How Much Does a 15 Foot (ft.) Aluminum Boat Weigh?

Buying an aluminum boat prepares you for some unforgettable family adventures. These boats are hassle-free and affordable regardless of brand and type. In addition, you enjoy easy operation, and maintenance.

The challenge most buyers face is picking the right boat for specific water bodies. While boats are presumably supposed to float on water, not all types of water favor these vessels. Some do better in shallow waters, while some are versatile enough to be taken in the deep lakes or oceans.

A 15-foot aluminum boat can get the job done for little fishing or cruising expeditions. These boats are built for sports, hunting, or fishing. Before buying one, you must understand what you want and what to expect. To begin, you must analyze the weights of these boats if you live far from the lake and you will be towing them regularly.

A boat’s weight determines the type of vehicle you will use to tow without overloading. Here is a breakdown of these weight differences and how they compare manufacturers.

15-Foot (ft.) Aluminum Fishing Boats

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The average aluminum fishing boat is around 15 feet long. They only consist of the hull, two-three rows of seats or chairs, and central control to steer the vessel. At the rear, you have an outboard electric motor or engine to propel the vessel.

These boats are either flat bottom (Jon Boats), Deep-V or Modified-V. Deep V boats have a larger hull and a bigger engine, meaning they weigh more than Jon boats. However, because these boats are lightweight, they are primarily considered for fishing.

In addition, people have multiple vehicle choices to tow the vessel, meaning it is a boat that can be towed safely.

Average Weight of 15-Foot (ft.) Aluminum Boats

15-foot aluminum boats weighs slightly under 2000 pounds without the trailer. However, adding the trailer could add up to 100 pounds to the total weight (package weight). This leaves the accurate average at around 660 pounds.

Considering aluminum boats use the same material, their weights might differ depending on the brand, manufacturer, and type of accessories. For example, an aluminum boat with benches could weigh more than those with seats. Some boats also have extra safety features that would add around 100 pounds to the total weight.

Breaking Down Aluminum Boat Weights

Dry Weight

Dry weight is the boat’s actual weight without any other external additions. This weight does not include the engine, equipment, fuel, and trailer. This weight can give you a clear view of the amount of aluminum material used in building the vessel.

Wet Weight

A boat’s wet weight is the total weight, including the engine with the tank full. Motors make aluminum boats heavier because gas increases the weight of your boat. It also includes the weight of the battery and other built-in equipment holding fluids like coolants and oil.

Package Weight

Package weight is the weight of the entire boat when mounted on a trailer. When buying a boat, check this weight to determine your towing needs.

How Much Does a 15 Foot (ft.) Aluminum Jon Boat Weigh?

To travel across shallow and calm waters, a 15-foot Jon boat must be as light as possible. These flat-bottom boats weigh an average of 380 pounds. Some lighter boats under this category can weigh around 350 pounds.

These boats are primarily used for fishing or sports and can be steered using oars, engines, or electric motors. These boats are also wider to provide enough support when the open lake environment becomes rough. For increased comfort, 15-foot aluminum Jon boats have a flat floor for easier passage and single storage space.

Examples of 20-Foot Jon Boats and Their Weights

Boat Brand/ManufacturerWeight
G3 BOATS Gator Tough 15 DLX500 lbs.
LUND 1648 Jon Boat275 lbs.
LOWE L1648M Aura275 lbs.
LOWE L1652 MT Jon450 lbs.
Cresteliner 1546 Retriever Jon290 lbs.
Crestliner 1684 CR Jon275 lbs.
WeldBilt 1548290 lbs.
Xpress Boats 1546 VJ313 lbs.
Weld-Craft 1536 RS215 lbs.

The Average Weight of a 15 Foot (ft.) Aluminum Deep V-boat

Deep-V boats weigh roughly 450 pounds before when leaving the factory. These boats are known for their smooth and dry rides. Most boats are marketed as Deep-V boats, but in a real sense, they are shallow or modified Vs.

Such misleading titles are because most buyers do not quite grasp basic hull design. Deep-V boats can roll when at rest or even lean over. This is the contrary for Jon Boats, which are more stable at rest. The deadrise displays the extent of the hull, and the transom deadrise varies in degree size. Deep-V boats have a transom deadrise of between 21 and 25 degrees.

