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List of Animals That Weigh 300 Pounds

You may think that 300 pounds sounds like a lot, and it is. But considering that the average adult human is about 150 pounds, 300 pounds isn’t that much. Sure, it’s double the average adult, but there are a few animals that tip the scale there.

What animals weigh 300 pounds? The female Thorold’s deer is one example of animals in this category. Gorillas weigh a little over 300 pounds, while the black wildebeest weighs a little less. Other animals tip the scale near 300 pounds, but it’s hard to find many that hit it right on the nose.

Whether you’re looking to become a zookeeper or just love learning about animals, knowing what animals weigh 300 pounds can be useful. Not only will you have a fun fact to share at parties, but you’ll also know what animals are big but not too big. Consider these animals with average weights at or near 300 pounds.

Thorold’s Deer

List of Animals That Weigh 300 Pounds

Female deer, particularly from the Thorold’s deer species, weigh 135 kilograms, or about 300 pounds. Males can also weigh about this much, especially if they are still growing. However, they can get much bigger than females as adults.

Males tend to weigh about 400 to 500 pounds, while females average anywhere from 275 to 400 pounds. The bodies of these deer can be over six feet long, and they can stand about four feet tall at the shoulder.

Now, other species of deer are bigger, so the deer you might come across more often can probably weigh more than 300 pounds. However, you can find Thorold’s deer in central China near Eastern Tibet.  The species is threatened, with under 10,000 still in the wild.

If you can’t travel to Asia, you may also be able to find Thorold’s deer at an ISIS-registered zoo. They can live for many years both in the wild and in captivity. You might also be able to find other species of deer that weigh about 300 pounds as they grow, but many species will be bigger once they reach adulthood.


List of Animals That Weigh 300 Pounds

A close relative of us humans, the gorilla can weigh close to 300 pounds on average. Specifically, they weigh about 140 kilograms, or 308 pounds. However, some gorillas can weigh much more than that as some can reach up to 440 pounds.

Like other apes, gorillas have opposable thumbs, and they can display emotions as we do. Those similarities make sense when you consider that we share 98.3 percent of our DNA with gorillas.

Gorillas live all over the world in zoos or in the wild, especially in Africa. The country Gabon is home to the Western Lowland Gorilla while the Mountain Gorilla lives in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. If you want to see a gorilla, you can visit a number of zoos, so you don’t have to worry about traveling to Africa.

A gorilla can grow to be four to six feet tall, and their height is probably related to their weight. Taller gorillas will probably weigh more than 300 pounds, while shorter gorillas will weigh closer or a little under 300.

Black Wildebeest

List of Animals That Weigh 300 Pounds

Another animal that tips the scale at or near 300 pounds is the black wildebeest. They may not be as common or well known as other animals, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t learn about them.

The average weight for black wildebeests is 132 kilograms, or about 291 pounds. Sure, that’s a little less than 300 pounds, but some individual wildebeests probably come closer to the full number. Overall, wildebeests can weigh anywhere from 240 to 400 pounds once they reach adulthood.

These animals have a horse’s mane, a bull’s face, and the legs of a buck. Black wildebeests are a member of the antelope family. They look like a lot of animals, and they have a close relative in the blue wildebeest. However, the blue wildebeest is much larger and can weigh up to 550 pounds.

Sticking to black wildebeests, males typically have a darker coat than females. You can find them in the wild in South Africa, Lesotho, and Swaziland. They live in grasslands, plains, and mountain regions.

Baby Elephant

List of Animals That Weigh 300 Pounds

While many animals weigh about 300 pounds as adults, others can weigh that much when they’re young. Adult elephants are massive, so it makes sense that babies would be big, too. So it may not come as a surprise that baby elephants can weigh up to 300 pounds when they’re born.

Of course, some babies weigh closer to 200 pounds or somewhere in between. However, when you compare that to an adult who weighs 5,000 pounds or more, it’s not that big. It’s all about perspective with these larger animals.

Now, an elephant probably doesn’t stay at 300 pounds for very long since they grow a lot before they become adults. If you can see a newborn elephant, such as at a zoo, you can see what they look like at 300 pounds.

Seeing a newborn elephant can also help you realize how big they can be as adults. A visual comparison can be a great way to understand the size and weight differences. While you might see them in a zoo, you’ll have to travel to Africa or Asia to see them in the wild.

Certain Dogs

List of Animals That Weigh 300 Pounds

When you think of how much dogs weigh, you might think of anywhere from 30 to 100 pounds. Of course, the Great Dane and other large breeds can weigh well over 100 pounds, but they don’t come close to 300 pounds.

In most cases, dogs don’t pass 200 pounds, even the larger breeds. However, there have been some record-breaking dogs that have surpassed 300 pounds. It may not be common for dogs to weigh that much, but it’s possible.

One dog named Zorba was an English Mastiff, and he weighed as much as 343 pounds at one point. However, he made the Guinness Book of World Records at 315 pounds. Compare that to the smallest dog Miracle Milly, who only weighed four ounces.

Of course, most dogs won’t break those records, but it’s interesting to know that it’s not impossible for dogs to get that big. If you own a dog, you better make sure you choose the right size for you so that you don’t end up with a 300-pound dog.

Some Humans

List of Animals That Weigh 300 Pounds

Like it or not, humans are part of the animal kingdom and so count as animals. As many people know, humans can vary significantly in terms of height and weight. For better or worse, some people weigh about 300 pounds, even though that’s about twice as much as the average adult.

Now, some people weigh that much due to a struggle with obesity or other health conditions that make it difficult to lose weight. The prevalence of conditions like diabetes and increased exposure to processed foods has caused people to weigh more in recent years.

However, some people weigh that much and are completely healthy. Take sumo wrestlers, for example, who usually weigh at least 300 pounds. While they weigh that much, it’s for the purpose of their sport, and they tend to have better diets and routines than the average person.

While weight is nothing to joke about, it is important to realize that some people weigh about 300 pounds. If you or someone you know is struggling with losing weight and getting healthy, it’s important to consult a doctor or nutritionist. Medical professionals can give personalized guidance to help you lose weight.

Final Thoughts

There are many animals out there, and the average weight varies considerably between species. However, multiple animals weigh about 300 pounds at one point or another in their lives. The next time you want to share a fun fact, you can share one or more of the animals who tip the scale at or near 300 pounds.