The 11 Heaviest Marvel Characters of All Time

In the superhero movie ecosystem, marvel is one of the most popular faces. Many factors like its outstanding development of Superhero characters contributes to this.

While you might have seen a lot of Marvel characters in the movies, it’s hard to tell which of them are heavier.

Well, this piece lists out the heaviest marvel characters of all time and other amazing details about these characters.

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1. Ant-Man

antman heaviest marvel character

Ant-Man is the heaviest and most massive character in the marvel universe.

If Ant-Man has the ability to change his body size, and assuming that his proportions and mass remain consistent throughout each transformation, he can transform into Giant-Man, who can grow to be 10 feet tall and weigh 392 kilograms, 25 feet tall and weigh 6,1 tons, and 100 feet or 30 meters tall and weigh 431 tons!

It’s hardly shocking that Ant-Man is able to defeat Black Dwarf in a single stomp in Endgame.

2. Devil Dinosaur


Tyrannosaur is a Tyrannosaur character from Marvel comics. Devil Dinosaur, in contrast to normal dinosaurs, is a mutant with exceptional intellect and superhuman power.

Devil Dinosaur is reported to have defeated a number of opponents, including Godzilla, before making his first appearance. Devil Dinosaur is a mutant dinosaur that weighs 2721 kg, or over 3 tons, in its natural state.

3. Sasquatch

sasquatch marvel weight

Walter Langkowski is a doctor who is enthralled with the Incredible Hulk’s strength. As a result of his fixation, he decided to conduct a self-experiment by exposing himself to gamma radiation.

Walter, on the other hand, turns into a hairy monster known as Sasquatch, rather than becoming the Incredible Hulk. This change gave him the appearance of a colossal bigfoot.

Sasquatch is estimated to weigh 907 kg, according to historical records.

4. Juggernaut

Cain Marko, often known as Juggernaut, is not bestowed with a superpower or immunity like the other X-men characters in the comic books.

Juggernaut derives his strength from a mythological stone known as the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak, which he discovered while serving in the military during his time in the army.

This character’s strength, despite his Hulk-sized frame, is not derived from genetics, but rather from magic. Juggernaut’s weight is 861 kg, according to Marvel Comics.

5. Volstagg

Volstagg marvel weight 1

Volstagg is a warrior from Asgard who is also a part of the Warriors Three, a group of three warriors that protect Asgard.

His participation in the Kingdom’s defense against different dangers, such as Loki’s battle for the throne, was equally noteworthy.

Volstagg has a human-sized physique in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, although he is far heavier. In the comics, Volstagg is a behemoth who weighs 646 kilos in the comics.

6. The Hulk

the hulk heavy marvel

The Hulk, also known as Bruce Banner, is the most powerful superhero in the Avengers. A tremendous 521 kilos of a big enormous green beast is transformed into Bruce Banner when he changes into the Hulk.

The green monster has gained weight as a result of his physical transformation, which has made him more muscular.

7. The Blob

the blob heavy marvel

Blob, sometimes known as Frederick J. Dukes, is a mutant and an adversary of the X-Men. Because of his gigantic size, he has tremendous physical strength.

The Blob is 442 kilos in weight, according to Marvel Comics. With his huge weight, the Blob is nimble and resistant to weapons, explosions, and even Wolverine’s claws, despite his enormous size.

8. Big Bertha

Big Bertha

Ashley Crawford, sometimes known as Big Bertha, is a supermodel from Wisconsin. She is a mutant with the ability to modify the size of her body.

When she increases the size of her body, she is referred to as Big Bertha. Big Bertha is 340 kilos in weight, according to Marvel Comics.

9. Thanos


In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thanos is one of the Avengers’ adversaries (MCU).

His physical appearance is based on the comic book version. Thanos’ weight has been reduced to 317 kilos as a result of this modification, making him somewhat lighter than the Hulk.

Despite the fact that he is smaller and lighter than the Hulk, he has more strength than the Hulk does.

10. Kingpin

the kingpin

Wilson Fisk, a.k.a. Kingpin, is a ruthless villain in the Marvel world who wields immense power. Because of his above-average height, Kingpin enjoys an edge in close-range combat situations.

The Kingpin has been around for more than 50 years, having initially appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #50, which was released by Marvel in 1967.

Kingpin has fought up against a number of superheroes, including Daredevil, Spider-Man, and others. Kingpin weighs 204 kg, according to Marvel’s records.

11. Galactus


Galactus is a fictional character in American comic books created by Marvel Comics. Galactus, a former human, is now a cosmic creature who feeds on planets to preserve his life force.

Galactus was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and first appeared in Fantastic Four #48 in March 1966.

Lee and Kirby wanted to create a villain that stood out from the crowd. Galactus was initially depicted as a god-like entity that feeds by draining the lifeblood of living planets while disregarding mortal morality and judgment.

He remains one of the heaviest marvel characters of all time with a gross weight of 18 tons.

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