How Much Does a 16 Foot (ft) Aluminum Boat Weigh?

Whether an avid sportsman or angler, you will never go wrong with an aluminum boat. Nothing beats having a boat that floats on water seamlessly without feeling bulky. However, making the best choice could be tricky with the multiple types of boats available.

First, consider a boat built specifically for how you want to use it. Secondly, consider a boat you can tow and launch without a sweat. Thirdly, focus on picking a boat that can survive the water bodies you wish to explore.

Fortunately, you get all these characteristics in 16-foot aluminum boats. They are pretty versatile and can work towards your expectations. When shopping for a 16-foot aluminum boat, you must look at the dry, wet, and package weight charts.

The multiple categories available help you pick a boat that meets your needs. To be on the same page with you, we will break down the average weight ratings for 16-foot aluminum boats and how they compare.

Average Weight of 16-Foot Aluminum Boats


16-foot aluminum boats weigh an average of 560-1000 pounds, depending on the type you choose. This range covers the boat weights without the motor, fuel, fishing gear, or passengers. The average carrying capacity of a 16-foot aluminum boat is over 800 pounds for commercial purposes. Considering their length, these boats can easily be navigated on large water bodies.

Remember to use a smaller boat if you live near a narrower river or small lake. 16-foot boats can be over 100 inches wide, creating enough space for carrying passengers. However, when selecting a 16-foot aluminum boat, you have to consider the type of motors available for the model to avoid overloading.

Look at the weight terms you should consider in a 16-foot aluminum boat.


Calculating the boat’s displacement begins by weighing the amount of water the boat displaces when on water. The displacement weight directly translates to the initial weight of the boat. In most situations, this weight is recorded as the “wet weight.”

Dry Weight

The dry weight is the overall hull weight with the seats as the boat leaves the manufacturer. This weight does not include any gear, fluids, or accessories inside or on the boat. This weight also does not cover the trailer. When referring to boat weights, this is the main terminology used in the user’s instruction manual.

Trailer Weight

This is the weight of the trailer used to tow the boat. The boat, gear, and accessories are not included.

Towing Capacity

Towing capacity is the maximum weight a vehicle can pull behind it. Therefore, you must take note of the towing capacity and ensure it is greater than that of the object being towed.

The Average Weight of a 16 Foot (ft.) Aluminum Jon Boat

Jon boats are the lightest of the 16-foot aluminum boats weighing an average of 360 pounds without the motor. Most anglers and hunters love these boats because you can take them anywhere. In addition, they have a carrying capacity of about 990 pounds for passengers and fishing equipment. These boats are great for water sports, utility work, and navigating calm and shallow lakes.

Such a boat can carry around four people with gear on board. The maximum horsepower for this boat is 30-35 HP; if less loaded, it can clock 35 mph faster. The average wet weight for a 16-foot Jon Boat is 525 pounds, considering a hull weight of 360 pounds and engine weight of 165 pounds.

These boats are lighter because they only have a flat bottom, meaning no extra hull material. They also have flat benches for seats, which increases floor space for carrying equipment and people.

Weight chart for 16-foot aluminum Jon boats

Boat Brand/ManufacturerWeight
XpressBoats Jon Boat 1650 VJ341 lbs.
Alumacraft 1648 Jon Boat320 lbs.
Lowe L1648 Jon275 lbs.
Tracker Grizzly 1648638 lbs.
SmokerCraft 1648 Jon Boat295 lbs.
G3 Jon Boats375 lbs.
Crestliner 1648 Jon Boat265 lbs.
Lund 1660 Predator550 lbs.
Lund 1648 Jon Boat275 lbs.
SouthForlk 1648 Flat Bottom375 lbs.
Weld-Craft 1636 RS235 lbs.
StarCraft 1648295 lbs.
Polar Kraft J1648 LW291 lbs.
Alweld 1648 FLAT350 lbs.
XpressBoats 1652 VJ385 lbs.
SeaArk Boats 1648 MV365 lbs.

The Average Weight of a 16 Foot (ft.) Aluminum Deep V-boat

The average 16-foot aluminum Deep-V boat weighs roughly 400 pounds dry weight. This is the second lightest boat of all aluminum boats, considering it is a Jon boat with a deepened hull. The V-hull adds around 40-100 pounds of extra weight but increases the carrying capacity. As a result, a 16-foot Deep-V aluminum boat has a 1,200 pounds carrying capacity for carrying more equipment and fish.