Examples of 20-Foot Deep-V Boats and Their Weights

Boat Brand/ManufacturerWeight
Crestliner 1450 Discovery Tiller815 lbs.
Crestliner 1450 Discovery SC765 lbs.
Xpress Boats HD15DDP550 lbs.
SilverStreak Open Deep-V583 lbs.
Legend 15 Angler571 lbs.
Meyers SuperPro 16290 lbs.
Kimple Adventure 460458 lbs.

The Average Weight of a 15 Foot (ft.) Aluminum Bass Boat

Bass boats make fishing in the lake more effective for many reasons. First, these boats are super light and thus easy to tow and launch. Secondly, these boats are great for hunting bass or crappies, where they get their name.

If you are looking for a boat that reaches the best fishing spot, traversing through hard-to-reach areas and gaining control as you troll, it is the bass boat. On average, a bass boat can weigh around 800 pounds.

However, most 15-foot aluminum bass boats are 600 lbs. to 2,200 lbs. Therefore, many things could increase the weight. Some features that can increase the weight of these boats are swivel chairs, recirculating water wells, and storage spaces.

Examples of 20-Foot Bass Boats and Their Weights

Boat Brand/ManufacturerWeight
SmokerCraft Resorter 151675 lbs.
Kimple Sniper S468846 lbs.

The Average Weight of a 15 Foot (ft.) Aluminum Multi-species Boat

A multi-species boat is not confined to a specific species of fish. This boat category opens you to a diverse fishing experience of a lifetime. These boats perform better at lengths of 17-22 feet. However, there are a few options in the 15-foot range. The average 15-foot aluminum multi-species boat weighs approximately 800 pounds.

Multi-species boats come in multiple hull designs, but the semi-V hull is the most popular one. These boats look like bass boats, and the large console windscreens make the difference. They also have higher sidewalls to keep you dry through your fishing journey.

The seating design on a multi-species boat can be fold-up or convertible seats to transform the seating area into a flat deck. In total, they can hold up to six people.

Examples of 20-Foot Multi-Species Boats and Their Weights

Boat Brand/ManufacturerWeight
Legend 15 Allsport600 lbs.
SmokerCraft Excursion DC Pro1,022 lbs.

Additional Weight Considerations for 15-Foot Aluminum Boats

The Motor

Getting the right-sized motor might not be the focus of this topic, but you should know that it is connected to the boat weight. For instance, a 15-foot aluminum boat weighs an average of 700 lbs. with a 150 HP motor.


Your boat will not operate without gas. Each gallon is 6.1 pounds, and to determine the load of a full tank, and you multiply the weight per gallon by the capacity of the tank. If your aluminum boat has a 39-gallon fuel tank, that is an extra 237 pounds.


The boat’s motor can only work if it has batteries. Aluminum boats can have one or two deep cycle batteries, especially bass boats. These batteries weigh roughly 70 pounds, meaning two of these make the boat 140 pounds heavier.


An anchor keeps you grounded at a specific location. It also has a chain which could bring the total weight to around 10-20 pounds.

Tackle Box

The tackle box is used to keep essential items when fishing. When considering a big box, consider its weight and the space it needs. A single box can weigh up to 20 pounds.

Fishing Rod

Using your 15-foot aluminum boat to fish, you will need more than one rod. A rod is 30 pounds, so you should know the maximum number of rods you can carry without crowding your boat.


Spending much time on your boat must prepare against hunger and thirst over long hours. Having a cooler can help you store refreshments to make you feel better. The perfect size for a 15-foot boat is 24 pounds. You can also fill the cooler with ice to keep your fish fresh.

Buying a boat is not about visiting a dealer and making an offer. While this can be a great adventure, you need to do some math while thinking about the weight. This gives you a better understanding of the appropriate towing and storage methods. It may also help you choose a dolly that suits your boat. 

There are different boat weights to consider, depending on your preferred style. For example, if you are looking for a boat that can maneuver through shallow waters, a 600-pound boat will suffice. On the other hand, if a multi-species boat is what you a looking for, anything around 1,000 pounds is a great choice.

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