10 Common Items That Weigh About 4 Pounds

Four pounds translates to about 1.8kg, which is relatively easy to carry. This is the kind of weight that won’t strain you even when walking for long distances. In fact, most people who use small weights when working out use dumbbells that’s around 4 pounds, especially if they are beginners.

Although you may not always notice them, you’ll be surprised at how many 4 pounds items you have in your house. Here are a few items to get you started. 

1. Big bottles of ketchup

ketchup bottle

According to statistics, ketchup is found in at least 97 percent of American homes. That’s a lot of ketchup, considering this translates to 125 million households. As an American staple, ketchup is used to flavor hot dishes, which, in most cases, are fried or greasy.

Think chicken tenders, tater tots, cooked eggs, fried meat, French fries, meat pies, and sandwiches. It’s available in different sizes, but the largest bottle usually weighs around 4 pounds while the smaller ones will come in at about 2 pounds.  

2. Small bags of cat’s food

cat food

Cats are one of the most popular and favorite pets in the world. They are believed to be the only mammals who don’t taste sweetness, and they are nearsighted and have better night vision than humans.

Cats have 18 toes, five toes on each front paw and four toes on each back paw. These pets need to be fed in food rich in animal protein, low in carbohydrate content, and made from high-quality ingredients. Large bags of cat food weigh about 5 pounds and above while the small bags weigh approximately 4 pounds.

3. Large cartons of oat milk

Oat milk is a common dairy-free, vegan-friendly milk substitute. It’s made through soaking, blending, and soaking oats. Oat milk is full of fiber, B vitamins, plant-based proteins, and minerals such as iron and calcium.

Small cartons of oat milk are approximately 2 pounds, while the large ones are 4 pounds. One benefit of drinking or adding oat milk into your diet is the reduced risk of contracting heart disease.

4. Five cans of Campbell’s tomato soup

tomato soup campbells

Soups are taken every day at home or in hotels. They are classified into two groups, clear and thick, and can be served either cold or hot, depending on the climate and region. Soups are sweet and savory and can mostly be made from different ingredients.

A serving of a ½ cup of tomato soup supplies 480g of sodium. The American Heart Association says that if you take 1500mg per day, you decrease the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure. The Campbell’s tomato soup weighs 0.770 pounds, so five cans weigh about 4 pounds.

5. Mini laptops

mini laptop

Laptops are thinner, smaller, and more powerful than ever before, and they all vary in size and shape. Although most laptops have a 13.3-inch display size, some have screens that are 17 inches and weigh as much as 9 pounds.

Mini laptops, also known as subnotebooks, are lightweight computers with small dimensions and screen sizes ranging from 10.1 to 13.3 inches. They usually weigh approximately two to3.8 pounds depending on the size, shape, and model.

6. Iron box

An iron box is made of plastic and metal, mostly aluminum and steel. Before it’s sold as an iron box, the materials are shipped to the factory in form of resins, plastic, steel sheets, and aluminum ingots.

The metal is used to make soleplate, thermostat, and other internal mechanisms while the plastic usually makes the cover. This appliance weighs about 1.8kg, which is equal to 4 pounds.

7. A pound cake

This traditional cake is made from four ingredients, that is, flour, eggs, butter, and sugar. They are either baked in a loaf pan or a Bundt mold and served either lightly glazed, dusted with powdered sugar, or at times with an icing coat. It’s hard not to love a pound cake for its tender, moist, rich, and dense taste.

If you love cakes and have not tried a pound cake, it’s time to visit your local bakery for the savoring taste. Its weight is 4 pounds because it’s made of four ingredients, each a pound.

8. A coat

trench coat

Obviously, there are different types of coats in the market, and depending on the one you prefer, the weight will differ. Our research shows that a trench coat weighs around 4 pounds and is the most popular coat followed closely by fur coats.

On the other hand, Fur coats will weigh as much as 9 pounds, while a duffle coat comes in at slightly over 4 pounds. Despite the weight, the most critical aspect of a coat is how warm it will keep you when things get chilly.

9. Two leather handbags

Leather is durable, easy to care for, and ages gracefully, making it the most popular choice for handbags. Granted, handbag styles and fads come and go, but an excellent pure leather bag never goes out of style.

Most pure leather bags are at least two pounds when empty, but trust a lady to push this weight with accessories and other necessary items. With two empty leather bags, you’ll have a total of 4 pounds in your hands.

10. A pair of small boots


When the evolution of footwear begun, boots seemed to be the preferred shoe type of early man. According to archeologists, the oldest signs that boots existed are in a cave in Spain, which dates 12000 and 15000 BCE.

Like today, skilled tanners made his boots from animal skin and hides. In the 19th and 20th centuries, women were known to rock ankle and calf-length boots, but rising hemlines have made longer boots popular. It’s common to find a pair of boots in households, thanks to fashion, weather, and functionality. Two small boots weigh about 4 pounds while the bigger ones are probably between 5 to 9 pounds.

I’m sure some of the items on this list came as a surprise to you, mainly because most are items you use at home and in your office almost daily. An ironing box, for example, is used every morning, while most people can’t resist fries without ketchup.

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