The 8 Heaviest DC Characters of All Time

In the Superhero movies and the comics industry, everyone knows the popular name DC. Most characters created by DC are often compared to Marvel Characters. The criteria for comparison most times include power, endurance and so many other thrills that excite viewers and readers. 

Well, are you curious which of the DC characters are the heaviest? Then, this piece is just the one for you.

Stay tuned to learn more about these DC characters and their body weight!

1. Mongul

mongul dc

Mongul, the harsh ruler of Warworld, hails from another planet. He’s been a significant issue for the Justice League for a long time because of his passion for violence and antagonism.

You’re going to have a terrible time if you’re a Kryptonian and you’re up against Mongul. Even in a battle, he has shown to be superior to them.

One of the few foes Superman would rather not meet daily. He has even shown that he is capable of defeating any member of the Justice League, even Superman, in a battle. Despite this, he is the smallest individual on this list.

2. Darkseid

darkseid dc

Darkseid is the next enemy in line, and he’s certain to give Superman nightmares. This scumbag is well-known across the District of Columbia.

Apokolips, like Mongul, is controlled by Darkseid, who has his wicked empire in this region of the universe. Marvel was inspired to create a dark-skinned alien conqueror with a purple complexion as a consequence of Darkseid’s force and victory.

So Darkseid’s manifestation, if not the real Darkseid, is 8’9″ tall and weighs up to 1815 pounds. He’s much more powerful than Mongul, and his Omega Beams can obliterate anything in their path.

Even though he believes it is beneath him, his celestial skills do not prevent him from engaging in combat.

3. Doomsday

doomsday dc

Doomsday’s size and appearance have changed throughout various DC comic book issues. The confirmed Kryptonian-killer, on the other hand, has grown to a monstrous 8’10” in his fullest form and weighs more than 910 pounds. Despite his massive bulk, he seems to be a violent, mindless beast.

Doomsday has shown to be capable of annihilating even the most powerful villains in the cosmos, such as Darkseid (unceremoniously, though).

Doomsday, on the other hand, has no chance against Superman. He has a considerably bigger version in addition to the one shown in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

4. Giganta

Unfortunately, the terrible guy is no longer alive. Giganta is the lone female on our list, although she is still rather tall.

Giganta is typically a normal human height for her age, but as she develops, she might reach a height of approximately 270 feet or 25 stories. Then it’s safe to assume she weighs about 700 tons.

As a consequence, Giganta is much more powerful than minor titans such as Doomsday or Darkseid. They are not naturally stronger than she is, but it would take a Superman or perhaps Wonder Woman to defeat her.

5. Dr. Manhattan

dr manhattan

Dr. Manhattan is a character created by Dave Gibbons and Alan Moore for the legendary Watchmen comic book. Dr. Manhattan’s predecessor was Jonathan Osterman. Jonathan Osterman, a nuclear physics student, was his name.

Osterman was imprisoned in a test chamber while working with his better half, Jenny, in a clandestine laboratory. When the generator for the chamber was turned on, Osterman was blasted with nuclear energy. As a result, he was utterly deconstructed, leaving him as a completely different person.

Doctor Manhattan Osterman now has a skill set that matches that of McDonald’s. Among the most amazing developments in science fiction are space flight, resurrection, size change, teleportation, time travel, reproduction, and matter disintegration.

To insinuate that Dr. Manhattan is a softie is an insult to the character. Doctor Manhattan’s powers are so astounding that adding him to this list was as easy as sliding socks on my freezing feet. At 330 pounds, he is one of the heaviest DC characters ever.

6. Shazam

Shazam wasn’t as well-known when Wonder Woman initially debuted. This is primarily owing to the years he spent in legal limbo.

Marvel Comics quickly grabbed up Captain Marvel’s trademark when DC allowed his moniker’s patent to expire. As a consequence of this, rebranding their persona required DC to act promptly (which they did not).

Captain Marvel was renamed Shazam as a result of the rebranding. Given how powerful he is, it’s unfortunate that Shazam, now labeled as such, has slipped into obscurity.

Shazam has been able to retake his position in the spotlight throughout the years. This promotes the character, while it harms those who oppose him. With the probable exception of a few others, Shazam’s power is unrivaled. He weighs 215 pounds in adult size, making him one of DC’s heaviest heroes.

7. Superman

Clark Joseph Kent, better known as Superman, is a fictional character and superhero in the DC Extended Universe films, based on the character of the same name developed by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. He is a character from DC Comics.

In the movies, he’s a Kryptonian exile whose abilities let him protect Earth from bad forces. With a weight of 235 pounds, he is one of DC’s most powerful ever heroes.

8. Batman

As Gotham City’s heroic defender, Batman is a superhero dressed like a bat who fights crime and terrorizes Gotham’s villains.

His public identity is Bruce Wayne, a billionaire industrialist, and a well-known playboy. He is one of the most educated men in the world, as well as one of the finest fighters in the world, even though he lacks superhuman abilities. 

He’s a lethal opponent due to his mix of physical strength, technical prowess, and tactical awareness. He was one of the initial members of the Justice League. Batman makes the list of heaviest DC characters of all time with a gross weight of 210 lbs.

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