12 Household Items That Weigh About 15 Pounds

If you’re like us, and we think you are, you’ll be curious about the weight of things around you. 

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of household items that weigh about 15 pounds (6.80kg) 

And although some people don’t think about how much items in their home weigh, there are plenty of others that do.

Inquisitive folk here to learn more about things they have at home read on to discover our list of 12 household items that weigh about 15 pounds:

  1. 40-inch LED TV
  2. Coffee table
  3. Vacuum cleaner
  4. Storage cabinet
  5. Pressure cooker
  6. Wall mirror
  7. Stereo system
  8. Kitchen stool
  9. Fish tank
  10. Dining table
  11. Mini refrigerator
  12. Thick rug

Most items commonly found at home will not have a standard weight. 

However, we have sourced objects which, depending on their size and in some cases, their material, will weigh around 15 pounds.   

1. 40-Inch LED TV

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Size matters when it comes to buying a new TV for the living room.

Indeed, there can’t be too many people with a large LED TV on their shopping list that focuses more on what the item weighs compared to the screen size.

Many suppliers of these home entertainment essentials will not only deliver the item for free but also offer an installation service.

If you have bought a 40-inch LED TV that weighs around 15 pounds and you plan to have it wall mounted, you would be wise to leave the hard work to the installation guy.  

2. Coffee Table


Although there are plenty of coffee tables made from light materials that are only a few pounds in weight, buying one that is around 15 pounds is not difficult.

But why would anyone want a coffee table that weighs more than many of the items you have at home? 

Well, some folk just consider heavy coffee tables to be of much better quality compared to lighter versions.

3. Vacuum Cleaner


Apart from people that actually enjoy doing the housework, most people will put off things like vacuuming until they really must get it done. 

Of course, if you happen to have a vacuum cleaner that weighs about 15 pounds, you could be forgiven for failing to get it out to get rid of dirt on the carpet. 

4. Storage Cabinet


If you prefer to live a clutter-free lifestyle when at home, you’re bound to have more than a few storage cabinets.

Surprisingly, some of the bulkier storage cabinets weigh around 15 pounds.

Again, it all depends on what they are made from and how big they are. 

5. Pressure Cooker


Making life as convenient as possible is a goal most people have.

One way to do this would be to have a pressure cooker – filling it with your meat and vegetables of choice and getting on with your busy day.

But even though a pressure cooker can weigh as much as 15 pounds, they are worth their weight in gold as you can leave it to cook over a long period of time. 

6. Wall Mirror

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Just because you may have more wall mirrors in your house than most of your friends do, it doesn’t mean that you’re a vain person. 

In fact, some wall mirrors that  are about 15 pounds in weight are heavy due to their elegant design. 

If you purchase a weighty wall mirror, you’ll need to use correct fixings – you wouldn’t want seven years of bad luck if it came off the wall and smashed, would you? 

7. Stereo System


Although lots of people use their laptop to listen to music when relaxing at home, stereo systems are still popular.

But when we talk about stereo systems weighing around 15 pounds, we’re talking about units that have at least four speakers. 

Of course, some stereo systems not only include a number of speakers but also a few handy features, which adds to the overall weight.  

8. Kitchen Stool


It’s all very well being sociable – inviting friends over on a weekly basis but if you don’t have enough chairs, you’ll need to go shopping.

Kitchen stools that weigh around 15 pounds are not only strong enough to take the weight of some of your heavier pals but are also incredibly stable.

As mentioned previously, it all depends on the material your kitchen stools are made from. 

9. Fish Tank


Animal lovers that don’t think keeping fish in a tank is unethical will usually look for tanks that not only give small fish enough room but also look great.

Some fish tanks weighing in at around 15 pounds tick all the boxes in terms of functionality and aesthetic value. 

Fish tanks with lighting and containing a plethora of natural features such as rocks and sand can be extremely heavy indeed. 

10. Dining Table


Sometimes, being a decent cook just doesn’t cut it – especially if you have someone over for dinner who is quite fussy about furniture. 

By purchasing a dining table that is about 15 pounds in weight, you should be able to appease even the more difficult of people that you wine and dine. 

A combination of wood and metal on one of the sturdier dining tables should ensure a more elegant dining experience. 

11. Mini Refrigerator


Most people with a large family to take care of will be dead serious about the size of refrigerator they have at their place.

That said, it’s always handy having a mini refrigerator that weighs about 15 pounds.

Rather than having to head to the kitchen during the night for a cold refreshment, it makes sense having a small refrigerator in your bedroom.  

12. Thick Rug


Homeowners that prefer having a few rugs throughout their home rather than a carpeted living space may or may not know how much each rug weighs.

If you have a thick rug weighing about 15 pounds, it’s likely you have one of the better quality rugs. 

Many people into thick rugs will look for a rug that suits their home decor regardless of how much it weighs.

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