List of 10+ Motorcycles That Weigh Under 500 Pounds

Are you looking for a new motorcycle to purchase? You must consider its weight since all bikes do not weigh the same. Getting a motorcycle that is well sized for you is very important since it is risky to ride a bike that is overweight or oversized.

The overall weight of a motorcycle is determined by many factors, such as the type of the bike, but most weigh between 350-450 pounds.

You should expect to come across a range of weights depending on the bike you’re shopping for. For instance, a cruiser motorcycle can weigh two to three times as much as a dirt bike. These motorcycles are all less than 500 pounds in weight.

12 Motorcycles That Weigh Under 500 Pounds

The majority of regular motorcycles weigh about 500 pounds. These are motorcycles with several uses that can be used for a number of uses. Some of these bikes, like the 375-pound Suzuki GW250, weigh less than 500 pounds.

1. Yamaha SR400

YAMAHA SR400 20070304 03 1

Since the SR400’s previous appearance in 1981 hasn’t looked this nice. And because it’s a classic, it’s very fortunate that the bike still appears to remain virtually untouched. Thankfully, it does have contemporary suspension, brakes, and tires.

The 399cc engine may not appear large, but the low-end torque is adequate for a little bike, and the electronic fuel injection ensures that the kick starter works consistently. The SR400 is a narrow bike with a ride height of 30.9 inches, making it simple to control and stop. Consider it all the more because it’s a fantastic urban bike with lots of vintage charm.

2. BMW F700 GS

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The F700GS is worth considering if ADV riding is your thing and you also adore Beemers. While it lacks the F1200 GS’s power and towing ability level, it is significantly lighter by around 64 pounds. It is incredibly maneuverable thanks to its low weight, and its 75 horsepower, 798cc engine offers more than enough power on and off the road.

The upright riding position of the F700GS contributes to its comfort, and with the right tires, it is eminently capable on both the road and the trail. You know that control and lightness make for perfect safety because ABS is standard on the F700.

3. Triumph Bonneville

Triumph Bonneville 900cc 2008 model

Finding a manufactured motorbike that is more iconic than the Bonneville is challenging. It’s a great option for beginning and intermediate riders because it’s iconic, attractive, and simple to ride.

Thanks to the design and excellent urban riding stance, it will always appear classic; the fact that its light is just a fantastic addition. The Bonneville’s 865cc parallel twin isn’t a powerhouse, but rumors suggest that air cooling will be added to Bonneville’s engine next year, giving it a much-needed power boost.

4. Ducati Scrambler

Ducati Scrambler Classic 2014

It’s the Ducati for the average Joe, and it could just be the nicest bike ever made by Ducati. Under its throwback good looks, the Scrambler has an 803cc air-cooled, fuel-injected V-twin engine that was first used in the Monster 796 and produces 75 horsepower.

Of course, it’s not the power that draws you in; rather, it’s the bike’s lightweight agility, upright riding position, clear and uncomplicated gauges, vintage aesthetic, and the fact that it’s truly within most people’s means of affordability.

5. Kawasaki KLR650

Kawasaki improved numerous features for the KLR650 in the middle of 2014. This was the proper move. It now has better damping, a better seat with more padding and a slimmer design toward the front, as well as more firm suspension all around.

It boasts superior off-road performance, better road handling, and still has enough power from its liquid-cooled 651cc single engine. It might be among the best all-around bikes you can purchase, and the upgrades make it highly sought-after as a flexible and capable bike. We’re also relieved that the weight is not a barrier.

6. Honda CTX700

Honda CTX 700 N

It’s the kind of bike designed for those who don’t ride bikes and might otherwise find shifting gears and managing the clutch intimidating. You can focus on the road without having to worry about your left foot because it has a terrific quick-shift dual-clutch automatic transmission that is an available option. Instead of using the clutch, the left hand can replicate a manual shift by pressing a button.

The CTX700 is quite comfortable and looks like an urban roadster with a cruiser’s height and ride position. It also weighs 500 pounds, which makes it incredibly maneuverable, and drives like a large scooter despite having a 670cc parallel-twin engine that produces far more power.

