7 Things That Weigh About 200 Tons

It’s not easy on a daily basis to spot things that weigh 200 tons.

But there is at least one thing we see everyday that we can say is in the 200 ton (400,000 pounds) range. And that’s a house. If you live in a neighborhood of homes, you’re seeing these huge, 200-ton items regularly.

Including houses, there are seven things we know of that weigh at least 200 tons. That includes a house, the average locomotive, the blue whale, two different types of planes, the statue of liberty, and the amount of trash on the moon.

A House


When looking at the size of a house, we usually look at the number of rooms inside and count the square footage. It’s not usual to try to guess how much a house weighs.

Turns out it’s not that complicated to figure out the weight of a house. There is an easy way to determine the weight of a house. In the construction world, it’s a known fact that houses weigh 200 pounds per square foot for a one-story house.

So if your average one-story house is 2,000 square feet, the house weighs 400,000 pounds which puts it right at 200 tons.

Average Locomotive

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The average locomotive weighs about 210 – 220 tons (465,000 to 480,000 pounds). There are different models, and each can weigh differently. It can weigh up to 6,000 tons.

The GE ES44AC weighs 212 tons, and the ACS6000CW weighs between 212 to 216 tons. The GE C44-9W engine weighs just under those but still very close to 200 tons. It weighs 198 tons.

Heaviest Blue Whale That Ever Lived


The blue whale is the largest creature alive. It extends about 80 to 100 feet in length and the heaviest blue whale that has existed weighed just above 400,000 pounds or close to 200 tons.

That’s equivalent to the weight of 135 Volkswagen beetles. The tongue alone weighs 5,400 pounds, and the heart is the size of a VW beetle. At birth, blue whales are very large and are considered the largest babies on earth, weighing about 8,000 pounds.

Boeing Dreamlifter

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The Boeing Dreamlifter is a wide-body cargo jet. It has 65,000 cubic feet of cargo space, offering a substantial amount of storage space for commercial airlines.

It can transport up to three times the volume of cargo than a traditional 747-100F jet. It weighs 398,000 pounds (199 tons) unloaded.

Hughes Hercules H-4


The single 400,000 pounds (200 ton) H-4 Hercules flying boat was the largest flying boat ever built with the widest wingspan.

It was designed to carry 750 fully equipped troops or two Sherman tanks over long distances. It was designed and constructed by Howard Hughes and his staff, hence, the name.

Statue of Liberty

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The Statue of Liberty is one of the most famous monuments in modern history and is the beacon of freedom and hope to Americans throughout the country.

The statue weighs 450,000 pounds or 204 tons but is largely hollow inside for tours. It consists of a lot of gold and copper, which is the reason for its color.

It was originally the color of a penny but over time the copper has worn down to a blue/green shade.

Trash on the Moon


NASA astronauts are responsible for a lot of litter. According to Wikipedia, during 1969 – 1972, the astronauts left behind a lot of junk on the moon.

Trash on the moon could weigh up to 200 tons or 400,000 pounds, with a lot of that left by American astronauts. Other trash on the moon comes from uncrewed missions from space exploration agencies, including those from the United States, Russia, Japan, India, and Europe.

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