11 Things That Weigh Around 950 Pounds (lbs)

It’s not every day you get to see an item that weighs 950 pounds. In fact, try thinking about how large 950 pounds is or how heavy it would be on a crane.

While it’s not easily imaginable, there are items and animals that weigh this much. In today’s list, we tell you about 11 common (and not so common) items that weigh this much. Let’s get to it.

1. Polar Bear

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You might have fallen in love with these animals in a Coca-Cola commercial during the Christmas season. However, if you see it live, you would not be that excited. Full-grown male polar bears weigh up to 1500 pounds.  The females weigh a bit less and range around 800-1100 pounds. Due to global warming, the polar bear has been declared an endangered species in the 2008 Act.

2. An Arabian Horse

thoroughbred horse 500 kg

The Arabian horse is the oldest and most popular breed in the world. This horse was originally found in the Arabian Peninsula, but recently it’s everywhere globally. It’s dark in color and has a black tail and a chestnut brown body. These horses are very strong and are known for their kind and good nature and are used for racing. In addition, they interact well with humans, and they weigh 950-1000 pounds. When they are young, they weigh around 840 pounds.

3. 80-gallon home Aquarium

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Aquariums come in different sizes and vary in capacities. Aquariums can weigh as little as 100 to 1850 pounds. For example, a 10-gallon aquarium weighs approximately 111 pounds, and an 80-gallon aquarium weighs approximately 850 pounds.

4. Six people hot tub


The weight of a bathtub has a lot of variables that contribute to it. A small tub weighs lesser than the larger ones. Materials and size are the major contributors to the weight. Bathtubs come in the following sizes:

●        Small tubs are 5-7 feet long for 2-4 people and weigh 500 pounds empty.

●        Medium tubs are 6.5-7.5 feet for 5-6 people and weigh 800 pounds empty.

●        Large hot tubs 7-9 feet for seven or more people and weigh 950-1000 pounds when empty.

Note that the weight increases whenever water is poured into the tub.

5. 10-foot Utility trailer

two Uhaul Cargo Trailers 3000 lbs

Utility trailers are used to haul small loads or tow things like camping supplies, towing a boat, or moving. The weight of the trailers varies depending on the material used and the size. The small utility trailers weigh less compared to the larger ones. For example, an 8-foot trailer weighs around 500-800 pounds, whereas a 14 foot can weigh over 1000 pounds. In addition, a 10-foot trailer weighs around 950- 1000 pounds when empty.

6. 19 Sheets of drywall

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Drywall is also known as drywall panels. The panels are mostly used for constructing interior walls and ceilings. There are a lot of factors you should consider before buying the thickness and the size. A sheet of drywall panel commonly available is four by 8 feet, is ½ thick, and weighs 1.6 pounds per square foot. So, a sheet weighs 51.2 pounds; therefore, 19 sheets are equal to around 950 pounds.

7. Four full-size refrigerators


Refrigerators can vary in weight depending on the model and size. For example, a full-size fridge in most households weighs around 250 pounds, but the smaller ones weigh less. So, if you put together four full-sized fridges, the total weight will be around 950 -1000 pounds.

8. American Alligator (750-950 pounds)


American alligators inhabit swamps, lakes in the U.S, and river basins along the gulf coast ranging from Texas to Florida. This reptile is one of the most feared predators. These creatures remind you of the dinosaurs and grow up to 15 feet long and weigh around 750- 980 pounds. However, the largest of these reptiles ever recorded was 20feet and weighed around 1011 pounds.

9. Camel


Camels are used as a beast of burden and known by everyone and are mostly found in the deserts. There are two main kinds of camels based on the humps they possess. There is the single(dromedary) and the two-humped (Bactrian). The single-humped camels weigh more than the double-humped camels.

An adult single-humped weighs 880 to 1300 pounds, while the Bactrian weighs around 1000 pounds. In the camel species, there are around seven species, and the dromedaries are the most prevalent of 94%. On the other hand, the Bactrian is considered an endangered species.

10. Domestic Pigs

Pigs make a sumptuous meal and are a primary part of the agricultural industry in most continents. These animals are also known as swine and hogs. They are kept for their meat, bone, bristles, and hide. The sizes of these animals depend on their breeds. Females mature fast as early as three months and come into estrus three to four weeks. Domestic pigs weigh to a maximum weight of around 700 pounds, but there have been cases they weigh 900 to 1000 pounds.

11. Tiger Shark

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Most people don’t know much about the tiger shark and focus their attention on the great white shark. However, you will be mind blown to know that the tiger shark commits more attacks on humans than any other of these deadly animals. These animals can grow up to 15 feet long and can get to over 1400 pounds. In addition, the females are normally 850 to 1000 pounds.

The weight of things can be very interesting and mind-blowing. There are things you interact with daily, but you never know how much they weigh. But with the list, you have known a few things that weigh 950-1000 pounds. And maybe next time you are having a conversation with friends, you can use it as an ice breaker.

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