List of Things That Weigh 100 Tons

In this technical world, we focus more on the lightweight and compact size to easily accommodate in our palm and packets. However, a lot of things cannot be confined to a certain weight and size. You can take the example of your home, vehicle, and animals. These heavy objects are essential parts of our life.

In this article, we will discuss some heavy objects that weigh around 100 tons or less. It sounds interesting, right? I’m sure you will find both some funny and surprising things on the list. In fact, some of them are totally unknown but very useful in their respective field.

So, without further ado, here is the list of things that weigh 100 tons.

1. The Blue Whale


Average weight: 140 tons

Could you ever phatom that an animal living right now could weigh more than 100 tons? Well, the blue whale does! The list would be incomplete without mentioning the blue whale. The blue whale is very popular across the globe due to its large size. It is the largest animal ever lived on earth. Blue whales actually weigh more than 100 tons on average, 140 tons to be specific.

A blue whale is counted on the list of endangered species. It is able to grow up to ninety-eight feet in the length. The heaviest blue whale ever recroded weighed 173 tons. The scientific name of the Blue Whale is Balaenoptera musculus.

The gestation period is ten to twelve months. The life span of the blue whale is eighty to ninety years. The tongue of a blue whale can weigh as much as an elephant and its heart can be the size of an automobile. It is bigger than dinosaurs and mastodons.

2. The Boeing 757-200


Average weight: 100 tons

The Boeing 757-200 is a mid-size and narrow-body twin-engine airliner. This twin engine is designed by the Boeing Commercial Airplanes. This is the largest single-aisle jet-liner of its manufacturer. This aircraft is able to carry around 200 to 295 passengers for the maximum of 3150 to 4100 nautical miles.

This heavy aircraft has a:

  • max take-off weight of 115 tons, and a
  • max landing weight of 90 tons

This narrow body jet-liner was first originated in the USA. Its first flight was in February 1982. The Boeing 757-200 was introduced by the Eastern Airline On 1st January. During the initial years, it was primarily used for United Airlines, UPS Airlines, Delta Airlines, and FedEx Express. Around 1050 airplanes were produced between 1981 and 2004.

3. The Boeing C 32-A Military Aircraft


Average weight: 110 tons

The Boeing C 32-A Military Aircraft is the modified version of the 757. It is made for government use. This aircraft is designed by the air force of the USA. It is mainly used for the transportation of the political leaders to different locations across the globe.

This aircraft was manufactured by the Boeing and is known as the developed and military version of the Boeing 757. The primary users of the Boeing C 32-A Military Aircraft are the First Lady, the vice president of the USA, and the secretary of the state. The key objective of this aircraft is VIP transport. It was first used in June 1998. It weighs around 110 tons. The passenger capacity of this aircraft is forty-five.

4. A Locomotive Engine


Average weight: 100 to 225 tons depending on size

A locomotive engine is a rail transport vehicle designed to provide the train its main motive power. When a locomotive engine helps to carry or pull a payload, it is normally referred to motor coaches, multiple units, rail cars, or power cars. It is also used in the freight engines on rare occasions. However, it is widely used in self-propelled vehicles.

It is a traditional way of running the vehicles where locomotive engines pull the vehicles from the front. But now push-pull operation has been used mainly in the trains. A train might have a locomotive engine at the back, front, and at both the ends. Locomotive engines are available in different sizes. However, these are heavy and weighs between 100 tons to 225 tons.

5. A Swimming Pool


Average weight: Depending on the pool đŸ™‚

A swimming pool also has a place in this list. I’m sure you’re thinking; how can a swimming pool weigh 100 tons?

Well, it is not primarily the measure of the weight. It is the measure of the mass. A swimming pool with dimensions of 5×10 with a depth of 2 meters with 100 cubic meters of water would weigh about 100 tons. So, if you ever get the question of how much a swimming pool could weigh. Well, you now know how to calculate it! Yes, the dimension will have a great role in determining the weight.

6. The Orca


Average weight: 85 tons

Now we will get back to the whale family. The Southern Ocean also popularly known as the Antarctic Ocean has become a seasonal home of the Orca. Orca is very famous as the Killer Whale. The Blue, Killer, Humpback, Fin, Minke, Sei, Sperm, and Southern varieties of the whale breed and feed around the Antarctic.

The Orca or killer whale is known for its distinctive look and the black and white markings and tall dorsal fin. During the summer, the number of Orca exceeds 80.000. The size of the Orca can exceed seventeen meters. When Orcas are fully grown, they weigh around eighty to ninety tons.

7. A Space Shuttle


Average weight: 100 tons while flying into orbit.

You might have seen space in a lot of movies. An inter-galactic war is common in most movies. These movies are widely appreciated and achieve great success in the box office and also win some prestigious awards. Coming back the space shuttle, we know less about it when it comes to its weight and performance.

When totally empty, a space shuttle weighs around seventy-eight tons. We can take the example of some space shuttle such as the shuttle Endeavour which weighs seventy-eight tons. The payload in the shuttle will be about twenty-two ton and the total weight is 100 tons while flying into orbit.

8. The Cloud Gate sculpture


Weight: 100 tons

This fantastic sculpture created by Indian-born British artist Sir Anish Kapoor weighs exactly 100 tons. The weight is made up of 168 stainless steel plates welded together.

9. House


Average weight: 100 tons for a single-story, 149 sq. m (1,600 sq. ft) house

A single-story, 149 sq. m (1,600 sq. ft), and unfurnished house can weigh 100 tons. This type of house is commonly found in America. In fact, some houses in this size weigh more than 172 tons even without using expensive masonry. The weight obviously depends on the included materials.

Interesting isn’t it?

So there you have it, an interesting list of a few of the heaviest things in the world that weighs around 100 tons. The most interesting among all these in my opinion is the Blue Whale. This is the largest animal on earth that weighs up to 170 tons. Just the fact that the tongue of this animal weighs more than an African elephant, which is the is the second largest animal in the world with a weight of around 7-8 tons, is very cool!

Also, you might not have thought to weigh your swimming pool, but now you know how and can get the exact weight of it if you’d like too.


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