The 11 Heaviest Drones in the World (Drone Weight + Payload Weight)

Weight is crucial for aircraft, including drones and airplanes. They must all use lightweight composite materials to enhance flight dynamics.

Today, drones are used to perform basic functions, but they are now helpful for heavy lifting and lowering tasks. Heavy-duty drones are primarily heavy and can weigh hundreds of pounds. Here is a breakdown of some of the heaviest drones globally and their carrying capacities.

1. Ehang 184

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The Ehang 184 is the first electric passenger drone ever created globally. It is built with 54 motors and can carry an average-weight person for 23 minutes at 62 mph.

The drone weighs 573 lbs. (260 kg) and can take around 2 to 4 hours to charge fully.

The maximum payload on this drone is 100 kg with a maximum takeoff weight of 795 lbs. (360 kg).

2. Skyf Drone

The Skyf Drone is perhaps the heaviest drone ever built. The drone holds a world record for the heaviest payload lifted by one drone at 141 pounds (64 kg). The Skyf Drone weighs an astonishing 454 lbs. 206 kg with a payload of up to 881.9 pounds 400 kg.

 It can stay on a flight for up to 8 hours, moving at 43m/h. This drone has enough power to travel over 217 miles in a day.

The drone has been used for heavy lifting and lowering, proving to be more economical than most helicopters designed for the same.

3. Scorpion 3 hoverbike

The Scorpion 3 Hoverbike was built by a Russian drone company known as Hover Surf. The Scorpion 3 is the latest bike in the production line and features a motorbike design that can carry people in the air as if they are riding a bike.

The drone weighs 114 kg (251 lbs.) and can carry a maximum of 104 kg (229 lbs.). In addition, it can fly above 33 feet at 43 miles per hour. It can last anywhere from 20-40 minutes with a single charge.

4. Grif 300

The Griff 300 was launched by Griff Aviation and is one of the heaviest drones ever built. On its own, the drone weighs 165.35 pounds (75 kg) with a rated payload of 330.7 lbs. (150 kg).

The payload can further be adjusted to a maximum of 498.2 pounds (226 kg) for heavy lifting. This UAV model has eight propellers with high power to keep it on air for 45 minutes.

The drone is, however, easy to assemble, operate and transport.

5. DJI Agras MG-1

The DJI Agras is a one-of-a-kind drone for agricultural purposes. The drone is effective for industry-level agriculture with the capacity to carry 22 pounds (10 kg) of fluid over 10,000 square meters in one charge.

It only weighs 49.6 lbs. (22.5 kg) and operates around 60 times faster than manual spraying. The MG-1 has an automatic coordinate recorder to remember all the areas it needs to cover in various trips.

6. Augmented Aerigon Drone

This is the most expensive camera drone worldwide, retailing at $250,000, and it performs better thus living up to its standards. It is also one of the heaviest drones at 26.5 pounds (12 kg) without batteries.

The maximum charging time for the drone is 45 minutes, and it can fly for around 15 minutes before the next recharge.

It can only manage a payload of 19.8 pounds (9 kg) at its weight. The performance edition of the Augmented Aerigon Drone can carry a maximum of 55 lbs. (25 kg).

7. Vulcan UAV Raven

There is no other drone that multitasks like the Vulcan UAV Raven. At only 22 pounds (10 kg), the drone is purposefully designed to handle tough jobs with a payload of around 44 lbs. (20 kg).

The high-grade carbon fiber and aluminum frame make it lightweight yet strong enough to handle a maximum payload of 53 lbs. (24 kg).

8. DJI Matrice 600 Pro

The DJI Matrice 600 Pro is one of the best drones for filmmakers because it is one of the strongest. It boasts an intelligent construction design with excellent equipment for high-quality performance.

The DJI Matrice 600 Pro weighs only 20.9 pounds (9.5 kg) which is enough to handle a payload of around 34 lbs. 15.5 kg.

 The 4500 mAh battery provides enough power to keep it afloat for 40 minutes at speeds of up to 65 miles per hour.

9. DJI Spreading Wings S1000

Hexacopter Multicopter DJI-S800 on-air credit Alexander Glinz.jpg
Spreading wings S800
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The DJI Spreading Wings S1000 is one of the heavy lifting drones that can stay stable midair. It has eight motors that keep it well-balanced while maintaining energy efficiency.

It is among the top-quality drone models that rival some famous drone brands. It weighs 28.7 pounds (13 kg) and can manage a payload of 24.25 lbs. (11 kg).

10. Onyxstar Hydra-12

OnyxStar HYDRA-12.jpeg
CC BY-SA 4.0, Lien

The Onyxstar Hydra drone gets the extra 12 on its name from the 12 motors, making it a perfect drone for heavy lifting. When empty, the drone weighs only 15 lbs. (7 kg) and can handle payloads not surpassing 26.5 lbs. (12 kg).

The building materials used in these drones make them very light and safe for flights. The Hydra-12 is fitted with two 16000 mAh batteries that can maintain speeds of around 14m/h with a takeoff weight of 50.3 lbs. (22.8 kg).

11. Vulcan UAV Airlift

The Vulcan UAV Airlift is an impressive drone with solid, premium, and ergonomic designs. The drone has a dry weight of 7.5 lbs. (3.4 kg) and a flight weight of around 17.6 lbs. (8 kg).

The maximum payload of the Vulcan UAV airlift is 66 pounds (30 kg) and uses transparent tanks and tubes to see how much fuel is left.

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