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12 Things That Weight Around 70 Kilograms (kg)

Have you ever thought about how much certain things weigh? If not, you will learn about some things, and for sure the next time you see something, you will think about the weight. So, for 70kgs, it’s medium weight, and several things fall under this category. Some you interact with daily, and others you’ve heard about them. Here is a list of these things ranging from furniture, electronics, and animals.

1. A Massage Chair

A massage chair is made to help you relax. There are two types: the regular and robotic massage chair. The tradition allows the masseur to reach the head, shoulders, and back of the client efficiently. In comparison, the robotic massage chair uses electric vibrators and motors to massage. These chairs weigh between 70-80kgs depending on the features they possess. On the other hand, full-body massage chairs are heavier and can weigh up to 136 kgs.

2. Alpine Ibex

An Alpine Ibex habitat is in the mountains. The male is larger and heavier compared to their female counterparts. The male can weigh around 70 kg or more while the females weigh around 17- 32kgs. These wild goats have horns, and the male horns are bigger and heavier than the females. In September, these wild goats grow a heavy and wooly undercoat.

3. Washing Machine


Most homes have these machines. They come in different colors, sizes, and varieties. However, their weight depends on the drum volume of the machine. In addition, the heaviness is also determined by whether they have concrete in them or not. The most ordinary washing machines weigh about 70 to 75 kg, but some can exceed 1110kg.

4. A Three Cushion Couch

A three cushion sofa measures 35 inches deep by 84 inches in width. A two-cushion sofa weighs around 45kgs because it’s a bit smaller. On the other hand, the three cushions weigh about 68kgs. Generally, the weight of the sofa depends on the size, shape, and substance used to make them.

5. Warthog

Warthogs are similar to pigs and are members of the swine family. Going by their names, they have spots on their faces that look like warts, which are thick skin growth. The matches are used as padding when males battle when mating. Females’ warthog weight ranges from 45-75kg in adulthood. On the other hand, the male weighs more which is about 150kg. Additionally, they grow to a height of about 64-85cm. The habitat for these mammals is in savanna, grassland, and woodland regions.

6. Seven Car Tires

The average weight of a standard car tire is about 10 kilograms. When they are new, they weigh 12-15kg, and their weight goes down due to wear and tear. Car tires use is not only getting your vehicle from one point to another-they can also be used for exercising. You can use it as a weight or a step. If one tire is 10kg, that means that seven will give you approximately 70kg. So, if you are planning to start working out, you can look for a worn-out car tire.

7. Mountain Goats


As the name suggests, these animals’ habitat is in the mountains. There are about 200 species scattered across all continents. The weight of these mammals varies from one species to another. Mountain goats weigh between 56-81kg. However, the lightest is about 9kg, whereas the heaviest is around 113 kg. They are herbivores, so they feed on grasses and mosses. Additionally, they have unique hooves, which helps them climb and balance well on top of mountains.

8. Cougars


Cougars are a cat species and are commonly known as puma, panther, or mountain lion. Cougars are the second biggest cat species in North America. They are very similar to house cats but much bigger. In addition, they have slender bodies and round heads with pointed ears. They feed on raccoons, deer, and other animals and grow up to 90cm around the shoulders. They are native to various countries and weigh about 53-100kg for males and 29-64 for females.

9. Atlantic Blue Marlin

The Atlantic blue marlin is a beautiful and unique creature. It’s a fish and is dark blue at the back and fades to silver on the sides and white on the belly. In addition, it has a long pointed bill and a vertical dorsal fin that runs through the body. The fish can grow to about 14 feet long. The males can weigh from 60-94kg, but the females can weigh four times the males. The fish feeds on creatures at the surface of the water. Unfortunately, the fish is an endangered species due to overfishing and hunting by whales and sharks.

10. Giant Trevally

It’s classified as a large marine fish. The fish can grow to 60cm long by the time it’s three years old. Its habitat is in estuaries, lagoons, and shallow bays. Additionally, the fish feeds on smaller fish, mollusks, cephalopods, and crustaceans. It grows to a weight of 70-80kgs.

11. Impala

Mostly, when it comes to animals, females are smaller than males. The females weigh 30-50kg while the male weighs around 40-75kg. Impala is native to eastern and southern African countries. In addition, they are classed as medium-sized antelopes and feed on monocots, dicots, and various fruits. They have lean horns that measure about 45-92 cm.

12. Marble Dining Table

Furniture made from marble, whether a dining table or accessories, varies in weight. For example, two people can lift side tables, while low tables are much heavier and need more people to lift. So, marble dining tables for two weighs around 30-40kg while four tables weigh about 50-100kg.

This means the bigger the table, the more the weight. Additionally, the complexity of the design can also affect the weight of these marble dining tables.

Now you know the things that weigh 70kg. Some of the things may be the exact weight or exceed it by a kilo. You might not have interacted with some of the things, but you’ve heard about them. So, the next time you come across things on the list, you will be sure about how much they weigh.