7 Things That Weigh Around 8000 Pounds (lbs)

Did you know that the weight of an individual or an object can change depending on their location? Learning about the weight of different things and animals can be much fun as you get to know the exact weight of items you thought weighed merely low or high.

Sometimes an item may seem small; thus, you might think it weighs less. However, the weight of such a particular item will vary depending on the number of internal parts it has. In this article, we will look at some everyday things that weigh 8000 pounds, equivalent to 4 tons.

1. A Blue whale’s Tongue

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Blue whales are giant water animals, and their tongue alone weighs up to 8000 pounds. This weight is equivalent to the weight of a grown elephant. The other parts of the whale also weigh lots of pounds. When you can add up every single body part of a whale plus the internal organs, it can sum up to 200 tons. That is insane.

Two hundred tons is equivalent to 243 elephants. This means if you put 23 grown elephants on a weighing scale and a grown whale on the other end, you should be able to get a balance scale.

Apart from the whale’s tongue, the amount of food it eats can weigh up to 8000 pounds or four tons.

2. Male Adult Hippopotamus


Hippos are one of the big five in the animal kingdom, and at some point, you might think that elephants weigh more than them. However, this is not the case, at least not with an adult male hippo. A fully grown male hippo can weigh up to 8000 pounds, slightly higher than an adult female hippo. Due to their weight, it becomes hard for the adult hippos to float on water. Thus they spend much time leaping under the water.

Another fantastic fact associated with the hippos’ weight is their bite. It is said that a hippo’s bite can cut a human being into two. Well, this could be true, being that a hippo’s bite weighs up to 2000 pounds.

Their bite is two times heavier than a lion’s or a tiger’s bite. Hippos are able to open their mouths up to around 150 degrees vast, but an adult hippo can open its mouth up to 180 degrees. Can you imagine that!? The hippo also uses its huge sharp teeth for fighting and not for eating.

3. The Indian Launcher


When astronauts need to launch into space, there are particular vehicles they use. These vehicles are called launchers, and they help move the spacecraft into space. India happens to have a kind, GSLV Mk III. This launcher has a launching power of up to 8000 pounds, and it is supported by a super engine and an awesome thrust cryogenic stage.

4. The Flat Bed Truck

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Flatbed trucks are elongated trucks that have neither body nor roof. They are usually used to carry huge loads of cars and other machinery like the bulldozers included. This truck weighs up to eight thousand pounds. Interestingly, there are other flatbed trucks that weigh more than 8000 pounds.

5. The African Elephants


The African elephants are the most giant breed of elephants and the largest animals to walk the face of the earth! They display a unique blend of beauty with their huge tusks as they walk around. You will be surprised to know how much a fully grown African elephant weighs. They weigh up to 12,000 pounds! Yes, you heard right, these animals can grow up to 11 feet high.

Amazingly an African elephant eats up to 600 pounds of food each day to sustain it. The amount of food it eats constitutes four percent of its total body weight. These elephants may look abnormally huge, but do not be scared as they do not feed on flesh. They are exclusively herbivores. However, do not get too close; they are still wild animals and can be dangerous.

Fun Fact

  • African elephants have gigantic ears which resemble the shape of the continent of Africa. Their ears also add up to their total weight. The shape of their ears makes it easy to distinguish them from the Asian elephants.

6. Elephant Seals

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An elephant seal can store up to 40 percent fat, which allows it to gain weight of around eight thousand pounds. Due to the fat, elephant seals are the fattest animals on the planet. Despite their weight, elephant seals can stay underwater for up to two hours and can even dive a mile deeper. Amazingly, the male elephant seals can weigh up to eight times the average weight, and they are usually twice long compared to the females.

Fun Fact

  • The record-sized elephant seal was recorded to have lived up to February 1913 in South Georgia. Its weight was pretty high at 11,000 pounds and was 23 feet long.

7. Male Adult Dolphin


There are numerous different types of dolphins with various features, behaviors, appearances, weight, and sizes. The male adult dolphin, popularly known as the Orca, outdone itself as it weighs eight thousand pounds, and sometimes it can add even more weight. As per the different types of dolphins and weight variations, they also eat different kinds of food and different amounts. The Orca eats up to 220 kilograms of fish daily, and they also hunt for other seat animals like the penguin, fish, elephants, seals, and squids.

Fun Fact

  • Did you know that when dolphins need to sleep, they move close to the surface so that they can be able to breathe? They can swim while asleep to get to the surface.

Conclusively, learning about the weight staff is an exciting and adventurous journey.  The feeling is the same whether the things are natural or artificial. Getting the weight of some items can prove challenging, but you can achieve anything with proper research. Let us know which weight surprised you from the list.

Originally posted on November 5, 2021 @ 9:56 am

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