8 Things That Weigh About 16 Tons

If you’re looking to know something cool about the weights of different things like objects and animals, then, this article is for you.

Read on to find out the weight of things that weigh about 16 tons and learn fascinating facts about them. Should we start?

1. Around 54 Tigers

54 tigers weight 16 tons

Tiger is the giant cat in the world, and among the top predators on the planet. And a mature male tiger weighs around 0.3 tons, which means it would take roughly 54 tigers to make up 16 tons.

From the beginning, there existed over ten species. Today, only six species exist. The various factors that lead to their demise include lack of enough predators, loss of land, and postures exposure. Besides, their life expectancy has drastically dropped.

When life was favourable for the tigers, and species grew to weigh up to 0.45 tons.

Despite the tigers lacking enough food, they are among the top killing animal killers under the sun. You can compare the carnivore weight with that of three men or the weight of a family car.

2. 4 Minke whales


Minke whale is named after the Norwegian whaling spotter, Minke, who once confused the Minke with a blue whale.

There are over nine whale species in existence. The species vary in weight, with the Minke whale both male and female typically weighing four tonnes. Four of them will therefore add to 16 tons.

However, some of the Minke whales weight up to eight tons.

The mammal makes sounds (Up to 152 decibels) as loud as that of the jet taking off. It makes trains of thuds, raspy sounds and grunts, all up to 100-200 hertz.

Usually, Minke whales swim at a speed of 4.8-25kph. When in danger it can swim up to a speed of 34kph. Surprisingly, a newborn can swim within 30 minutes after birth.

The mammal lives for good 50 years.

3. Brydes whales


Bryde’s whale averagely at 16 tons, the specific species being the Brydes whale complex. The mammal’s weight, however, ranges from 13-28 tons.

The young one of whales is known as “calves”, the female as “cow”, and the male as the “bull”.

The Brydes whale feeds on an abundance of fish, sharks, seabirds and seals, among other cetaceans. For that reason, you will find them in large numbers where the cetaceans exist.

The whale is similarly fast like the Minke whale, swimming at a 19.32-24.15 kilometres per hour.

The mammal feeds on around 1,320-1,450 pounds of food each day. Some of its food are the krill, red crabs, copepods, shrimp, and small fishes including mackerel, sardines and herring.

4. Weight of About 21 Cows


A Holstein cow typically weighs around 0.75 tons, meaning, about 21 cows total weight adds up to 16 tones.

Just like human, cows are social mammals. Research on isolation by researcher Krista clearly explains how low the female cow heart rates when with a preferred partner, the opposite of when with a random partner. Besides, they like attention. In case you have a cow or two, you can attest to this, can you?

Also, various communities like the Hindus value the animal, some even term it as sacred. From the way Hindus use the cow in their culture, the legislature “cow cabinet” is evidence of how valuable the cow is in the Indian culture.

The cow sleeps around four hours a day. The other times you will find the cow relaxing and other times chewing cuds. The animal spends 10-12 hours each day lying down, which individuals usually confuse with sleep.

Surprisingly, cows are good swimmers. Funny enough, a cow can’t see colour red, meaning, they are colour blind.

5. Around 27 Weight of a Horse

27 horses 16 tons

For instance, the American quarter horse roughly weighs 0.6 tons, higher than the Arabian riding horse, which weighs 0.46 tons. About 27 of the American quarter horses will add up to 16 tons. Thus, the animal is a herbivore, thus adding all this weight feeding from vegetation, but doesn’t chew curd as the cows.  

The horse is the most famous horse in the world.

Talking of general features about the horse, the young one (foal) can run within two hours after birth. The adult American horse can run at a speed of 55 mph.

Unlike the cow that sleeps lying down, the horse mostly sleeps standing? Do not throw stones. They lie down to take a short sleep if not taking naps.

The horse is the animal with the widest eyes worldwide.

6. About 6,5 Great Pyramid of Giza Stone Blocks


The main reason tourist and learners flock to Egypt are to the so famous pyramids. And the Pyramid of Giza is one of them. The average weight of the stone blocks used in the building of the Great Pyramid of Giza approximated 2.5 tons each. Around six and a half of them added to about 16 tons.

Looking at how firm Giza pyramid and others are, it’s hard to believe the dates Pharaoh Khufu built them, that is, between 2550-2490 B.C. (Before Christ). Hence, they were built 4,500 years ago.

Giza pyramid was among Pharaoh Khufu’s most notable projects, which was 147 meters above the plateau. He built the pyramids as the tomb of his dynasty.

7. The Weight of 32 Grand Pianos


Musicians use the grand piano in large concert halls and weigh 0.5 tons times 32, resulting in 16 tons. The piano has over 12,000 parts. The piano has 230 strings that complete the entire sounds you usually hear when the instrument is played.

Do you think a piano can be categorized with the guitar?

According to Yamaha (Among the top world musical instrument designers) research, all pianos fall under the category of string instruments based on ancestry. The piano ancestors are spinet, harpsichord, clavichord, chekker, dulce Melos and virginal.

The credit to the invention of the modern piano is Christofori’s from Italy.

8. The Weight of 57 Pigs


A mature male domestic pig will weigh up to 0.28 tons, with 57 of them summing up to 16 tons.

Pigs have high memory and can be seen from how piglets (young ones) learn their names within two to three weeks when trained. Do you love poems? You can read one on pigs and see how attractive the animals are.


Reading about the weight of stuff is fun. And when reading about the weight of different things, your mind glows when blown in the world of weights. What feeling did knowing the various weights of the things in this post arouse in you?

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