The 8 Heaviest Items You Can Buy on Amazon

Amazon is the first stop for many when it comes to normal items like diapers, books, and a whole lot of other household items. It is not surprising however that you can buy some wild items on Amazon, but it is a little shocking that many heavy items that you can’t ordinarily imagine will fit in a box, can be delivered to your doorstep. 

The move by Amazon to start shipping really heavy items is an attempt to ease its way into the freight business and all indications point towards the fact that the attempt will soon become a reality and a big one at that. 

It’s impossible to say how much it costs Amazon to ship these large items because it depends on where you reside and which warehouse houses the item. However, the company’s entry into the freight market is likely made easier by reducing delivery costs, particularly on orders like these.

Here’s a list of the heaviest items you can purchase and get shipped from Amazon; 

1. 2,550-LB Wide-Belt Sander

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This broad-belt sander is designed for enterprises that create tables or custom doors that are up to 43 inches wide.

When working with various types of hardwood, the adjustable platen and variable speed conveyor provide unmatched control over final sanding results.

This workhorse is jam-packed with tried-and-true features that dependably produce excellent workpiece finishes. It has an adjustable felt platen and graphite slip for more sensitive sanding operations, as well as a variable speed conveyor. 

The variable speed conveyor is essential for attaining the optimum sanding results on diverse wood types. The ability to change the conveyor speed from 16 to 60 feet per minute allows for better soft and hardwood finishes. The feed belt motor is connected to a speed control that enables easy speed changes.

You can read more about this sander over at Amazon here.

2. Six-foot-tall Cannon Safe CO54 Commander Series Premium 90 Minute Fire Safe

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This safe has a capacity of 48 weapons and comes with 13 locking bolts. It won’t cost you a dime to have it delivered to your front door if you choose “Super Saver” delivery or pay the $79 annual membership price for Amazon Prime.

By the way, it weighs 1,509 pounds, with all the packing supplies adding up to 1,672 pounds.

You can read more about this safe over at Amazon here.

3. JET 26×80 Geared Head Engine Lathe 4-1/8-inch Bore

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An engine lathe, for those getting to know about it for the first time, is a tool that holds and rotates an engine so that a mechanic may work on various components of it. This 3.35-ton Jet Geared Head Engine Lathe is available on Amazon, with free shipping. It comes from a third-party seller that requires someone to be home to sign for it. 

You probably don’t need one of these, but the reviews are a touch amusing, so it’s worth a look. This lathe weighs in at 8,514 pounds, including packaging materials.

You can read more about this engine lathe over at Amazon here.

4. Nissan Versa Note

2014 Nissan Versa Note

Although you can no longer buy a Nissan Versa Note on Amazon and have it delivered for free, one guy was able to do so in 2014 when Amazon worked with Nissan.

In a prank marketing attempt, Amazon delivered one of the cars for free to 28 people who ordered the automobile for the promotion.

Amazon videotaped the delivery, which neighbors observed and photographed. Those who ordered the car also received a $1,000 credit toward Amazon shopping, allowing them to load it with whatever Amazon items they wanted.

5. Olympic Weight Set

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The USA Sports 300-pound Olympic Weight Set includes the Olympic 7-foot black bar with spring collars, as well as 300 pounds of weights.

It could be difficult to even get this weight set inside your home: Carriers may not be able to transport the set to the front door, according to the product description, because it weighs more than 300 pounds.

You can read more about this olympic weight set over at Amazon here.

6. Bakers Pride 72-inch Charbroiler

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You can order a Bakers Pride 72-inch Charbroiler from Amazon and have it delivered free of charge. Stainless steel burners and a broiler cabinet are included in this restaurant-quality gas charbroiler.

A cheese melter is included with all of the appliances. It has a stainless steel exterior and interior and is double-walled and well insulated.

The grill measures 72 inches in width and 42 inches in height. The package carrier’s job appears to be physically demanding, given the weight of the appliance. 

You can read more about this charboiler over at Amazon here.

7. Château De Ville China Cabinet

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If you don’t want to deal with pushy salespeople in furniture stores, you can buy a china cabinet with a few clicks on Amazon.

This 439-pound Acme Furniture Chateau De Ville Collection 04079 62′′ China Cabinet will be delivered free within a week or two after you place your order. Just be aware that it will only be left curbside, as per the seller’s shipping policy. You’ll be in charge of bringing it into your house and getting it set up. 

You’ll also be expected to assist in the unloading of the goods from the back of the freight vehicle. So be prepared to do some heavy lifting, or have someone who can assist you.

You can read more about this furniture over at Amazon here.

Grande LaScala Fountain

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The Grande LaScala Fountain is a fantastic contemporary design with classical proportions, enormous and breathtaking, made of cast stone and built by Henri Studio.

Its massive size and sleek form merge with the sound of rushing water to create a spectacular fountain that is a virtual opera of sight and sound. Dimensions: 171 inches in length, 171 inches in width, 103 inches in height, and 9325 pounds in weight. It usually arrives in 20 business days

You can read more about this fountain over at Amazon here.

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