7 Things That Weigh Around 700 Kilograms (Kg)

In a world where there are so many items walking the face of the earth, there’s a lot that remains unraveled in terms of the density that these objects have. There are so many metric units in the world of weight measurement and lots of converters have been developed over time to make things easier. That is, you can seamlessly convert pounds to tons, kilograms to grams, and so on. 

Have you been in search of items that weigh 700 kilograms? The focus of this piece is to discuss items that weigh 700 kilograms with intriguing facts to learn. Stay tuned to learn more!

1. Seven Beer Kegs


The production of beer started as far back as periods where taverns were quite popular. Relaxation in taverns was never complete with beer and ale. To date, this product has been refined such that we now have better beer packaging. These include the use of bottles, kegs, and cans. 

Our concern here is the packaging which involves the use of kegs. The density of kegs differs according to states in the world but we have beer kegs averagely weighing 100 kilograms. It might interest you to know that this beer keg contains 12 to 16 bottles of beer with a 58 liters holding capacity. 

Hence, stacking together seven kegs of beer accounts for a weight of exactly 700 kilograms. 

2. American Bison

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Domestic animals are the closest to humans and the most talked about. The wild equally has 

its popular breeds like the lion, tiger, cheetahs, and so on. Well, let’s learn more about the American bison which is an herbivore that’s often mistaken for a buffalo. The Bison has a height of about 11.5 feet and feeds on grasses, twigs, shrubs, and other plants. 

Although they were greatly poached back centuries back, bison numbers are fast recuperating and they are now raised in ranches mainly for meat. Bison weigh 700 kilograms and can still maintain a speed of 40 miles per hour. 

3. Seven French Refrigerators

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In early times, spoilage of food ingredients was a grave problem with very crude preservation methods available. Moreover, there weren’t so many food processing methods. This led to the invention of refrigerators and they remain relevant to date. They keep food and food items chilled and free from spoilage bacteria. Hence, all you need to do when you’re prepared to consume your food is warm in a microwave. 

There are many kinds of sizes of refrigerators. However, our concern here is the french door refrigerators. French Refrigerators weigh 13 pounds per cubic foot of capacity. In most instances, this translates to exactly 100 kilograms. Hence, seven of these add up to a weight of exactly 700 kilograms. 

4. Camels

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Hearing the name Camel for most people rings a bell in the Saharan parts of the world. Camels have demonstrated top-tier diligence and perseverance since the Sub-Saharan trade era of the 8th century. You might wonder how these strong boys travel very long distances without drinking water? Well, their humps store fats which later metabolize into water. 

To withstand wind and sand, their eyelids, a row of lashes, and the ability to shut their nostrils come in very handy. Also, Camels have a great body density of 700 kilograms to carry so many goods over long distances. 

5. Seven Dining Tables

For a place where consumption of the most sumptuous meals goes down, the dining table is expected to have great aesthetics. There are various designs with lots of materials put together including glass, and the best of wood. Whichever design suits your preference is what you should always go for. 

Furthermore, a lot of people eating at a dining table will probably place their arms, hands, dishes, and cups on the table. It becomes essential that the dining table has just the right density to serve everyone. Hence, most dining tables weigh around 100 kilograms. Adding seven of these together accounts for a weight of exactly 700 kilograms. 

6. Crocodiles


Crocodiles are amongst animals that visit parts of the aquatic and terrestrial habitats. They are closely related to other reptiles like the lizards, monitor lizards, and snakes. Crocodiles are usually found in the tropics like Asia, Africa, America, and Australia. 

The most prominent kinds include the Nile Crocodile, American, and Saltwater Crocodile. Unlike the Nile Crocodiles which eat about 200 people annually, the American crocodile is more inclined to flee when it sees humans. Averagely, these crocodiles weigh 700 kilograms. 

7. Two and 4 berth Caravans

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Caravans are recreational vehicles that help you take your fun wherever you want. You have your bedroom, kitchenette, and closet in a caravan which can be carried from one place to another. If you love to travel, you should definitely get yourself a nice caravan for your trips.

There are so many factors to consider before getting a caravan at all. One of the most important is payload weight and the density of the caravan comes into play. For heavier caravans, the weight spans to around 1300 kilograms. Nevertheless, our concern is the smaller two and four berth caravans that weigh 700 kilograms. They provide comfort and standard payload capacity for a nice time with friends. 


There, we just examined some things that weigh 700 kilograms. Reading through, certain animals or things similar to the ones mentioned may have crossed your mind. That’s how you keep learning a lot more about the weight of stuff. Keep making more research and amazing discoveries!

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