14 Things That Weigh About 1,000 Tons

Guess what weighs 1,000 tons? Weight and strength relate in a way. That is the main reason you find bits of advice regarding burning weight all over the internet, read in books, and hear from friends.

Experts always consider weight for things like cargos, animals, tankers, choppers, and ships. In this post, you will see fifteen unique things known to weigh 1,000 tons globally. Let’s begin!

1. Cargo ship

Cargo ship-1000-tons

A cargo ship that can hold 100,000 cubic feet has a tonnage of 1,000 tons. In the ship tonnage system, 100 cubic feet is equivalent to a ton. Dividing the 100,000 cubic feet with the number of tons results in this equivalent.

Despite all these, a ship as the largest watercraft, including the submarines, should be lighter than the water it displaces in the sea.

2. About ten sunfish

A single sunfish, mostly fed in Korea, Taiwan, and Japan, weight estimates one ton. Therefore, a thousand of them will add up to 1,000 tons.

3. The abandoned Egyptian obelisk


Engraved possibly during Queen Hatshepsut’s reign, the Egyptian obelisk is today known as the unfinished obelisk from a bedrock of solid granite. Surprisingly, the masons at the time could not find any other use other than it was intended for; to be used as a monument.

According to some geologists, the granite weighs around 1000 tons.

4. The Temple of Sais

Egypt homes thousands of historical sites. For instance, at the gate of The Temple of Sais lies a stone whose external volume is around 337.5 cubic meters, which is about 1,000 tons. One thousand men, the likes of today heavy weight lifters, carried the stone for 20 consecutive days. This compares to 200 oxen.

5. Water gallons that Produce one Ton of Wheat


“Water is life” is a common slogan used worldwide. Did you know you only need to have 239,520 gallons of water to fill 1000 tons quantity of water? This amount is enough to produce one ton of wheat worth 200 dollars in the United States.   

6. 60,000 cubic sand feet

Did you know? Around 60,000 feet of sand cubed results in 1000 tons. Now you know.

7. Concrete cubic yard


Ever seen a cubic yard of concrete and thought the weight it would be holding? Imagine, 667 cubic yards has 1,000 tons.

8. Nine Adult Blue Whales

A whale is termed as Cetaphobia, a Greek word meaning the Greek God of fear. For instance, the blue whale remains the largest animal to have ever lived on earth, weighing upwards of 150 tons and 100 feet long. And nine whales’ weight will therefore add up to around 1000 tons.

However, five whales might add to 1,000 tons as a single one may weigh as heavy as 200 tons.

There is a belief that “the whale meat tastes as human.” The reason being “because it is a mammal.”

9. Amount of Oxygen for 90 Adults


A single adult consumes around 10 to 11 liters of oxygen a day. One liter equals one kilogram. And 1000 kilograms is equivalent to one tone.

Therefore, if you divide 1000 tons with 10 or 11, you will find that one ton of oxygen can save 90 to 100 lives from 6 A.M. to 6 P.M.

10. Amount of oxygen produced by around 45 trees

A single mature tree can supply two human beings with oxygen per year. It means, like in the previous case of 90 adults, they will need around 45 trees (90 divided by two) for sufficient oxygen supply.

That proves that if everyone plants a single tree or two, the world will be a beautiful place to live in. The 45 trees will produce a thousand tons of oxygen, enough to sustain 90 lives.

There will be no ozone damage. Hence, cancerous diseases like cancer will gradually reduce. On the same note, temperatures will be optimum, plus plenty of rain. And seasons will at the same time be predictable.

11. Sierra Redwood


Giant Sequoia’s weight of wood is around 1000 tons (1,3oo tons), only 600 tons lighter than General Sherman, a specimen in the Visalia Sequoia Park, California, and the largest tree in volume worldwide. 

12. 148 Elephants

Of all the elephants known, the African elephant outweighs them all, with a male elephant weighing up to seven tons and a female around four tons.   

13. Three Boeing 747 Jets


One 747 Boeing weighs around 300-490 tons deadweight, with different jets carrying a different number of passengers and luggage, and varying in weight also. Multiplied by three, you add up to approximately 1,000 tons.

14. Ramses II Original Statue

Egypt, a country in the northeast of Africa, is well-known in history for such things as the gods and goddesses, the pharaoh’s, and most importantly, its pyramids. Too, it homes the Ramses II original statue estimated to weigh 1,000 tons.

Ramses II reigned as the pharaoh in 1279 BC. He was the third pharaoh of Egypt’s nineteenth dynasty who fought such enemies as the Hittites, Libyans, and Nubians.

There you go. The list of things that weigh 1 000 tons is long and can never be exhausted. It includes animals, vehicles, and plants.

Originally posted on January 21, 2021 @ 7:32 am

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