will weigh six tons.

Fascinating Fact

Also known as the killer whale, or Orca is the largest dolphin under the sun.

9. The Beast


Surprisingly, the famous Obama’s limousine, the beast, weigh around six tons.

Shocking Facts:

  • Some of the features of the beast have never been seen in any other vehicle globally and will shock you, including:
  • The armor is made from ceramic, titanium, steel, and aluminum. Thus much of the beast’s weight comes from it.
  • The beast’s doors lack keyholes, and the secret service officials are the only individuals who can open them.
  •  Its bottom has a Kevlar mat shield that protects it from bombs.
  • The tires have tires covered with Kevlar and drives on its rims (steel) when flat.

10. Towable RV


Some RVs or motorhomes may weigh about six tons. It depends on the number of family members it is designed to carry.


  • The weight of an RV or motorhome determines the amount of gas used.
  •  RVs come in various classes, and each class has its specifications plus weight.  

You will find more on RVs and motorhomes from dealers.

11. Two Whale Tongues


The blue whale’s tongue weighs about 2.7 tons to 3 tons, and two of them will therefore sum to six tons.

Fast Fact:

  • The blue whale’s tongue, the largest mammal on earth, similarly has the most extensive tongue of all the animals ever known.

Learning the weight of things opens your eyes, develops your mental health, and makes you feel better. Therefore, it feels good to keep learning the weight of things and discover new things each day.

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