The reason for the Deep-V hull is because it travels through rough water waves, unlike Jon boats which are only good for shallow and calm waters. The wet weight of a Deep-V boat is approximately 570 pounds when you add the motor that weighs 170 pounds. With such a heavy motor, you can expect the boat to clock up to 40 mph.

Considering anglers expect more from these boats, they are equipped with extra accessories to make a fishing adventure worthwhile. For example, a Deep-V boat with swivel chairs instead of benches will weigh more. In addition, if it has a recirculating well to carry fish, expect the boat to weigh over 650 pounds.

Weight chart for 16-foot aluminum deep-v boats

Boat Brand/ManufacturerWeight
Silver Streak 16’ Open-Deep Vee633 lbs.
Tracker Pro Guide V-16 SC1170 lbs.
Lowe Fishing Machine 1675 SC1232 lbs.
Lowe Fishing Machine 1625 WT1250 lbs.
Lund SSV 16350 lbs.
Alumacraft V-16290 lbs.
Crestliner 1600 Vision935 lbs.
Crestliner 1600 Vision Tiller902 lbs.
Ranger VS1682SC ANGLER1550 lbs.
Ranger VS1665T930 lbs.
MirroCraft 4656-S239 lbs.
G3 Boats OF V167 T765 lbs.
Legend 16 Widebody290 lbs.

The Average Weight of a 16 Foot (ft.) Aluminum Bass Boat

16-foot Aluminum bass boats weigh an average of 800 pounds depending on the manufacturer. These boats have extra amenities that make them some of the heaviest aluminum fishing boats.

The wet weight of bass boats can reach up to 1500 pounds depending on the type of motor powering them. Some have two motors, each weighing roughly 250 pounds when fully fueled. The packaged weight for a 16-foot aluminum boat is 2,000 pounds depending on the type of trailer.

The extra features making these boats heavier include the raised swivel chairs for a comfortable casting position. Also, there is sufficient storage space for fishing tackle and other special gear, including live recirculating water well to store fish that has been caught. This makes this boat the perfect choice for fishing bass and other freshwater fish in lakes, rivers, reservoirs, ponds, etc.

16-foot aluminum boats do not need larger towing vehicles, hence their popularity among avid fishers.

Weight chart for 16-foot aluminum bass boats

Boat Brand/ManufacturerWeight
Polar Kraft Bass TX 165980 lbs.
Legend 16 Prosport SC600 lbs.
Legend 16 XTR1045 lbs.
Legend 16 XTE SC Sport790 lbs.
G3 Boats Sportsman 1610 SS740 lbs.
Mirrocraft Aggressor Pro X F16611005 lbs.
Ranger Boats VS1682SC Reata1550 lbs.
Crestliner 1700 Ridge985 lbs.
Crestliner 1600 Storm610 lbs.
Lund 1675 Impact XS1260 lbs.
Lowe Skorpion 16610 lbs.

The Average Weight of a 16 Foot (ft.) Aluminum Multi-species Boat

The average weight of a 16-foot aluminum multi-species boat is around 900-1200 pounds. The semi-v hull on these boats shed some weight, making them lighter than jet boats. These boats look like bass boats, only that they are built with aluminum and glass visors that add around 50-100 pounds to the dry hull weight. The sidewalls are also elongated to avoid water soaking you up when slicing through large waves.

These boats use heavier outboard motors weighing over 200 pounds. Considering they are built to hunt various fish species, they have enough storage space and floor space for walking around. The carrying capacity of over 1,200 pounds allows you to bring four passengers onboard with enough fishing equipment. The only downside of having this boat is that you need a bigger vehicle to tow, considering the package weight of over 2,500 pounds.

Despite being heavier than the rest, these boats can move at higher speeds on different types of water bodies.

Weight chart for 16-foot aluminum multi-species boats

Boat Brand/ManufacturerWeight
Bass Tracker Classic XL780 lbs.
Lowe Skorpion SS900 lbs.
Lund Adventure 16751010 lbs.
Alumacraft Competitor 165 Sport1040 lbs.
Alumacraft Classic Sports955 lbs.
Alumacraft Escape CS696 lbs.

To this point, we are certain that the information given above will help you get the boat you desire. You will notice that these boats have features setting them apart, thus contributing to the weight differences. For example, some 16-foot aluminum boats may also have seating space for only three people despite being too big.

If you prefer a 16-foot boat for sports, consider multi-species and deep-v boats that can penetrate huge waves. If your hobby is fishing in the Ozarks, pick a flat, semi-v, or mod-v boat built for shallow and calm water. Knowing the weight of boats helps you make the right choices and keeps you knowledgeable about water vessels.

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