List of 9 Boats That Weigh Under 1000 Pounds (lbs)

Boats are available in a range of weights and styles. However, if you’re searching for a boat that weighs less than 1000 pounds, this article is here to assist you!

1. Sunfish Sailboat Classic

Sunfishdinghy closeup

No matter what kind of vehicle you drive, you may go sailing on the water with the Sunfish Sailboat Classic. With this boat’s straightforward rigging and great maneuverability, anyone may have a comfortable and hassle-free sailing experience.

With this boat, everyone can enjoy sailing because it’s so simple. This boat has room for two persons, only 13′ 9″ in length. The practice sail, sail rings, gooseneck, mainsheet block, wood rudder, and daggerboard are included with the Classic edition.

Anyone in any vessel may pull this sailboat because it weighs only 130 pounds.

Sea Eagle Stealth Stalker Frameless Fishing Boat

The Sea Eagle Stealth Stalker Frameless Fishing Boat is a fantastic inflatable choice for angling partners since it has six built-in rod holders and is suitable for gas and electric motors.

This inflatable boat is a true workhorse with incredible buoyancy for its size and weight, weighing only 78 pounds (with the motor mount and wooden floors) and having a full load capacity of 1200 pounds. The Stealth Stalker disassembles into a 31 by 40 by 9-inch carry bag for simple storage and travel when you’re ready to call it a day; impressive, to say the least, given that this boat has a 10-foot length and a 5-foot width.

This is undoubtedly one of the best two-person fishing boats for those looking for a very tough and capable inflatable alternative with some customization possibilities.

2. Minicat 310

According to its design, any sailor with any vehicle can use this boat. This boat may be disassembled so that it can be moved by any vehicle. There is enough for two passengers on this boat, roughly 10 feet long. This boat is built for speed while yet being cozy for a day on the water.

This boat is configured as a small catamaran with polyester seats, a fabric trampoline, and other excellent amenities for such a little vessel. This can be transported in any car that weighs less than 77 pounds dry.

3. Sea Eagle PackFish Inflatable Boat

For solo anglers looking for a personal boat that can be quickly transported into the backcountry and other more difficult-to-reach fishing locations, the Sea Eagle PackFish Inflatable Boat is a particularly portable solution.

To mention a few uses, this one-person inflatable is fantastic for slipping into those difficult-to-access fishing spots, streams, and alpine lakes. The PackFish is 7 feet long and 3 feet, 3 inches wide when deployed, but it is manageable and only weighs 21 pounds when disassembled and put into its backpack-style carry bag!

You can effortlessly transport this inflatable boat across the rapids or move fishing sites by pulling them out of the water and re-attaching the backpack straps.

If you weigh no more than 250 pounds and are no higher than 6 feet, this unit is quite comfortable and suited for fishing as a solo craft. Regular-sized fishermen will have plenty of room, but giant fishermen may find it a little cramped.

There are two side pockets with zippers for stashing gear and built-in cup holders and two integrated rod holders for organizing and keeping your necessities.

Sea-Doo Spark

This lightweight, little personal watercraft has very high fuel efficiency. In addition to being entertaining to ride, this boat has the most fuel-efficient Rotax 900 ACE engine available on the market today, seating for two or even three passengers, and a fully underwater music system with Bluetooth connectivity.

Additionally, you can choose your vehicle’s color and add other opulent options. This jet ski is only 9 feet long and only 405 pounds dry, so any vehicle should be able to tow it.

4. Outcast Commander Boat

The Outcast Commander Boat is a one-of-a-kind, ingeniously constructed kayak-style craft for stream anglers looking for a personal watercraft appropriate for running rivers. It is designed with an inventive open deck that lets you stop and stand in shallow water!

When you’re over shallow water with the Commander, you can take your legs off the built-in pegs and stand because there isn’t a (half) deck.

The Commander genuinely delivers the best of all worlds regarding kayaks, inflatable pontoons, and kick boats. The maximum load capacity of this boat is 475 pounds, so even if you’re a heavier person, you can carry a lot of things. It weighs only 32 pounds. To install pockets and rod holder mounts, IGS sleeves are integrated on both sides of the boat, and there is additional storage space below the seat.

