12 Things That Weigh Around 90 Grams (g)

Ninety grams is about 0.19 pounds, which is not that heavy. Therefore, it can be a bit difficult to guess the weight of items that fall under this category. However, knowing how to estimate can be helpful in terms of measurements when calculating calories of foods or when calibrating a scale.

Fortunately, there are common items you interact with daily that weigh 90 grams. It may be small items in the house, office, or animals. Here’s a list of all these items.

1. Twenty Pieces of Paper


You can find papers whether it’s at your office, school or home. Paper comes in different sizes in terms of width and breadth. However, a standard printer paper measures 8 by 11 inches and weighs four and a half grams. So, if you stack 20 sheets together, you will get to approximately 90 grams.

2. Half Pomegranates 

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It’s advisable to include a healthy portion like pomegranates in your diet. What you may not know is that a half medium pomegranate is about 87 grams. While this is light on anyone’s hands, a pomegranate comes packed with vitamin c, antioxidants, and other vitamins that help boost our overall health.

3. 6 Teaspoons of Peanut Butter 

While a jar of peanut butter will come in different sizes, it’s estimated that one teaspoon of peanut butter weighs around 12 grams. This means 6 teaspoons of peanut butter will weigh around 92 grams which is more or less within the price point we are discussing today. 

4. Six Chocolate Chip Cookies

Dark Chocolate Chips

Chocolate chips are a delicacy used in several desserts such as muffins and ice cream. When used to make chocolate chip cookies, this finger-licking dessert will weigh around 16 grams apiece. So, eat six of these bad boys, and you will have consumed around 96 grams of chocolate chip cookies, which is about 488 calories. This is enough energy to take you throughout the day.

5. Earrings

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Earrings are jewelry put to the ear through a piercing. Women mostly win it, but lately, men have also embraced it. Some people wear heavy quiet heavy earrings, but their normal weight is approximately four grams. So, if you have 24 earrings, you will get around 96 grams. That’s more than 90 grams but is around the same limit.

6. 90 Paper Clips 


Paper clips are common items that you can find in the office or at home. There are three classes of paper: small, regular, and jumbo-sized clips. The weight of clips varies depending on the paper’s size and the material used to make the clip. For example, a small paper clip weighs about a gram, so to achieve this weight, you need 90 clips. However, the Jumbo clips weigh about 1.5 grams, so you need around sixty to get 90 grams. 

7. Female Tree Frogs

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Tree frogs are a family of amphibians and have over 800 species. They have toe pads that help them climb up trees, hence their name. They are of different colors, but those found in America are mostly gray, green, or brown. A male adult weighs about 50 grams, but some females weigh as much as 90 grams.

8. Tiny Little Newborn Puppies 

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Puppies come in different sizes, and their weight varies depending on the breed. For example, the Russian toy puppies grow larger than the Chihuahua puppies. Small dogs like beagles, Boston terriers, and Chihuahua weigh around 90 to 100grams at birth.

9. Small Jar of Spices

You have probably seen a jar of spices at the supermarket, or you have one at home. However, these jars will vary in weight and density and are usually sold in ounces. Typically, a jar of spices weighs about 90-100 grams. So, if you want to calibrate your scale to 90 grams, a jar of spices will come in handy.

10. A medium Tomato

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In every household, tomatoes are a common vegetable. Whether it’s cooking or adding it to your sandwich or burger, it makes food tastier. However, tomatoes are quite heavy as they contain a lot of water. When you hold a one, you probably wouldn’t know how much it weighs. However, on average, a medium tomato weighs about 90 pounds.

11. Four A.A. Batteries

aa batteries

Batteries are common items found in homes. You use them for your TV remotes and other small gadgets around the house. Most of the time, you can find A.A. batteries lying around, either used or new. Each of these batteries weighs around 24 grams, so four batteries will total 96 grams. With this weight, you can be able to calibrate a small digital scale.

12. Mice

A mouse is a small rodent with a snout and rounded ears. These animals are small and very cute to look at or hold. At birth, they weigh about 1-2 grams. In adulthood, they can weigh as much as 30 grams. So, with three grown mice, you can get to 90 grams, but if they are young ones, you need about 45 of them.

Most people are naturally interested in how much they weigh, hence why many homes have sales in the bathroom. However, thinking about what small items like mice, batteries, and tomatoes weigh isn’t always at the top of people’s minds. So, now that you know what common items weigh 90 grams, you will have a great way to calibrate your scale or an interacting fact to share with your friend.

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