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How Much Does a Tractor Weigh? (13 Common Models)

There are different tractors worldwide with different horsepowers. To know the exact weight of any tractor, you can add the weight of its wheels, ballet boxes, or liquid ballasts.

The heavier the tractor, the more it’s stable with better traction during usage. Some people like knowing the weight of tractors for fun, while others find it crucial when planning to buy one.

A tractor weighs on average about 7 tonnes (15,628 lbs), this is including the larger commercial tractors. Smaller utility tractors weighs on average about 2,4 tonnes (5,264 lbs).

If you want to buy a new tractor or are simply interested in knowing their weights, here’s a list of some of the most common tractors in the world and their respective weights.

1. Deere 1023E Sub-Compact Tractor

This amazing tractor has a powerful 4WD and a compliant diesel engine. It weighs 610 kg with an auto-connect mid-mower deck, easy to remove and install in less than 5 minutes.

It fits perfectly for small farms, and it is quite easy to operate. It has a 22.4 gross horsepower, three-cylinder engine, which is probably why it weighs over 500kgs. Additionally, it has a hydrostatic transmission and is mostly 4-wheel drive.

2. Kubota MX5000 (2002-2008 Series)

This is an intermediate tractor model between series L and M. It is an upgrade of Deere 1023E but below MX5100.

It weighs 1,489 to 1650 kg with a horsepower of 52.2 and a wheelbase of 71.6” for the 2WD and 71.1” for the 4WD. It has a basic transmission and a hydraulic system and is the perfect tractor for farming.

3. Kubota M4-071 (2019-2020 Series)

The M4-071 is the new farm tractor series from Kubota M tractors. They are the perfect deal for hobby farmers with a small cattle shed.

It weighs up to 2775 kg with a horsepower of 73.2 and a wheelbase of 84.1, which is 4WD. It is best comparable to the Deere 5075E and Holland PowerStar 75.

4. Deere 5075E (2029 – 2020 Series)

This utility tractor is a sweetheart of most small farmers. It has enough power and capacity to carry out tough farm jobs. It has a horsepower of 75 and weighs 2052 to 3040 kg with a wheelbase of 80.7”.

It also has great visibility and a roomy cab. If you would love something bigger than this, try out the Deere 5065E and 5093E.

5. New Holland PowerStar 75 (2019 – 2020 Series)

PowerStar tractors have a way of adapting to a variety of applications and are available in 2WD or 4WD axles. The 4WD is only available on PowerStar 65.

It weighs 2080 to 2830 kg and has a horsepower of 74 with a wheelbase of 83.9”. It has a sleek design, easy to operate and get by on the farm.

6. Deere 5055D (2008 – 2014 Series)

This classic farm tractor is almost the same as Deere 5055E and is perfect for those looking for small tractors. It weighs 1900 to 2116 kg, has a wheelbase of 76.8” and a horsepower of 55.

Each model of Deere comes with two posts folding ROPS. This is a nice feature that makes it easy to store the tractor in sheds with low ceilings.

 Deere 5045D utility tractor and Deere 5055E are similar in performance and specifications. What stands out with Deere tractors is their beautiful design.

7. Kubota M6060 (2019 – 2020 Series)

Kubota M6060

The Kubota M60 series tractors have special designs with specifications for farmers with at least 75 acres of the farm.

If you like enjoying your farm work in comfort, this is the best tractor. It has a horsepower of 66.4, a wheelbase of 80.7” to 84.4”, and weighs 2270 to 2430 kg.

It gives farming an interesting addition in features from the standard farm tractor. The Kubota M60 series have comfortable and deluxe seats with armrests and a wide floor mat. There are also ergonomic controls built to make it easier to reach and control the tractor.

8. Deere 5065E (2019 – 2020 Series)

The Deere 5065E comes in 2WD and 4WD with an open or cap station option. There is a standard ROPS for the open option that can fold, making it easy to store the tractor in smaller sheds.

If you are a producer or a professional landscape contractor, this tractor will give you some power on the farm. It weighs between 2550 to 3250 kg, has a wheelbase of 80.7” and a horsepower of 67.

9. New Holland T4.65 PowerStar (2019 – 2020 Series)

The PowerStar T4.75 is a beautiful farm tractor with a cab, but you can still enjoy its excellent services even without the cab.

It has a comfortable seating area, easy to hold controls, and excellent visibility. It weighs 2830 kg, has a horsepower of 64, and has a wheelbase of 83.9”. Its unique optional FOPS compliant canopy has enhanced safety during loader activities.

10. Mahindra ( 9000 Series)

Mahindra is a medium-range tractor manufacturer based in the US. their 9000 series, 9110 to be specific, have an excellent power-weight ratio compared to Kubota.

It weighs 4,256 kg with a horsepower of 110. It is easy to operate and makes a perfect tool for medium farmers.

11. Deutz-Fahr

Deutz-Fahr Serie 9340 TTV

Deut-Fahr has one of the most amazing tractors to offer the market, the 9340 TTV AGROTRON. It weighs 11,999.8 kgs with a horsepower of 336.

This tractor is one of the most highly powered tractors from Detz-Fahr, with a heavy body and an extraordinary engine. It also has a climate-control cabin and a hydraulic system.

There is also 9310 TTV AGROTRON which weighs the same except with a horsepower of 312.

12. FENDT (1167 Vario MT)

Fendt offers this amazing tractor with a standard track with 1 and 2 optional tracks.

This special model weighs 18,805 kg when it’s full and with no driver and a horsepower of 673. The drive system has a suspension chassis that works smoothly on rough tracks. 

13. CLAAS (Xerion series)

Claas Xerion 4000

The Claas group is a heavy machinery manufacturer based in Germany that makes tractors and supplies to different countries worldwide.

The Xerion series comes in two versions, the Xerion 5000 and Xerion 4500. Both tractors weigh 19,504.5 kg, with Xerion 5000 having a horsepower of 517 and 476 hp for Xerion 4500.

Knowing the weight and horsepower of tractors is crucial in determining the right one for your needs. Tractors are handy in handling heavy farm duties, but not all tractors can do the same job.

There are different designs for different duties. Therefore, before you get one, understand your needs and get what suits you.

What’s The Heaviest Tractor in The World?

Big Bud 747 in 2020

The heaviest tractor in the world is the Big Bud 16V-747. It has a base weight of 50 tonnes (110.000 lbs) and fully ballasted it can reach a weight of 68 tonnes (almost 149.914 lbs)