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15 Boats That Weigh Under 3500 Pounds

Boats are very dynamic inventions and can weigh as little as 140 pounds. The most popular types below the 3500 pounds weight mark include personal watercraft, sailboats, pontoon boats, and ski boats.

If you’re curious to learn which of these types weigh under 3500 pounds, keep reading to learn more! 

1. Malibu Wakesetter 21 LX

The Malibu Wakesetter 21 LX is an all-new boat for 2022 that takes inspiration from its predecessors to meet the high standards of a true Malibu Wakesetter.

One of the most distinguishing elements of this new boat is the newly designed Hybrid Bow, which blends the clean aesthetics of the 21 VLX’s conventional bow with the spaciousness of the 21 MLX’s pickle fork bow.

It also weighs in at 3100 pounds, falling below the 3500 pound mark.

2. Bass Cat Jaguar 

This model is different from the rest of the Bass Cats because its bow is deeper. It runs faster and works better because of this.

All three fuel tanks on this boat have the same 55-gallon capacity. This will help the weight be more evenly spread out. This boat is 21.5 feet (5 meters) long and weighs 2,150 pounds.

3. Mastercraft Prostar 2017

Source: Wikipedia

The ProStar is, quite simply, the best inboard ski boat ever made. In the shape of the ultimate pulling machine, it’s an engineering and scientific marvel that sets new global, national, and course records on a regular basis. The Mastercraft Prostar weighs in at 3,000 lbs.

4. Malibu Wakesetter 2017 LSV23 

When designing the 23 LSV, Malibu increased the depth of the hull, resulting in greater displacement and a higher wave height. Additionally, this resulted in more room for storage.

Overall, the 23 LSV’s new design and weight of 3,400 lbs will help maintain it at the top of its game.

5. Tige 2017 RZR

The Tigé RZR is a tow-boat firm that isn’t afraid to take risks with its products. Using vivid gelcoat schemes and visual motifs, it has chiseled lines and surface breaks for its design. It takes this shape.

When you go on board or behind the wheel, the purpose becomes more apparent. The weight of this boat is 3,100 lbs.

6. NauticStar Angler 211 

For entertaining guests and family, the 211 Hybrid is ideal. Because of the boat’s generous seating arrangements, it’s simple to socialize when out on the water.

The 211 Hybrid is also a game-changer when it comes to fishing. A 13-gallon livewell/baitwell, six-rod holders within the console, and a non-skid self-bailing cockpit are all included as standard equipment. It’s also 3,300 pounds heavy.

7. Lowe SS210

The Lowe SS210 provides high capabilities at an inexpensive price, and it’s made to endure.

At a terrific price, this boat offers comfy seating, plenty of storage, and a Mercury engine that satisfies the highest requirements. It weighs a total of 1900 pounds.

8. NauticStar Angler 193 SC

The NauticStar 193 sc is a decked vessel with a motor. NauticStar 193 sc boats are typically used for day-cruising, freshwater fishing, and saltwater fishing.

These boats were made of fiberglass with a “modified-Vee” shape. They usually have an outboard motor and come in Gas. Its exact weight is 2,100 lbs.

9. Stingray 212SC

STINGRAY’s biggest deck boat, the 212SC is a breath of fresh air in the deck boat industry with its 22 feet length. The open floor concept of a deck boat makes the most of the roomy interior.

With the porta potti option, the onboard changing area may also function as a head compartment. This boat weighs in at 3100 pounds.

10. Charger Elite 210

A fantastic fishing boat with numerous amenities that make fishing easy for the typical fisherman.

This boat is a wonderful choice for fishing and is much lighter than most others due to its dry weight of just 1,900 pounds.

11. Avalon Catalina DRL 24

It’s hard to find a pontoon boat that offers both style and affordability like the Avalon Catalina DRL 24. This boat comes with a cabana-style canopy that provides a lot of protection from the sun at the bow of the vessel. 

It is 23 feet in length and weighs around 1950 pounds.

12. Tracker Pro Team 2017 175 TF

This is a bass boat manufactured by Tracker. Freshwater fishing is the primary usage for this kind of boat. Outboard motors were standard equipment for the aluminum modified-vee boats, although gas versions were also available. The boat only has a 1,010-pound dry weight.

13. Nitro 2017 Z18

There is a lot of interest in the 2018 Nitro Z18 among bass fishermen. This boat has a fast and smooth ride, as well as a fishing configuration second to none.

The 18’8″ length of this boat makes it ideal for a family outing with room for up to four passengers. The 150 L FourStroke, 150 or 175 L Pro XS FourStroke, or 150 or 175 Optimax Pro XS are among the motors available for this boat. Hence, it weighs in at 1,700 pounds.

14. Tracker Pro 2017 170 

The Tracker Pro 170 is just the right size to make it easy to tow and store, but it’s still big enough to have all the fishing gear you need.

When it comes to features, whether you’ve owned a boat before or not, you’ll find everything you need for a fun day on the water. Also, this boat weighs in at just 878 pounds and is a light choice.

15. Boston Whaler 170 Montauk

Boston Whaler 170 Montauk TX9500DT b

One of the best deck boats for water activities including skiing, tubing, wakeboarding, and kneeboarding is the Boston Whaler 170 Montauk.

An international award was also granted to this vessel. Seven persons can fit in this 17′ 4″ long boat. When it’s empty, this boat is 1,700 pounds.