12 Common Items That Weigh About 65 Pounds (lbs)

There are several reasons why someone would want to know the weight of a particular item. 

Apart from just being curious, some people search for such information so they can work out postal fees when sending stuff.  

The following list of 12 common items weighing around 65 pounds could be very useful to some – so why not take a look? 

Shoppers intending to purchase an item that may need to be moved around will find learning more about the weight of things very useful.

In some cases, we need to group several of the same items so that we can calculate what a certain number of these things will weigh. 

1. Chest of Drawers

Chest of Drawers 65 pounds

The material from which one of these common household items is made will make all the difference concerning its overall weight. 

A chest of drawers weighing about 65 pounds will often be constructed with engineered wood.

Other features of these bedroom essentials that make up their weight of 65 pounds or 29.48 kilograms are the drawer support,  metal runners and handles. 

2. Labrador Retriever


Also simply referred to as a labrador, the labrador retriever will weigh different amounts during its lifetime – less active labs usually piling on the pounds after a while. 

However, even labradors that are about 65 pounds in weight could easily lose a bit of weight if they are a service dog. 

The male labrador is between 29kg-36kg when fully grown and the female will be around 25kg-32kg at the same life stage. 

3. Central Heating Radiator

Central Heating Radiator 65 POUNDS

Some of the heaviest central heating radiators still available to buy today are the classic cast-iron models.

Retro radiators incorporating this traditional style of room heater that are around 65 pounds in weight are very well built and strong although being quite heavy.

The heavier models of these rads are generally in the 600mm x 1200mm size range or bigger – the double panel radiators weigh a lot more than the single panel options.

4. Electric Scooter

Electric Scooter 65 POUNDS

Although when buying an electric scooter, we want one that’s quite light, the heavier models do tend to be much more stable than their lighter counterparts.

Another thing worth thinking about concerning electric scooters that weigh about 65 pounds is that their max load will be a bit more. 

Most of the weight on a speedy electric scooter will come from a motor of 100w or more – really fast electric scooters will often have two motors. 

5. Heavy-Duty Football Goal

Heavy Duty Football Goal 65 pounds

Seen in the back gardens of all families that like to take part in outdoor sports, heavy-duty football goals can weigh around 65 pounds or 29.48kg. 

The support and main posts will make up most of the weight, of course with the net and pegs not adding up to too much weight.

The main idea when erecting one of these items is to choose a position that you are unlikely to change to avoid lifting it in the future. 

6. Folding Pool Table


We’re not talking about slate-weighted pool tables found in bars and pubs all over the world – those things literally weigh a ton, or maybe half a tonne at least.

What we are saying is that the folding 5ft pool table with an MDF frame and playfield also made from engineered wood can weigh about 65 pounds.

The folding legs on wooden pool tables will often be made from MDF – the blue or green cloth covering the table will only weigh an ounce or so.   

7. 58 Hardcover Books

58 Hardcover Books 65 POUNDS

Next time you think about getting an old box of books out of the attic, think about how much they could weigh.

Hardcover books with dimensions of 8.5 x 5.5 x 1.5 inches and 460 pages will weigh around 1Ib, 2 ounces.

When we calculate what 58 hardcover books with these dimensions and pages will weigh, we get to 65.25 pounds.

8. Full-Size Metal Shopping Cart

Metal Shopping Cart 65 POUNDS

It’s a good job all shopping carts have got wheels, imagine having to carry your weekly shopping in a huge basket – ouch!

Full-size metal shopping carts will often weigh anything from 32Ibs – 65Ibs. 

The much lighter plastic shopping trollies will usually weigh 36-55 pounds. 

9. Push Lawnmower

Push Lawnmower 65 pounds

Most of the sit-on lawnmowers will weigh hundreds of pounds, the push lawnmower, depending on the size, of course, will usually weigh between 30-100 pounds.

If we’re going to be using the more basic push mowers, how much the model we have weighs is very important.

The last thing a fairly unfit gardener would want is to struggle to move a push lawnmower that feels like it’s weighted with lead. 

10. Stainless Steel Barbecue 

Fourth of July Grilled Burgers

Some things will add to the weight of the average barbecue for the back garden or other areas.

Stainless steel barbecues with a cast iron frame tend to be anything from 40Ibs right up to 65Ibs or more.

Using a stainless steel grill with side shelves and multiple burners will add to the weight quite considerably.

11. Leather Reclining Armchair

Leather Reclining Armchair 65 pounds

Comfy leather armchairs that don’t weigh too much are like gold dust.

A steel-framed reclining armchair upholstered with quality leather could easily weigh about 65 pounds.

But if our 65 pounds or thereabouts armchair seems to be in a good spot already, we won’t have to move it again.

12. Pop-Up Gazebo

3m x 4.5m Pyramid Roof Pop Up Gazebo - Silvery

Most homeowners look forward to erecting a large Gazebo in the back garden during summertime.

Four-sided Gazebos with a heavy-duty frame, however, do tend to be a bit on the heavy side – some larger models often weighing 65 pounds or 29.48kg

The good news for people who like life to be as easy as possible is that many of these pop-up Gazebos at this weight come with wheels.

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