12 Things That Weight Around 70 Pounds (lbs)

Seventy pounds is about 28kg and is heavy which is a bit heavy to lift and carry. When you think of this weight, you have to consider medium-sized things. You should also know the weight of something is affected by the material used to make it. Additionally, the size also affects the weight; the bigger the object, the heavier, but that is not always the case. So, before you think of carrying or lifting this weight, first know what weighs about 70lbs.

1. Workbench

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Most workshops have workbenches. However, they come in various sizes, some bigger and heavier than others. For example, softwood benches measuring 900 by 3000 by 900mm weigh around 70-75lbs. On the other hand, medium benches (heavy duty) can weigh about 40lbs to 200lbs.

2. Twenty-Nine Wine Bottles

Bottles of Wine 75 pounds

One liter of wine is about 2.2lbs. So, it’s not hard to estimate how many 1-liter bottles you need to make, around 70lbs. So, if you have 29 bottles of wine, they will weigh around 70 pounds. Additionally, you should remember to include the t weight of the bottle.

3. A Baby Crib


A crib is a piece of furniture for your baby. It’s the safest place for your baby to sleep, as per the pediatrician’s recommendations. Most cribs are portable and weigh about 50-75 lbs, depending on the material used to make them. Therefore, it makes them suitable to fall under the category of things that weigh around 70 pounds. However, stationary cribs can be heavier and weigh about 80-1oolbs.

4. Bear Cubs

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Bears are mammals and belong to the family Ursidae. Baby bears grow fast, especially brown bears. For the black bear females, at one year, they weigh 30-50lbs while the male weighs about 60-70 lbs. The brown bear species are a bit bigger, and at one year, females weigh about 100lbs and males 200 lbs. The black bear’s height is about four feet, while the brown and polar bear can grow 8 feet long.

5. Basketball Stand

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There are many standard basketballs stands. They come fitted with heavy bases to provide more stability. The most popular models of basketball stands are made of alloy steel and include wheels. These stands mostly weigh about 70-75 lbs. However, the weight of the stand changes depending on how far it’s adjusted in height. Some can go up to 10ft high.

6. Tempered Glass Dining Tables

When you hear the mention of a dining table, you know it’s mealtime. Dining tables come in different sizes, shapes and are made from different materials. Their weight differs depending on the substance used to make them. Glass dining tables with a tempered top weigh around 44-75lbs. However, the metal and wooden dining tables are relatively heavier than the glass ones. And also, strong glass tempered can weigh more.

7. Bouncing Castle

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 Have you been to a children’s park and wondered how much a bouncing castle weigh? You might have thought it was too heavy, but you will be surprised to know it’s not. Bouncing castles are made from fully waterproof nylon and PVC. They come in all sizes, big, medium, and even small. A bouncing castle measuring 400 by 240 by 350cm weighs about 70-75 lbs. The slides, anchor pegs, storage bags, and other fun features add the overall weight.

8. Queen-size Box Spring

A box spring is a bed base. A box spring consists of a strong wooden frame with springs covered with cloth. The box spring usually is the same as the mattress placed on it. The combination of the two and a bed frame makes a complete bed. The average weight of a queen-size box frame is about 60-105 lbs. There are a lot of benefits when you use a box spring. It helps absorb shock and reduces wear and tear. Additionally, it ensures the mattress maintains its structure and shape.

9. Small Sofa

Small sofa 75 pounds

If you are a single folk, this sofa is ideal for you. Although it’s relatively heavy, it’s less cumbersome when moving and can fit into any space. In addition, it’s cozy for you to rest after a busy day at work. The weight of sofas varies depending on the shape, size, and material used. Most small sofas weigh 30lbs to 80lbs depending on the size and material used to make them.

10. Southern Elephant Seal Pup

It’s one of two living elephant seals. They acquired the name due to the trunk-like nose males develop when they mature. These animals live in sub-Antarctica and Antarctic waters. When the southern elephant pups are born, they weigh approximately 70lbs. However, these mammals can weigh up to 8,820 lbs. when they are adults.

11. Gray Wolf


Gray wolves can be found in the Middle East, the United States, Canada, and Russia. Adult male gray wolves can weigh from 70-110lbs, while female gray wolves weigh around 50-85 lbs. Gray wolves in Canada, Alaska, Russia, and the Northwestern United States are bigger and heavier.

The male gray wolves in these places can weigh between 85-115lbs when fully grown. However, the smallest species are mainly in the Middle East. They include the Arabian wolf that only gets to 30 lbs at its heaviest weight.

12. An Electric Mountain Bike

An average electric mountain bike weigh about 40 to70 lbs. The difference in their weight is due to the frame’s weight and the motor and battery used. If the bike has a smaller battery, it will be lighter, giving you a shorter range. Although there are electric bikes weighing 40lbs, most of them are 70lbs. The reason is that the frame of these bikes is heavier compared to standard bikes. In addition, it helps to hold up the motor so that the bike is controllable even at very high speeds.

How much things weigh is not something you often think about or study? And you might be surprised to know the weight of things you interact with daily. So, now you have found out about some things you didn’t know how much they weigh. So, next time you can start a conversation with one object that fascinates you.

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