How Much Does a Transmission Weigh? (With Examples)

Every vehicle is constructed with numerous components that contribute to its total weight. Among the heaviest of these parts are the engine, transmission, and chassis. Other components add a few pounds incrementally, culminating in a vehicle that can weigh 2 tons.

The transmission is one of the essential parts that keeps a vehicle moving. It determines how much power and torque will be sent to the wheels in certain driving conditions. There are different transmissions, manual and automatic being the most commonly used.

They also come in different weights depending on how they are built. If you have been curious to know the weight of these parts, you are in the right place. Here is a breakdown of various transmissions and how they operate.                

Average Weight of Transmissions

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The weight of a vehicle’s transmission can determine how it works on your car. On average, vehicle transmissions weigh between 100 and 400 pounds. However, some vehicles use light transmissions to keep the weight minimum.

The engineering of the transmission and its functions form its basic units. This relates to the weight that transmits power from engines to wheels. While most transmissions conform to the 100 and 400-pound mark, there are special exceptions. Nonetheless, this weight range represents most standard vehicles.

You need to understand the weight of your transmission when working on your car or fixing the transmission. You can also consider the weight if you are buying new parts, putting it up for sale, or understanding your vehicle better.

The size and weight of your transmission increased with the size of your vehicle. Therefore, a smaller car will have a lighter transmission than a pickup truck or minivan.

9 Example Manual Transmission Weights

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When driving a car with a manual transmission, the driver must shift gears by hand. The gears shifts happen in an up and down movement, even for reversing. The manual transmission has a gearbox that allows adjustment of speed and torque for various driving conditions.

Manual transmissions are usually lighter and can weigh from 100 to 400 pounds. Their construction is primarily from cast aluminum or cast iron. They also have fewer components that make them lighter.

1. Ford Performance Super-Duty T-5 5-Speed

The Ford Performance Super-Duty T-5 5-Speed is 87 pounds heavy and was used in Mustang V8 models. It has a short throw shifter and can output 300 pound-feet of torque.

2. Graziani seven-speed dogleg transmission

This transmission is used in the Aston Martin Vantage AMR and weighs 120 pounds. It can handle up to 653 Nm of torque and over 500 hp.

3. TREMEC TR-6060 transmission

The TREMEC TR-6060 transmission is used in the 2017 ZL1Camaro. It weighs 146.6 pounds. It is 38.7 inches long and can output power of up to 640 hp.

4. FTI TH400 Performance Manual Transmission

The FTI TH400 Performance Manual Transmission is a large-sized transmission for the higher torque capacity of big-block engines. It weighs 158 pounds which is great for turbo engines.

5. TREMEC six-speed manual transmission

The TREMEC six-speed manual transmission is used in the Dodge Challenger and weighs 160 pounds. It can withstand up to 700 lb.-ft. of torque while providing smooth shifts.

6. ZF 6HP Transmission

The 6-speed M Sport ZF 62HP Transmission is particular to BMW M3 and M4 models for its manual capabilities. It weighs 192 pounds and can handle powers up to 480 HP. It also puts out 700 nm of torque.

7. G56 6-Speed Manual Transmission

The G56 manual transmission weighs 220 pounds and is used for full-size pickup tracks, especially class-4 and class-5. It is mostly used in RAM trucks and uses Mopar ATF +4 transmission fluid.

8. Eaton Fuller 8-Speed Transmission

The Eaton Fuller 8-speed manual transmission gives drivers versatility for on-road and off-road driving. These transmissions weigh up to 570 lbs.

9. Eaton Fuller 13-Speed Transmission

The Eaton Fuller 13-Speed Transmission weighs roughly 716 pounds and is used for heavy trucks. It features an innovative patented design that offers a versatile, low-shift experience.

9 Example Automatic Transmission Weights

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Automatic transmissions are very easy to use because they take all the shifting work from the driver. They automatically select gears for the user depending on the conditions and what should be done. Automatic transmissions are used in most high-performing vehicles.

The weight of automatic transmissions varies depending on the vehicle. They are heavier than manual transmissions because they are built from cast iron. They also have multiple internal parts for shifting gears, adding more weight to the end project.

Here are nine automatic transmissions and their weights

1. Chevy Cobalt Transmission

The Chevy Cobalt transmission weighs 102 pounds and is an automatic overdrive transaxle. It is controlled electronically and regulated using a torque converter clutch.

2. T56 Transmission

The dry mass of the T56 transmission in Chevrolet vehicles is around 128 pounds. It can hold fluids of up to 3.8 liters and reach 700 horsepower.

3. Chevrolet 700r4 Transmission

The 700R4 transmission is built from cast aluminum, making it rugged and sturdy. It weighs around 155 pounds and is 23.4 inches long.

4. GM 4L80 Transmission

The GM 4L80 Transmission weighs 178 pounds and is one of the old-school transmissions by General Motors.

5. Ford F150

The automatic transmission of the ford F150 weighs around 215 pounds which is very lightweight.

