List of The 16 Heaviest John Deere Tractors on The Market

Tractors grew from stationary and portable steam engines used on farms in the 19th century. Today, there are successful tractor manufacturers, including John Deere.

John Deere is among the renowned brands that give the best performance. More so handling all tasks you give them.

These tractors range from the lightest weighing 1,345 pounds and the heaviest weighing 62,000 pounds.  

Fortunately, increased mass means amplified strength of the tractor. If you are interested in learning more about the heaviest tractors from John Deere on the market, here’s a comprehensive list.

1. Deere 1023E Sub-Compact Tractor – 1345lbs (610kgs)

When you hear of John Deere tractors, you imagine huge machines. This option is much smaller, with a comfortable open operator’s station. The AutoConnect mid mower deck is removable. Installing and reinstalling takes less than five minutes.

This tractors’ excellent maneuverability is made possible by the 4WD and power steering. The three-cylinder engine covers most of the tractor’s weight.  

2. John Deere 5055D – 4665lbs (2116kgs)

If you’re looking for a relatively small tractor, this option is excellent. With a horsepower of 55, you can perform most functions that don’t need a lot of power.

Storage is efficient with the ROPS feature, which allows easier storage in sheds with low-hanging ceilings.

3. John Deere 5075E – 6702lbs (3040kgs)

The 5075E is another smaller tractor option, well-acclaimed by farmers. It is powerful enough to carry out many field operations without issues.

After all, its horsepower of 75 in conjunction with a SyncShuttle transmission saves effort and time.

4. John Deere 5065E – 7165lbs (3250kgs)

The tractor comes with 2WD and 4WD options. The mechanical front-wheel drive axle facilitates increased traction in tough weather conditions.

Farmers get operator comfort facilitated by the tiltable steering column.

5. John Deere 410 8R – 28,000lbs (12,700 kgs)

The John Deere 410 8R is the lightest John Deere tractor, but it performs as expected. The model has the best spacious and well-equipped cabins, with increased comfort during rides.

Drivers enjoy the 8R suspension options that reduce the bumpiness of a field operation. To make it better, drivers have a steering wheel (telescopic) with a memory of their preferred position.

6. John Deere 8RT 410 – 34,400lbs (15,600 kgs)

The John Deere 8RT 410 came out in 2010. This two-track tractor is diesel compatible, with an 85cc pump that can perform dual functions (85cc and 35cc) to improve the engine’s flow.

It does not need a clutch since its PowerShift transmission uses the multiple disc clutch for shifting gears.

7. John Deere Scraper Special 9470R – 41,950lbs (19,028 kgs)

This 13.5-liter capacity John Deere tractor is great because it has more fuel capacity. Moreover, it has a turbocharger with air-to-air aftercooling preventing your engine from overheating while in the field.

It has a high ballast rating allowing for productive wheelspin. You don’t need to worry about your vehicle experiencing friction because of uneven weight distribution.

8. John Deere Four-Track Tractor 8RX 410 – 43,300lbs (19,640 kgs)

The John Deere 8RX 410 has a cab suspension excellent for preventing vibrations on road transport. It is a favorite because farmers enjoy comfort during all seasons thanks to 8RX suspension.

Also, precise power and high efficiency are possible with the Electric Variable Transmission (EVT).

9. John Deere Scraper Special 9570RT – 45,000 pounds (20,411 kilograms)

This tractor model has a Cummins X15 diesel engine with better efficiency and power, replacing the regular John Deere engine.

The John Deere 9570RT Scraper Special has a Standard Command View III cab, offering brilliant amenities for farmers. You can see and control better no matter the weather conditions or time of day.

10. John Deere 9RT 570 – 45,373lbs (20,582 kgs)

The John Deere tractor does not have power on paper only. Its 627 horsepower engine has real-life usability.

The tractor is in the 9 series, with visibility packages that allow you to run with confidence from dusk until dawn.

11. John Deere Scraper Special 9R 490 – 45,980 pounds (20,856 kgs)

This John Deere tractor has an e18 18-speed PowerShift with Efficiency Manager. It also comes with the choice of three cab and visibility packages for improved vision and HydraCushion suspension.

As a farmer, you get comfort and functionality as you go about your business.

12. John Deere 9R 540 – 45,980 pounds (20,856 kgs)

The 9R 540 has fully integrated precision ag technology. Adjusting the steering ratio is a breeze whether you are on the road or in the field.

Like a few other options, this tractor has three visibility packages: Select, Premium, and Ultimate for increased vision at night and bad weather conditions.

13. John Deere 9R 590 – 45,980 pounds (20,856 kilograms)

Farmers want a strong engine and this tractor is similar to the 9R 540 except for the hydraulic pump with a 55 GPM rated output.

Its advanced features include three visibility packages, the StarFire receiver, and the Gen 4 display screen. John Deere added the AutoTrac for status updating and better operation.

14. John Deere 9RX 590 – Scraper Special – 56,320 pounds (25,536 kgs)

This model is very similar to the John Deere 9RX 640. It also has a visibility package and a 360-degree LED lighting system.

Farmers can utilize the 120-inch track spacing option to their advantage during field operations. You get the best of both worlds in the field and on road with the ActiveCommand Steering system.

15. John Deere 9RX 640 – 56,320 pounds (25,536 kgs)

Since it is in the 9 series, purchasing this tractor comes with the Ultimate Visibility package.

The series also has features like the Ultimate Comfort and Experience and a CommandARM control panel for advanced tractor controls.

16. John Deere 9620RX – 62,000 pounds (28,122 kgs)

The John Deere 9620RX happens to be the heaviest John Deere tractor. As a result, its performance and power beat all other John Deere tractors. This tractor does not have the ordinary in-house engine, as the Cummins QSX15, B20 engine powers it.  

Although its base weight is 54,000 pounds (24,493 kilograms), the maximum ballast level is much higher than any other John Deere tractor on the market.

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