5. FX Cruiser HO Full

2013 Yamaha FX Cruiser HO 23

The FX Cruiser HO Full is a significantly bigger personal watercraft with a length of 11.7 feet and enough for up to 3 people. This boat has a Yamaha Marine Engine with four cylinders and four strokes.

For this vessel, you can choose from up to two colors. This boat also has a multi-mount system that enables you to add extra features like action cameras, smartphones or wireless speakers that have been specially created. Additionally, this boat is readily hauled despite having a dry weight of 838 pounds.

6. Outcast OSG Stealth Pro

A particularly versatile float tube/pontoon boat hybrid, the Outcast OSG Stealth Pro Frameless Pontoon Boat is excellent for various on-the-water applications, from still-water sessions to more extensive river adventures and even big water overnights!

Despite being 8 feet long and 4.75 feet wide, this personal vessel is extremely lightweight at just 35 pounds. However, the 450-pound weight capacity of the Stealth Pro makes it suited for fishermen of all sizes.

Depending on the fishing situation, you may opt to row this personal vessel or kick using fins like a float tube. The stern platform can hold up to a 20-pound anchor (or equivalent equipment) for those who prefer to stay on the water. There is also a detachable stripping basket for fly fishers, and the seat is at a good height for casting.

7. AQUOS Heavy-Duty 7.5 ft

For anglers who want the ability to design their fishing vessel layout completely, the AQUOS Heavy-Duty 7.5 ft Inflatable Pontoon Boat with Grab Bar, Folding Seat, and Trolling Motor is an extremely outfitted, incredibly portable, and highly adjustable solution.

This cute small boat can easily fit two fishermen with a total weight of 44 pounds and a maximum load capacity of 374 pounds.

Additionally, the complete boat disassembles into a carry bag that can be worn as a backpack, enabling you to travel to more remote fishing spots and have a deployable boat waiting for you when you get there. However, if you’re traveling very far from your starting point, bringing the seat, trolling motor, and the lean bar won’t be very feasible.

8. Outcast Fish Cat Streamer

The Outcast Fish Cat Streamer XL-IR Pontoon Boat is a high-performance solo pontoon choice with unrivaled responsiveness and capability for its size class.

It would be wise for anglers looking for a solo fishing boat with greater capabilities than a float tube or kayak to take a look at this one. Depending on your rowing expertise, you can tackle rivers and moving water with the Streamer XL-IR and install a trolling motor.

These are two crucial fishing elements that cannot be carried out by inflatable kayaks or float tubes. In addition to offering more organized and substantial storage than other inflatable alternatives (other than standing on a SUP), this pontoon boat seats you higher up on the water.

This small pontoon boat weighs only 56 pounds and measures only 8 feet long and 4.5 feet broad. The Streamer can hold up to 300 pounds of weight, so if you’re a larger angler with a lot of gear, it could not provide you with the buoyancy you need.

9. Outcast Fish Cat 13 Pontoon

The Outcast Fish Cat 13 Pontoon Boat is a premium, well-rounded, and integrated alternative for couples looking for a performance fishing boat that works for just about any angling situation or style.

The Fish Cat 13 has a 750-pound weight capability due to its greater size and more robust construction, making it a more serious boat for anglers who take their fishing seriously.

Avoid the greater price of this alternative if all you’re looking for is a minimalist solution for leisurely floats and days fishing. However, anglers looking for a tandem fishing craft that can do anything and go practically anywhere will adore this choice for its adaptability, toughness, and performance.

Final words

There are many different sizes and types of boats. It’s not always true that a bigger boat is preferable when looking for one.

Larger boats can cost more and need more maintenance than smaller vessels. Additionally, towing a smaller boat is more straightforward for the typical private boat owner.

This may be because pulling large boats with Lightweight trucks or SUVs would be less common.

Originally posted on August 15, 2022 @ 4:06 pm

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