11 Household Items That Weigh About 8 Kilograms (kg’s)

Has it ever crossed your mind how much a house and everything in it would weigh? Well, you would definitely need a giant scale for that, and experts place the figure at around 180 tonnes.

A lot of people often wonder how much different things around the house weigh, either out of sheer curiosity or for getting in a good home workouts.

Below are common household items that weigh about 8 kilograms:

  1. Microwave
  2. Television
  3. Mattress
  4. Coffee Table
  5. Water Bottles
  6. Stack of Books
  7. A Small Suitcase Full of Clothes
  8. Security Safe
  9. Trash Can
  10. Chair
  11. Water Dispenser

Some of these items can be used in toning up muscles when you can’t go to the gym while others are on the list just for general knowledge. A microwave can’t substitute those dumbbells as perfectly as two gallons of paint would, but it’s important to know how much it weighs.

Some medical procedures require one not to lift heavy objects and it might just be important to know the limits. 

Most household items have their weight indicated on the packaging while others, like chairs, do not. It might be a bit difficult to know the weight of common items you find in the house, we’re all not weight experts after all. Here, we take a look at some common household items that weigh about 8 kilograms.



Microwaves have become a constant fixture in homes owing to their time-saving efficiency. They range in sizes from the grand hotel microwaves to the home appliance we all regularly use.

The countertop microwave technology is a little under 60 years with the first microwave measuring 3 feet and weighing 340 kilograms! Nowadays, it is very common to find one weighing just a little under 8 kilograms with even more cooking capabilities.

2. Television Set


Television sets have come from once huge gigantic power-consuming structures to the slim and elegant devices we see today. This technology has really transformed televisions given that the first TV set weighed over 400 kilograms.

With time, heavy power-consuming CRT screens have been replaced by lighter energy-efficient LED screens and televisions that have obviously grown lighter. An average 43-inch TV set would register about 8 kilograms on the scale. Not bad for the once monster-sized sets!

3. Mattress


Over a century ago, long before the modern mattress was invented, people used to sleep on stuffed hay and wool. An inventor used the coils that were found in horse carriages to make a new form of the mattress and it was a hit! Since then, technology has evolved away from spring to other materials such as fiber and so has the overall comfort.

Modern high-density mattresses designed for maximum comfort can weigh as much as 8 kilograms, with some orthopedic mattresses weighing even more.

4. Coffee Table

The weight of a coffee table largely depends on its size as well as the main material used to build it. Coffee tables can range from 3 kilograms for the wooden types and as much as 50 kilograms for the metallic varieties. Also known as accent tables, most coffee tables are a mixture of glass and wood and weigh in around 8 kilograms.

5. 8 Water Bottles


We are not talking about empty bottles here. A one-liter bottle filled with water weighs roughly one kilo and that means if you have several bottles that measure a total of 8 liters, you can easily make an 8 kg weight.

However, be careful when using water bottles in place of dumbbells. To prevent minor accidents like slip-ups, use a bottle with threads over a smooth one.

6. Stack of Books


Remember backpacks weighing on your bag during school days? Well, a set of books can collectively weigh 8 kilograms when stacked together.

A classic tale of unity in numbers given that a single book weighs a little under a kilogram, although encyclopedias can weigh as much as 1.8 kilograms. Speaking of encyclopedias, when was the last time you saw an actual physical copy?

7. A Small Suitcase Full of Clothes

Dirty laundry can be of use after all! With a small suitcase, you can fill it up and you’ll have eight kilograms. To start with, a pair of jeans weigh between 400grams to about a kilo with a t-shirt clocking in a little over 100 grams.

8. Security Safe


Security safes range in weight from the colossal bank vaults which could weigh in the tonnes to the home-sized security safes which could clock in from 7 to 22 kilograms, the recommended portable weight. Basically, the heavier the safe, the more secure it is.

9. Half filled Trash Can

A study showed that the average person produces an average of 3 kilograms of trash in a single day. Empty trash cans can weigh anywhere from 4 kilograms, depending on the size, and can weigh up to 16 kilograms when filled with trash. No wonder taking out garbage feels like a task at times. 

10. Dining Chair


Dining chairs can range in weight depending on the main material used in constructing them. A typical dining chair weighs a little under 10 kilograms although the hardwood varieties could weigh more.

11. Water Dispenser

A common household feature, water dispensers range in weight from the smaller sized units that weigh a little over 6 kilograms to bigger types that can reach up to 20 kilograms.

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