How Much Does a 18 Foot (ft) Aluminum Boat Weigh?

The average aluminum fishing boat ranges from 16 to 20 feet in length. These boats are steered from a central console, and seating options can consist of benches or chairs. Depending on the model, features like live bait wells and other accessories might be available.

The weight of an aluminum fishing boat mostly relies on the size of the engine. A lightweight aluminum fishing boat with a motor as tiny as 650 ounces is feasible. With a larger, more powerful engine, they may weigh around 900 pounds.

Are you curious about how much different aluminum fishing boats that are 18 feet long weigh? Then you have found the correct page!

Read on to learn how much different types of 18-foot aluminum boats weigh.


The Average Weight of a 18 Foot (ft) Aluminium Jon Boat

A Jon boat with an overall length of 18 feet has an average weight of 590 pounds (not including the engine), and it has a carrying capacity of 1,425 pounds for passengers and their belongings.

Perfect for travelling around lake areas, working on utility projects, and participating in water activities. It has a peak speed of 45 miles per hour and a maximum horsepower range of 50 to 60 HP.

This capacity is able to readily accommodate six adult travellers in addition to their luggage. Let’s check out some examples in the table below:

18 foot (ft) Aluminium Jon BoatWeight
Tracker Grizzly 794 pounds (360kg)
Crestliner 1800475 pounds (215kg)
Alumacraft 1848370 pounds(168kg)
G3 Jon boats500 pounds(227kg)
Kinocean 18 ft Jon Boats579 pounds(262kg)

The Average Weight of a 18 Foot (ft) Aluminium Deep V-boat

A Deep V-boat that has an overall length of 18 feet and has a weight that is typical for its size is 1,500 pounds (not including the engine). The deep V hull is the antithesis of this, with a deadrise that gradually increases from 21 degrees to 26 degrees throughout its entire length. Because of this, the vessels take on a wedge form.

It is a common material option for sport fishing boats, particularly those that are intended for usage in large bodies of water or oceans. The reason for this is that the architecture of the boats makes it possible for them to move through the water with relative ease—so long as they are moving quickly.

When you are moored or halted, the situation is quite different. Let’s check out some examples in the table below:

18 foot (ft) Aluminium Deep V-BoatWeight
Brisker G550600 pounds
Kinocean Deep V Boat2000 pounds
Qingdao Cuddy Cabin Deep V Boat1500 pounds
Guide V117 T1650 pounds
GUIDE V187 T1790 pounds
Angler V18 C2850 pounds

The Average Weight of a 18 Foot (ft) Aluminium Bass Boat

A bass boat with an overall length of 18 feet and a weight that is normal for its size is 1,200 pounds. The length of the boat is measured from bow to stern.

When it comes to fishing, bass boats are the best option for anglers who desire the ease and comfort of being on the water on a vessel that has been constructed for the purpose of spending the day fishing. Bass boats are designed specifically for fishing, as seen by the presence of amenities like coolers, livewells, and comfy swivel seats. 

The sort of hull that is included in bass fishing boats is one of the design elements that makes these boats suitable for spending extended periods of time on the water with one’s family. These boats, which are characterized by having a level bottom and a draft that is quite shallow, are what make fishing an enjoyable activity.

18 foot (ft) Aluminium Bass BoatWeight
Crestliner 1850 Bass Hawk Aluminum Bass Boat1608 pounds
Vexus AVX1880 Aluminum Bass Boat1500 pounds
Triton 18TX Aluminium Bass Boat1180 pounds
Gospel Speed Bass Boat1300 pounds
Gospel Center Console Boat1115 pounds

The Average Weight of a 18 Foot (ft) Aluminium Multi-species Boat

A boat designed for fishing many species typically measures 18 feet in length and averagely weighs about one thousand pounds. When it comes to generalizations, a good rule of thumb to follow is that a boat’s overall performance suffers proportionally to the degree to which it is optimized for a particular purpose. 

Multi-species boats, on the other hand, make a significant impact in this aspect. When it comes to storing a variety of fish species, they work quite well. Anglers that like fishing for a wide variety of fish species will find that multispecies fishing boats are the best option.

18 foot (ft) Aluminium Multi-Species BoatWeight
Crestliner 1650 Fish Hawk1050 pounds
Starcraft Renegade 178 DC1176 pounds
Alumacraft Tournament Pro 1951680 pounds
Alumacraft Competitor 185 Sport1500 pounds
2020 Alumacraft Classic 165895 pounds


You now know the answer! The typical amount of weight carried by boats measuring 18 feet (ft) in length that are now available for purchase. There are many more boats available, each of which may be placed into one of the several categories that have been covered in this article, which you are free to research in your spare time. 

Nevertheless, it is essential to keep in mind that the weight of boats is always related to the water they are in. For instance, 18-foot boats made of fiberglass have a significantly different weight on average than their aluminum counterparts, which are addressed in this article.

Originally posted on August 15, 2022 @ 3:57 pm

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