6 Things That Weigh About 2000 Tons

2000 tons sounds enormous. Surprisingly, some things weigh that much or equivalent.

If you are searching for this information, it likely means that you are as curious as I am. You will be surprised to know that some of these things are less likely to clock to your mind.

Let’s embark on this journey together and discover the things that weigh around 2000 tons in this universe.

1. Two Cargo Ships


Shipping is one of the oldest industries in the world. Cargo ships are mainly used to transport items like food, clothing, electronics, and furniture.

t a closer look, you will realize more than 20 million containers are transported regularly through the ship indistry.

Cargo ships are slow compared to other modes of transport, but still, people prefer to use them because of their effectiveness. The probability of getting your goods damaged is almost nil.

A point to note is that when transporting food items, don’t include perishable goods. You will get rotten stuff before the ship arrives.

An average cargo ship that holds 100,000 cubic feet has a tonnage of 1,000 tons. That means two cargo ships weigh around 2000 tons.

2. Thirteen Adult Blue Whales


Blue whales are giant mammals in the world. An adult blue whale weighs around 150 to 200 tons and has a height of around 4-5 meters (13-16 feet) and a length of around 24-25 meters (78-82 feet) on average.

Blue whales have big hearts and tongues. The heart is approximately 180 kgs (~400 lbs), whereas their tongue is as big as an adult elephant. They feed on the smallest marines in the ocean, mostly krill, and consume more than 1000 kg (~2000 lbs) of these tiny creatures meaning they have a huge appetite.

They are excellent swimmers with an average speed of 8 kilometers per hour (5 mph). Though they are water hunters, blue whales must come out of the water to grasp air after an intensive hunting mission.

They live long, and their lifespan is around 90 years. You can hear their wails from a distance because they are very loud. The blue whale is actually the loudest mammals in the universe.

Females breed once a year, giving birth to one young one, and their babies are the biggest in the world, weighing around 4,000 kg (~8000 lbs) at birth. Since they are mammals’ people, think their meat tastes like a human.

3. Two Sierra Redwoods


Generally, there are fewer Sierra Redwood forests left in the world today. An average Sierra redwood tree weighs around 1,000 tons, which to you who is good at math (hehe) will see that two of these makes up 2,000 tons.

These trees grow an average of 50-85 meters (165-280 feet) high with a trunk diameter of 20-26t. The most aged Sierra redwood is around 3,200 -3,266 years old.

They regenerate by seeds, and their seed cones take approximately 10 to 20 months to reach the level of maturity.

You will find that Sierra redwoods are limited to Western Sierra Nevada in California.

An eye-catching fact is how they pull their water to reach the top of the tree. They use a method called osmotic pressure. But this method only takes the water a few meters to the trees. So they adopt another form of negative pressure, and this pushes water up to the leaves.

4. Six Boeing 747 Jets


One Boeing 747 jet weighs around 300 to 490 tons which means that on average you would need 6 of them to reach 2,000 tons. Boeing 747 jets took their first flight on February 9, 1969.

As of today, there are about 1,548 units manufactured. They are heavy with a partial double-deck, four-engine capacity, single-aisle upper deck, and a medium to long-range wide-body.

Boeing 747 was supposed to be replaced by supersonic aircraft, but they decided to turn it into a cargo aircraft if it became unpopular.

According to research done, it is safe when traveling on them no need to get worried. Go to the airport and visit your favorite destination.

5. Two NFL Football Fields


Have you ever wondered how many tons does an NFL football field weigh? You call yourself a football fan, and you have no idea about this fact.

Well, it weighs around 948.84 tons. The area is approximately 4,460 square meters and grass around 12—5 kg. So the sum of the grass and the square meters is around 55,869.84 kg. To maintain the grass, you will need about 12.5cm of topsoil. It is essential to keep the grass growing well.

The topsoil weighs around 1,200 to 1,700 kg per cubic meter, and this depends on various facts. If the soil is wet, it weighs more.

When you combine all these facts, plus the paint lines and everything needed in the stadium, you will arrive at a figure of 948.84 tons for one stadium. When you multiply this number by two, you will realize they have a short of 102.32 FROM 2,000 tons, but this is a minimal difference.

6. Oxygen Produced by 100 Trees

A mature tree produces around 20 liters of oxygen per day, and it is enough oxygen to save approximately 50 persons per year in case of oxygen shortage.

When you cut 100 trees and carry them with a truck, that means you have 2,000 tons of weight. I am not encouraging you to cut trees but rather stating a fact to see how I came up with the weight.

We are encouraged to plant trees for their health benefits. Trees save energy bringing down the cost of energy bills because they tap water. Water is an essential commodity when it comes to generating power.

Whenever there is a heavy downfall, trees help soil conservations, thus preventing soil erosion and floods. If there are no floods, food is guaranteed. Just as I have noted above, the health of the population is protected by trees. Give yourself a target of planting at least a tree once in a while.


I know you are yearning for more information on things weighing 2,000 tons.

Here we are, and the list is endless. It includes much more items which include; plants, buildings, cars, animals, etc. But with a few that we have listed, I know you now have an idea.

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