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12 Things That Weight Around 75 Kilograms (kg)

Have you taken time to know how much things around you weigh? For example, 75kgs feels heavy when you carry on your hands or back. However, this weight is neither light nor too heavy but a moderate weight. So, it’s time to know what things weigh precisely or close to 75 kgs. Here is a list of these things that range from animals to furniture.

1. Sloth bear

This type of bear habitat is in the Indian subcontinent. These animals can get up to 100kg for males, with females ranging from 55 to 105 kg. Sloth bears eat various fruits as well as termites, ants, and other insects. They are kept warm by the shaggy fur during winter. 

2. White-tailed deer


It’s a medium-sized deer species that is native to America. The white-tailed deer is also known as whitetails. It thrives well in the Rocky Mountains in North America and goes as far as Peru and North Canada.

These animals range in weight depending on their habitats. However, average males weigh 68 to 80 kgs across different subspecies. Deer’s in the northernmost parts can weigh up to 181kg, while the southernmost ones weigh less. They vary in weight, but most weigh 68- 80 kilograms.

3. Mountain Goat


Mountain goats weigh between 56-81 kilograms. However, their weight can vary, with 200 different species that are scattered all over continents. The lightest weighs about 9kg and the heaviest 113kg. They feed on grasses and mosses. In addition, they have special hooves that allow them to climb and balance well on top of high mountains.

4. Half barrel of keg beer


A keg barrel, when complete, weighs around 75kgs. This size of a keg barrel contains 15.5 gallons of beer. So when you combine the stainless steel can plus the liquid inside, the total weight is 75 kilograms.

5. Washing Machine


These machines come in different sizes and varieties. The most popular weigh about 70 to 75kg. However, some can exceed 1110kg depending on the drum capacity of the machine and whether they have concrete or not in them.

6. A four cushion couch

A two cushion couch weighs around 45 kgs. Whereas a three-cushion typically weighs about 68 kgs. However, the more giant four cushions weigh around 75 to 79kg. Generally, the weight of couches depends on the material used to make them and the design.

7. Warthog

Females Warthogs usually weigh from 45-75kg when all grown. On the other hand, the male counterparts grow to about 150kg when fully grown. In addition, they grow to a height of about 64-85cm, and their habitats are in grassland, savanna, and woodlands regions.

8. A massage chair

Generally, massage chairs weigh around 70-80 kgs. These chairs are heavy considering the properties that they come with. However, full-body massage chairs are a bit heavier and can weigh up to 136 kilograms.

9. A Cougar


Cougars are the second largest cat species in North America. They feed on raccoons, deer and other small animals. In addition, these animals can grow up to 90cm around the shoulders. Cougars are native to different countries and can weigh 53-100 kg for males and about 29-64 for females.

10. Grey wolf

They are common in North America and parts of Eurasia. These animals feed on small mammals and birds. The grey wolf female is lighter compared to the male. The females weigh about 23-55 when fully grown, whereas the male weighs about 30-80 kgs.

11. Impala

These animals are known as medium-sized antelopes. It’s found in the Eastern and Southern African countries and feeds on various kinds of fruits and monocots. The female Impala weighs about 30-50kg while the male weighs about 40-75 kgs. They have slender horns that measure about 45-92 cm.

12. Cheetahs


These animals are the fastest animals on the planet. They can chase at a speed of 128k/ph and prefer to feed on small or medium-sized animals. These animals have relatively light bodies and are 67-94 cm tall. Its habitat is mainly in Africa and central Iran. Cheetahs weigh around 27-75kg, but the weight varies between females and males.

Now you have learned some of the things that weigh 75kgs. Many of these things, you interact with them daily, or you’ve heard about them. However, some of these things are either close to or exceed the weight by a margin. It can be slightly off by a gram or a kilo.