6. All-Trans Automatic Transmission A534004

The All-Trans Automatic Transmission A534004 is used in vehicles like the Toyota Solara. It weighs 235 pounds and is made of cast iron with some aluminum components.

7. All-Trans Automatic Transmission A120004

The All-Trans Automatic Transmission A120004 weighs 290 pounds. It is a 4-speed automatic transmission with cast-iron housing and can handle up to 700 HP of power.

8. Ford Trans Automatic FC4Z7000V

The ford Trans automatic weighs 363 pounds and is built from aluminum. It weighs 230 lbs. and can handle maximum power up to 600 HP.

9. GM 6L90 Transmission

The GM 6L90 Transmission is a six-speed automatic rear-wheel drive transmission and weighs roughly 245 pounds. It holds up to 13 Qtrs. f fluid can reach 700 horsepower and is found in the Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra, GMC Savana, and Chevrolet Express.

Do Automatic Transmissions Weigh More Than Manual Transmissions?


Automatic transmissions weigh more than manual transmissions, with a weight difference of between 50 and 75 pounds. Manual transmissions are lighter, and understanding the weight difference is great to guide you when buying a new car. Manual transmissions are lighter than automatic models with the same torque capabilities and gear ratios. This explains why automatic vehicles experience drivetrain loss and poor fuel economy.

Automatic models are heavier because of their build. They are enclosed in cast iron, while manual transmissions have aluminum casts. The construction alone accounts for a weight difference of 20-30 pounds. In addition, there are hardware differences that we must consider because automatic transmissions include more parts. The system and the casing must therefore be heavier and larger.

How Much Does an 8-Speed Transmission Weigh?

Eight-speed trans-systems were built to replace the 6-speed transmission models. However, they still maintain an average weight of 200 pounds.

  • GM 8-Speed 8L90 M5U – 218.3 lbs.
  • GM 8L45 – 176 lbs.
  • RT-11608 – 577 lbs.
  • RT-14608 – 604 lbs.
  • RT0-11607L – 605 lbs.
  • RTF-11607L – 605 lbs.

How Much Does a 9-Speed Transmission Weigh?

The average weight of 9-speed transmissions depends on the manufacturer. For example, Eaton Fuller builds transmissions with varying weights from 500 pounds.

  • Hydra-Matic 9T50 – 320 lbs.
  • L-1550 – 1350 lbs.
  • R-1150 – 1350 lbs.
  • R-1160 – 1160 lbs.
  • RT-860A – 392 lbs.
  • RT-1370H – 588 lbs.
  • R-1550T – 1350 lbs.
  • RT-8609 – 392 lbs.

How Much Does a 10-Speed Transmission Weigh?

10-speed transmissions are either automatic or manual, depending on the applications. Manual systems purely apply to trucks and heavy vehicles. On the other hand, high-performance vehicles use 10-speed automatic Trans for high speeds.

  • GM Hydra-Matic 10 Speed – 650 lbs.
  • Supermartic 10L90-E – 228 lbs.
  • Ford 10R80 – 230 lbs.
  • GM 10L80 – 230 lbs.
  • FR-9210B – 592 lbs.
  • RA-96T – 740 lbs.
  • RT-510 – 425 lbs.
  • RT-910 – 576 lbs.
  • RT-1110 – 620 lbs.
  • RT-6610 – 359 lbs.
  • RT-11610 – 598 lbs.
  • RT-12510 – 698 lbs.
  • RT-12710B – 606 lbs.

How Much Does a 13-Speed Transmission Weigh?

13-speed transmissions are built with high capacity and sturdy materials to handle heavy applications. They weigh around 716 pounds with torque capacities of up to 1850 lbs.-ft.

  • RT-613 – 622 lbs.
  • RT-6613 – 554 lbs.
  • RT-513 – 660 lbs.
  • RT-11613 – 652 lbs.
  • RTF-513 – 660 lbs.
  • RTF-12513 – 725 lbs.
  • RT-613 – 622 lbs.
  • RTLO – 714 lbs.
  • RTOOF-14613 – 659 lbs.

How Much Does a 15-Speed Transmission Weigh?

The average 15-speed transmission weighs around 600 pounds.

  • RT-915 – 770 lbs.
  • RT-11715 – 681 lbs.
  • RT-11615 – 648 lbs.
  • RT-14715 – 703 lbs.
  • RT-1415 – 696 lbs.
  • RT-11715 – 681 lbs.
  • RTO-14715 – 696 lbs.

How Much Does an 18-Speed Transmission Weigh?

Eaton 18-speed transmissions weigh an average of 716 pounds with a maximum torque of 1650 pounds.

  • RTLO – 1491B   716 lbs.
  • RTLO – 16918B 716 lbs.
  • RTLO – 18918B 716 lbs.
  • RTLO – 20918B 716 lbs.
  • RTL – 22918B 716 lbs.

This guide covers the transmissions commonly used across multiple vehicle types and brands. They have been tested for their performance and can deliver maximum performance. The weight also considers the additional components without the addition of fluid. Understanding the weight differences allows you to determine the best option for your vehicle without exceeding limits.

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