7. Honorary Mention: Honda Grom

Honda grom custom 1

Who said a bicycle needed to be large to be cute? The Grom is startlingly small but street legal and runs like a standard motorbike. Due to its extremely modest 125cc displacement and minuscule dimensions, the Grom isn’t a daily rider unless your commute is local and below 50 mph.

It also easily fits into the sub-500 weight bike category. But it’s a total blast to ride, incredibly cheap to purchase at $3,199, and tossable in every way. Additionally, it has a 103.5 mpg rating, which is insane.

8. Suzuki GW250

The Suzuki GW250 is a basic entry-level motorcycle that is affordable and comfortable to ride compared to other vehicles in its class. This lowers the cost for those who are considering upgrading in the future or for new riders. Suzuki’s GW250 is 375 pounds in weight.

9. Honda XR650L

1993 Honda XR650L 02

A four-stroke dual sports bike that can be utilized for both on- and off-road riding is the Honda XR650L. It is renowned for its enduring dependability and enjoyable ride. The weight of the Honda XR650L is 346 lbs.

10. Kawasaki Ninja 300

Although it hasn’t been available for a while, the Kawasaki Ninja 300 is a terrific sportbike for a beginner. It features an aggressive sports appearance that gives it the appearance of a more expensive bike without the price. The 383-pound Kawasaki Ninja 300 is a motorcycle.

11. Honda CRF 250F

The Honda CRF 250F is regarded as a fantastic bike for novices since it is easy to ride, comfortable, and has smooth, predictable power input. Honda is renowned for the dependability and appeal of its dirt bikes. The 265-pound Honda CRf250F is heavy.

12. Kawasaki KX250

The high-performing Kawasaki KX 250 motocross bike is utilized on trails and racetracks. The new variants of this bike no longer have the traditional kick start option but instead have an electric start, one of its distinctive features. The 237-pound Kawasaki KX250 is a motorcycle.

Factors that affect motorcycle weight

A few essential parts influence a motorcycle’s weight. We’ll investigate each one separately.

The engine

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We start with the engine, and there’s a good reason for it! The motorcycle’s engine is by far its heaviest component. You’ll see that motorcycles with larger engines typically weigh more overall than those with smaller engines.

Engine sizes typically range from 125cc to 1600cc. The smaller engines are found in scooters, naked bikes, and dirt bikes. The larger engines are found on cruisers, sports, adventure, and choppers. This is one of the parts contributing to these motorcycles’ weight.


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The panniers are another element that could contribute significantly to weight. Some motorcycles are built with panniers. Typically, these are touring bikes. On adventure bikes, panniers are also typical.

The weight of the panniers alone can be substantial. The weight of each of the vintage panniers, which are made of steel, might reach ten pounds. That is the pannier’s empty weight. Then follows everything else you typically bring with you.

If we consider weight, items like extra fuel or oil, a chain, and a spare helmet might start to add up.

The materials used

Although not technically a component, the materials chosen significantly determine your motorcycle’s weight.

The distinction between old and new motorcycles becomes apparent at this point. They used to create everything out of steel back then. Steel is incredibly durable and sturdy, but it is also very heavy.

Cafe racers are a prime illustration. The classic-style cafe racers are heavier than the contemporary models with only a vintage appearance.

Modern bicycles are made primarily of lightweight metals and plastic. As a result, the motorcycle is lighter, less expensive to construct, but also less durable.

Motorcycle type

The type of bike itself is the main factor when it comes to weight consideration. Most other bikes weigh far more than a moped or scooter. Typically, a bike will weigh more the bigger it is.

Although they can weigh more, dirt bikes typically weigh around 220 pounds. The touring motorbike, which may weigh more than 950 pounds, is the heaviest form of motorcycle.

The fairing

The fairing is listed last but not least on this list. The plastic fairing on modern motorcycles weighs hardly any more than the machine itself.

However, the fairing on older motorcycles might be composed of sheet metal. This substantially increases the weight of your motorcycle. If you want to reduce the weight of your motorcycle, you might think about replacing the sheet metal with plastic fairing.

Final Thoughts

The weight of your motorcycle greatly influences the overall riding experience. Motorcycles heavier than others are typically slower, less comfortable, and harder to handle. Even still, heavier motorcycles tend to be far more stable than lighter ones. Consider the weight of your next motorcycle before making your selection!

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