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How Much Does a 20 Foot (ft.) Aluminum Boat Weigh?

When buying a pickup truck or a SUV, you always consider the weight and cargo capacity. This also applies when you are looking for a mid-sized boat.

This factor is crucial because the boat weight directly impacts the towing capacity of your vehicle. This keeps you safe on the road while ensuring you have a vessel you can manage.

Once in the market, you will see boats of all sizes. You, therefore, have to narrow down your preferences depending on size, materials, and purpose. For example, 20-foot aluminum boats are liked by many because of their construction and cargo capacity.

Today we will look at the weight of these boats and how you can use them to fulfill your needs.

20-Foot Aluminum Boats

20-foot aluminum boats are steered using a center console, and depending on the type, the seating can either be seats or benches.

They may also include live bait wells, bells, and whistles. The weight of these boats also depends on the engine size. Small motors make boats lighter, while bigger and more powerful motors make boats heavier.

How Much Does a 20 Foot (ft.) Aluminum Boat Weigh?

A 20 ft. boat can weigh an average of 1834 pounds. However, finding a definitive answer to this question can be challenging because there different types of boats and many manufacturers. Nevertheless, considering the number of accessories, configurations, and engine options, you can expect a weight of between 830 and 3,500 lbs.

When these boats leave the assembly line, they are usually around the same weight. But since each owner tries to configure their boat differently, weights cannot be accurate across all fronts.

The Average Weight of a 20 Foot (ft.) Aluminum Jon Boat

The average weight of a 20-foot aluminum Jon Boat is about 830 pounds. The light construction of this boat owes to the flat designs for cruising calm waters. Jon boats are popular southern boats and come at various price points.

Jon boats have one or more than two benches depending on the intended use. The 20-foot aluminum Jon boats are used for commercial purposes because they have more space to hold supplies and store fish.

With an average weight of 830 lbs., a 20-foot Jon boat can carry a maximum capacity of 1,800 pounds, including people and gear. This boat can carry 6-8 passengers with a maximum horsepower of 70-120 HP and a motor weighing roughly 367 lbs.

Examples of 20-Foot Jon Boats and Their Weights

Boat Brand/ManufacturerWeight
G3 Boats Gator Tough1,065 lbs.
Crestliner 2070 Retriever710 lbs.
Lowe Roughneck 2070710 lbs.
Lund 2075 Tyee2,000 lbs.
Xpress Hyper-Lift Bay H20B1,436 lbs.
Tracker Grizzly 20722,030 lbs.

The Average Weight of a 20 Foot (ft.) Aluminum Deep V-boat

The Deep V-Boat category mostly includes boats weighing an average of 1,560 pounds. These aluminum boats have an extended hull, making them heavier than Jon boats. These boats are built with kicker motors, shallow water anchors, and downriggers.

This equipment makes fishing expeditions less tiresome. In addition, the boat may also hold around 200 pounds worth of gear. With a weight capacity of about 2,800 lbs., these boats can hold 4-8 people and still leave more storage room.

Examples of 20-Foot Deep-V Boats and Their Weights

Boat Brand/ManufacturerWeight
Charger 210 Elite1,900 lbs.
Bass Cat Puma FTD1,825 lbs.
Crestliner 2050 Sportfish2,082 lbs.
Skeeter WX20602,750 lbs.
Solera 2052,725 lbs.

The Average Weight of a 20 Foot (ft.) Aluminum Bass Boat

The average dry weight of a 20-foot aluminum bass boat is 1,700 pounds. When the trailer weight is added, it can reach up to 2,400 pounds. Generally, the boat’s size, build styles, and accessories can average from around 2,200 to 2,800 pounds.

Bass boats look like Jon boats; their hull shape and size are the only difference. They are used for fishing bass and freshwater fish in rivers, lakes, and other freshwater bodies. The boats have raised swivel chairs, assorted gear, and storage space. They are lighter, small, and do not require large towing vehicles.

Examples of 20-Foot Bass Boats and Their Weights

Boat Brand/ManufacturerWeight
Charger 210 Elite1,900 lbs.
Bass Cat Puma FTD1,825 lbs.
Skeeter FX211LE710 lbs.
Lund 2075 Tyee Magnum2,175 lbs.
Kingfisher 2025 Flex1,560 lbs.
Lund 2075 Pro-V Bass XS1,850 lbs.
Xpress XP2001,260 lbs.
Skeeter ZXR 202,175 lbs.
Skeeter FXR20 Apex2,175 lbs.

The Average Weight of a 20 Foot (ft.) Aluminum Multi-species Boat

Multi-species boats weigh around 1,850 pounds on average, considering their versatility. These boats are ideal for fishing various fish species in different types of water. The aluminum construction of these boats ensures that a fishing expedition is successful and enjoyable.

Besides the light construction, these boats have a semi-V-shaped hull and an average deadrise to keep the boat stable on the water.

Examples of 20-Foot Multi-Species Boats and Their Weights

Boat Brand/ManufacturerWeight
StarCraft STX 20502,160 lbs.
Spartan 200 Astoria2,150 lbs.
Alumaweld Express H20B1,436 lbs.
Tracker Boats Grizzly 20722,030 lbs.
Alumacraft Competitor 2051,616 lbs.

Additional Boat Weight to Consider

When using these boats for fishing, you will have a lot of boating and fishing equipment to load. The hidden hull storage can increase the weight of the boat unexpectedly. When you combine the weight of gears, rods, baits, coolers, etc., they can weigh over 300 pounds. Here are some of the accessories to take note of.

1. Tackle Box – 10 – 20 lbs.

Having a tackle box in your storage makes fishing much easier. You may have medium-sized or large ones to be prepared in the water. They should, however, not take up too much space.

2. Fishing Rods and Reels – 30 lbs.

Most anglers carry along many rods, especially with friends or family. Therefore, the weight varies depending on the number of rods and reels.

3. Cooler – 50 lbs.

Carrying some drinks is a great idea when going deep into the waters. Also, having a cooler is a great idea because you can store some food or carry fish. However, coolers are somewhat heavier, especially when loaded with ice. Therefore, you might be forced to bring more than one cooler for cold storage.

4. Anchor – 20 lbs.

Finding a spot to fish requires a strong anchor to keep your boat steady. These keep your boat from drifting away and swaying when fishing. Even though an anchor may be heavy, it is a crucial piece of equipment.

5. Life Savers – 2 lbs.

Lifesavers/preservers are necessary when cruising with anyone under 13 years old. These prevent any issues with the coast guard. Always check that these items are on your boat before sailing away.

When shopping for a boat, check the weight of the trailer and motor. Even after finding your favorite boat, ensure your vehicle can safely tow and launch. It is not worth the risk of having a heavier boat than your vehicle.

Once you understand the weight consideration of your vehicle, analyze the type of boat you want and how much it costs, whether you want a Jon boat to float in the Ozarks or a bass boat for a fun-filled bass fishing adventure. 

Each of these boats should be used as intended to avoid mechanical issues and physical damage. Learning about the weight of these boats also prepares you for emergencies. In addition, you will implement best practices for safe sailing without overworking your motor or excess loading.