11 Things That Weigh Around 250 lbs (pounds)

In everyday life, weight is one of the most recurring topics. Many more people get interested in their weight, the weight of their cars, items around their house and animals too.

Interested in learning some fascinating facts about things that weigh around 250 pounds? This detailed list of things that weigh 250 pounds provides you with extremely instrumental information. Stay tuned to learn more!

1. Spectacled Bear

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The Spectacled Bear which is also commonly referred to as the Andean short-faced bear is native to South America. It remains mid-sized amongst the numerous species of bears that exist. It has a head-to-body length of 120 to 200cm, and an average weight of 254 pounds. 

2. Striped Dolphin

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The Striped Dolphin remains the most widespread species of dolphin. It can be found mostly in tropical oceanic waters as they prefer these to warm oceanic waters. These mammals are 9 feet long and weigh around 270 pounds. With these features, striped dolphins still propel themselves effortlessly to a height of 20ft above the water surface.

3. 4 bags of Rice

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Not only animals are covered in this explicit list but we also have food items. Rice plays its role in providing instrumental food options to people in various countries. For lovers of bulk buying, 4 bags of rice stacked together weigh around 264 pounds. 

4. Kob

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The kob is closely related to Impalas and Waterbucks. It can be found around parts of central Africa, East, and West Africa. The Kob is heavily built with a length of 3.0 to 3ft and an average weight of  230 pounds 

5. Harbor Seal

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The Harbor Seal is usually found along the temperate and arctic marine coastlines of the Northern Hemisphere. They are a bit different from the common breeds of seals we have in most regions. Harbor seals have a range of body colors between brown, silvery-white, tan, and grey.  A distinct-looking feature of these seals is their V-shaped nostrils. A Harbor seal is usually 6.1ft long and weighs around 270 pounds.

6. 2021 Honda Super Cub C125 Scooter

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If you love scooters in 2021 and want one that’s satisfactory in various aspects, the Honda Super Cub C125 Scooter is a great option. With a 125cc Fuel Injected engine, 52.4mm bore, and 57.99mm stroke, you’re guaranteed a terrific performance from this scooter. For stability, Honda makes sure this scooter weighs about 240 pounds.

7. Topi

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The Topi is a very peculiar mammal with its name originating from the Swahili language.  This fascinating breed of animal is common around the eastern parts of Africa like Uganda and has horns that make it distinct from similar species like the lyrate. Topis are usually between 105 to 205cm in length, and 100 to 130cm in height. A complimentary weight of 243 pounds makes the topi an all-around fit mammal. 

8. Honda CRF250X 

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The Honda CRF250X is just the perfect dirt bike to ride for sports and leisure fun. This dirt bike has lots of amazing features like a 5.8 inches wheelbase, 85.5 inches length, 32.5 inches width, and 49.6 inches height. Its 4 valves four-stroke cylinder engine generates up to 28.5 hp and 2.27 gallons fuel tank with other features account for a weight of 253 pounds. 

9. Giant Panda

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The Giant Panda is native to Southern China. It’s no news that the Giant in its name clearly states that this animal has a huge body. The Giant Panda is 3.11 – 6.3 feet long, has a tail that’s 4 to 6 inches long, and a shoulder height of 24 to 35 inches. All these body features influence the Giant Panda’s weight which is averagely 245 pounds.

10. Honda CRF230F

This dirtbike is an effective dirt bike for your adventurous riding on sandy terrains. With its expanding brakes, 6-speed gearbox, single-cylinder four-stroke engine, 54.1 inches wheelbase, the Honda CRF propels swiftly against any terrain. 

11. Guanaco

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Guanaco has a native South American origin and is closely related to the ilama. It has a 3ft3 to 4ft3 shoulder, body length of 6ft11 to 7ft3 inches, and colors between light brown and dark cinnamon. This great-looking mammal is often at heights 4000 meters above sea level and weighs 280 pounds. 

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