9 Things That Weigh About 15 Tons

According to psychologists, satisfying your curiosity has been linked to emotional, social, psychological, and health benefits.

So, whenever you want to arouse a good mood, read about the weight of things. After this list of 9 things that weigh 15 tons, you will have satisfied your curiosity.

Should we get started with number one? Number six will blow your mind.

Let’s begin.

1. About 2-3 Tyrannosaurus Rex

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The typical size of the tyrannosaurus in the Chicago Field of Natural Museum of Natural History weighs around 6.4 tons flesh weight, meaning it may be slightly above or lower than that amount. For that reason, two to three tyrannosaurus rexes weigh about 15 tons.

Famously known as the: king of the tyrant lizards”, it was on earth to rule. The predator has continued to raise questions from its unique features, hence studied even today, despite having lived 68 million years ago in the western North America valleys.

Some of its unique features include:

  • It’s 12 feet tall and 40 feet long.
  • It weighed around 5.5-8 tons.

With a massive body, mighty jaws, and teeth made tyrannosaurus rex among the most dangerous predators to have lived on earth.

2. 3-4 Hippopotamus


A typical hippo adult male weighs about 3.750, which may go slightly lower or above. For a 4 ton hippopotamus, you need around three to four hippos to reach 15 tons.

The hippopotamus cannot float or swim in the water but walk by stepping the lake bottom, plus leaping.

3. Around 5 Tongues of a Blue Whale


The whale’s tongue weighs approximately 2.7 tons, hence, about five tongues of a blue whale would weigh 15 tons.

The blue whale is similarly the largest mammal ever known on earth. Surprisingly, the mammal feeds on tiny crustaceans (almost exclusively). Funny enough, and can only swallow a bite equivalent to a beach ball.

4. 50 Grizzly Bears


Also known as brown bear or silver bear, a male weighs about 0.3 tons, which means that fifty of them will result in 15 tons. Some rare males can reach a top weight of 0.770 tons.

The grizzly bear can live up to 25 years and inhabits the northwestern United States and western Canada. The bear senses food way far from the hound dog. Besides, it has an excellent memory and is also very intelligent. You can see this by observing their behaviors. One of their unique behaviors, as per the PBS research, possess human-like traits including:

Possess self-awareness – there has been evidence of grizzly bears covering their paths or guarding themselves against predators using trees and rocks.

Like the human, Grizzly bears are omnivores, and various researches confirm this, including PBS’s.

5. 2-3 Elephants


The male mature African bush elephant weighs around 13,000 pounds, which is around 6.5 tons. Others will weigh up to 7 point tons. Therefore, about two male elephants will weigh 15 tons.

On the contrary, the female elephant will weigh less (like 3.5 tons), meaning, 4 of them will add up to approximately 15 tons.

6. 5 Rhinoceros


The name rhino stands for “nose horn,” and this is where the name came from, the position of its horns.

The average weight of a rhinoceros is 3 tons, which means you would need 5 rhinos to reach 15 tons.

The rhinoceros are among the most aggressive animals under the sun, like next to the hippopotamus. Like every two male rhinos will die after a fight with a rhinoceros.

Despite the rhino being large to giving the lion a challenge to hunt it, it has a tiny brain. You should, however, not relate this to underestimate its way of thinking.

Contrary to what many believe, you included, rhino horns are bones, and that is why they are so hard. To shock you, they are made from compacted hairs, and even worse, the horns are not attached to the skull.

Can you tell how rhinos communicate? They poop.

Different rhino dung smell different depending on the rhinos age and sex.

Imagine they use poo to mark territories between groups. Which other animal do you know poops or pees to communicate other than the dog?

Let’s put that aside for now because you are yet to be astounded.

7. The Weight of 3,000 Cats


The average domestic cat weighs 10 pounds, with 2000 pounds making one short ton, 3,000 cats will add to 15 tons. Note, the weight varies depending on the breed. You will find some like the Siamese cat weighs around 5 pounds, whereas a breed like Maine Coon is around 25 pounds.

Did you know cats laugh?

Look, a cat will not laugh physically, do not throw stones. Instead, they have a way of having fun, and one way is to purr. This is also a defense mechanism to help them fight stress coming due to such moments as pregnancy.

8. 3,000 Gallon of Paints

3 gallons of paint 20 kilograms

Most paints companies in the United States, the likes of Sherwin-Williams package their paints in 0.005 tons (5 kilograms). Sherwin-Williams is the topmost specialty coatings, paint, and vanishes producer in the US. Its existence dates back to 1866. Sherwin-Williams Company was also among the very first companies to introduce ready to use paints in the United States in the 1880s. Since then, it has grown to supply over 2,000 companies with its products, making it the topmost paint and paints products seller in the United States (Statista, 2018)

9. 7 Male Giraffes


Male and female giraffes weigh differently, with the male being the heaviest. A fully mature male giraffe weighs up to around 2.13. Therefore, about seven of them will add up to 15 tons.

There you go. What weight blew your mind most? Weights of things will always glow that feeling of the relationship as you try to relate the weight of something with yours, happiness and achievement from the knowledge you acquire at the end.

Originally posted on February 8, 2021 @ 12:54 pm

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