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13 Boats That Weigh Around 7000 Pounds

So many kinds of boats cruise the sea in this era. They all have various qualities and weights that make them exceptional. Does your interest lie in the weight of boats or do you have an estimate? 

This piece is definitely for you. Keep reading to learn more about boats that weigh around 7000 pounds!

1. Glastron GS 259 Cabin Cruiser

The new Glastron GS 259 OB fast cruiser is designed for weekend getaways. Its adaptability is enhanced by its outboard power, which provides more storage capacity than a sterndrive and allows you to prolong the season.

Glastron’s flagship GS 259 has a roomy cockpit with movable seats and a full-service refreshment area. Without leaving the boat, you may convert the cockpit seats into a huge sun lounge or prepare the family’s favorite delicacies.

This boat makes the list with a weight of 6600 pounds.

2. Aspen 32 C100 Escape Power Cat Cabin Cruiser

The C100 has a Volvo-Penta D3 diesel engine with 220 hp. The hulls are not the same on both sides. This is done to make up for the torque of the engines.

The boat goes straight because both forces are proportional to speed and thrust. When the boat is going in a straight line, you don’t need to do anything extra at the wheel.

With just one engine, the C100 can cruise in the low 20s and reach a top speed of just under 30 mph.

The C100 weighs 7400 pounds.

3. Ericson 28.5 Boat

The Ericson 28.5 is a top choice boat in recent times. This boat is one of the earliest by the Ericson and it has a remarkable build.

The Ericson 28.5 has a great interior and solid sails. Also, the paint, zincs, snd cutlass bearings remain intact even after up to a year of use.

To complement its remarkable performance, this boat weighs 7500 pounds.

4. Bayliner 285 SB Boat

The Bayliner 285’s modern style, big amenities, and low pricing are like previous Bayliner express boats.

The 255’s mid-cabin configuration has a V-berth forward with a privacy curtain and an owner’s bedroom aft with a sturdy privacy door and lots of storage. Three above deck hatches offer ventilation and illumination and the interior has a galley, stand up head, and enough storage.

It weighs 7100 pounds.

5. Newport 30

Newport 30 is an American sailboat designed by Gary Mull and constructed in 1968. It was the first of its kind to be produced in the country. The design is no longer being manufactured.

With a constant weight of 7000 pounds, the Newport 31 was created in 1987.

6. Larson 274 Cabrio Boat

The great family boat for beginners at an affordable price! The cabin’s headroom and front and rear cabin sizes are immediately noticeable. Everyone can enjoy a day on the sea.

It’s a  completely enclosed camper with a roll-up rear door that makes water camping simple. The galley features a shower and toilet for ease and comfort.

This boat makes the list with a weight of 6750 pounds.

7. Hunter 27 Boat

Hunter 27 sailboat 3732.jpg
CC0, Link

In 1974, the first Hunter 27 sailboat was produced in the United States. This type was designed by John Cherubini and was produced in quantities of 2,000 until 1984.

It features a masthead sloop rig, is 27.17 feet (8.3 meters) long, 22 feet (6.7 meters) long along the waterline, weighs 7,000 pounds (3,175 kilograms), and can carry 3,000 pounds (1,361 kilograms) of ballast.

When empty, this boat weighs 7000 pounds.

8. Blue Chip 30 Boat

Recreational keelboat Blue Chip 30 is made from fiberglass with wood trim. It features a masthead sloop rig, a spooned, raked stem with a bowsprit, a raised counter, an angled transom, a tiller-controlled keel-mounted rudder, and a long, fixed keel.

It transports 3,175 kg and 1,474 kg of lead ballast.

The boat features a 1.52-m draft and an inboard engine for docking and going about. All of these features account for a weight of 7000 lbs.

9. Mystic C4000 Boat

This catamaran doesn’t need offshore racing experience. It is easy to drive and excellent for the Bahamas or your local lake.

C4000 boats have elegant, comfortable interiors. This boat is exciting with its many couches and open cockpit.

It can travel 100 mph with only two outboards and blend outboard motor reliability and durability with speed. All the components and construction add up to a weight of 7000 pounds.

10. Nordic 40 Boat

The 1978-built Nordic 40 was designed by Robert Perry. The fiberglass-hulled, teak-trimmed, balsa-cored boat is for enjoyment.

With a masthead sloop rig, raked stem, reverse transom, skeg-mounted rudder, and fixed fin keel, it’s distinctive. It contains 7,091 kg of lead ballast (3,216 kg).

With a conventional keel, the boat has a 6.50-foot draft and weighs 7000 pounds.

11. Pearson 28-2

For those looking for an affordable keelboat for recreational use, the Pearson 28-2 is an excellent choice. A masthead sloop rig, a spade-type rudder, and a fixed fin keel are included in the design.

When fully loaded, it has a displacement of 7,050 pounds (3,175 kilograms) and a ballast weight of 2,550 pounds (1,157 kilograms). 

The waterline length is 24,47 feet (7.5 meters) and it weighs around 7040 pounds.

12. Newport 28 Sailboat

The Newport 28 sailboat is one of the best around. Though relatively old, its performance is still efficient and relevant. It has a fin w/spade rudder, masthead sloop and a 3200 pounds lead ballast. 

Its overall weight to efficiently move on the sea is 7000 pounds.

13. Tayana 37

The Robert Perry-designed Tayana 37, a Taiwanese cruising sailboat, was originally launched in 1976. First designed by Will Eckert, of Flying Dutchman Yachts, and C.T. Chen, of Ta Yang Yacht Building, it has now been adopted by many other shipyards. 

The CT 37 was launched as a result of the latter’s acquisition of the design’s rights. The Tayana 37 was first referred to as the Ta Chiao 37, then as the Ta Yang 37, and finally as the Tayana 37.

This boat is around 7200 pounds in weight.