13 Things That Weigh About 700 Tons

It can be interesting to learn about things that weigh 700 tons.

Some are things you see every day, but you have never considered how heavy they could be. Others are things you have never thought of, but they make the top of our list of 700 tons. 

Although this list has a few combinations, you will also be surprised to see a few single items that weigh this much. Let’s find out what they are.

 1. Christ the Redeemer (statue)

christ the redemer 700 tons

Christ the Redeemer statue was completed in 1931 and stood at 98 feet tall. It weighs around 700 tons and overlooks the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Over the years, it has undergone periodic repairs, and the State did a significant cleaning in 1980 to prepare for the arrival of the pope (John Paul II).

The escalators and panoramic elevators were added in 2002 to allow people to reach the top of the statue, and most people took this as an advantage and explored more.

2. 70 Saltasaurus

70 Saltasaurus 400 tns

Saltasaurus means lizard from Salta.  It was an animal weighing on average 10 tons and a habitat of Woodlands of South America.

It dates from the late Cretaceous period, which is 70 million ago, and it is believed that the cousins added weight over the years while it remained the same.

But in theory, it is thought that the lizard has remained small because it was only restricted to the woodlands of South America and ate plants. It had a short neck and stubby limbs.

3. 28 Snowplows


This is a device mounted on trucks to remove snow and ice mostly from the roads. It is also referred to as a winter service vehicle, and every time there is snow, it is used to clear it up.

The car most frequents States that experience snow regularly per year. At times the snowplow can be mounted on rail cars to clear railway tracks. An average snow plow weighs around 25 tons.

4. 28 Average Fire Trucks


Whenever there is a fire outbreak, you call a fire truck to help put off the fire. But have you ever taken some time to think how much they weigh? An average fire truck weighs on average 19 to 30 tons. 

There are three modern trunks with a pumper and tanker. Most of the weight comes from the gallons of water and hoses rather than the truck itself. When you add all the materials, you come to a sum of not less than 19 tons.

5. 70 Light Military Tanks


Military tanks are used as some of the weapons in the war. In World War II, the Leopard II tank was used, weighing around 70 tons. But there are other military tanks used weighing on average 6 to 28 tons.

More tanks are being made according to modern technology in recent years, and the weight varies on their functionality.

6. 46 Big Ben Bells

Big ben 1858

The Big Ben bell tower clock is known for its accuracy and weighs 15.1 tons. It is at the Northern end of the Houses of Parliament London.

It has been the largest bell in the United Kingdom for two decades, thus being recognized as a cultural icon globally.

The tower which housed the big ben bell was named clock tower, but later renamed Elizabeth Tower to mark Queen Elizabeth’s diamond jubilee.

7. 70 Semi-trucks


Trucks are used to carry things in most countries. Actually, if you take a tour of your house, you will realize that everything was carried by trucks.

A semi-truck weighs between 5 to 12 tons without a trailer. If you decide to hook a trailer, the weight slightly rises by 2 tons.

8. 28 Average Loaded Charter Buses

coach bus 20 tons

Charter buses come in a variety of sizes and shapes. But an average charter bus weighs around 35,000 pounds fully loaded.

It can accommodate up to 85 persons and luggages. The weight of people, and everything in the bus is calculated. However, over the years, more buses have been invented, and maybe they weigh more.

9. 35 Interim Armored Vehicles

It weighs around 19.3 tons, and it is used by the army to create a force that can move infantry to the battery field fast and still maintain the security of the armies.

10. 30 Garcia 48 Catamaran Yatch

It weighs around 23 tons and 45 to 88.43 feet. The Yacht history dates back 40 years where two brothers Louis and Jean-Pierre designed it for mere passion. Later the Yacht is known for sailing blue seas.

11. 28 Average Loaded Garbage Trucks


An average fully loaded garbage truck weighs around 25 tons. The garbage truck is designed to carry heavy garbage, and the materials used to design the truck are tough and strong.

That explains why it is so heavy. The basic elements of such a truck are frame, engine, and wheels. Since its invention, there have been several models made to suit the needs of the users.

Interestingly, an average person throws 600 times their body weight, so you can imagine how much garbage the truck carries a year, in year out.

12. 28 John Deere 790 Excavators (1986 model)


This powerful machine comes in different sizes, but this one weighs around 25 tons. Some others are weighing less or more depending on the tasks they are designed to carry.

Excavators are used for digging, landscaping, placing large objects, and demolishing structures. The first excavator was built back in 1882 by Armstong and company in England, where they used it for construction purposes.

13. Seven Boeing C 32-A Military Aircrafts


The aircraft is a modified version of the 757 and is made for Government uses only. It is designed by the air force in the United States of America.

The major uses are to transport the political leaders worldwide and mostly used by the First lady, Vice president of the U.S, and the State’s Secretary. It was first used in 1998 and weighed around 100 to 110 tons with fort five persons’ capacity. 

There you have it, 13 items that weigh 700 tons. Not many single items will weigh this much, but I’m sure the few listed here were interesting to learn.

Originally posted on March 4, 2021 @ 11:26 am

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