8 Things That Weigh Around 40 Grams (g)

Forty grams is not an abundance of weight. When you try to fathom what might weigh 40 grams, there may not be a lot that comes to mind. After all, 40 grams is less than a pound, which is equivalent to barely having any weight at all.

Despite that, we were able to come up with eight random items, mostly when multiplied, weighs 40 grams. 

1. An Egg


Eggs come in various sizes, from jumbo, which weighs about 70 grams, to peewee which weighs about 35 grams. Small-sized eggs average about 40 to 42 grams in weight.

There are also different types of cooking eggs. Chicken eggs are the most popular, with an average weight of 50 grams. 

2. 8 Nickels 


A newly minted nickel weighs exactly 5 grams. This means eight newly minted nickels weigh 40 grams. Circulated nickels can be worn down. Because they lose weight from wear and tear as they age, they may weigh less than 5 grams.

3. 2 Tablespoons of Butter/8 Teaspoons of Butter


When it comes to butter, there are so many different ways to measure it. You can measure by a whole stick or half-stick, ounces, cup, teaspoon, tablespoon, and also grams.

One cup of butter weighs 250 grams, one teaspoon of butter is 5 grams, and one tablespoon of butter is 20 grams. Two tablespoons of butter weigh 40 grams, but also eight teaspoons of butter weigh 40 grams.

4. 7 Quarters


The weight of quarters differs depending on when it was minted. Quarters minted since 1965 weigh 5.6 grams. They are primarily composed of copper (93%) on the inside, with nickel plating on the outside.  Prior to 1964, quarters were composed mostly of silver (90%), and 10% copper. Their weight was also heavier at just over 6 grams.

Seven quarters minted since 1964 weigh about 40 grams. Rounded, it would also take seven quarters minted before 1964 to weigh about 40 grams.

5. 2 Fountain Pens

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The weight of a pen greatly affects how you write, so comfort is important, especially if you spend a lot of time writing. People with large hands may find a small pen uncomfortable to hold. If a pen is too large, it may cause fatigue. But what is a small or a large pen?

Most pens weigh under 25 grams. Anything above 30 grams is considered a heavy pen. Therefore, two average-sized fountain pens may weigh about 40 grams.

6. 2 AA Batteries

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The weight of a AA battery can be anywhere between 19 grams and 29 grams, depending on the type of battery. Carbon-zinc batteries are the lightest type and weigh only 19 grams. An alkaline battery of the same size weighs 24 grams, along with lithium-ion batteries.

A rechargeable nickel-metal hydride battery weighs 26 grams. Two carbon-zinc batteries weigh nearly 40 grams. 

7. 40 Paper clips

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One standard-sized paper clip weighs half a gram. A jumbo paper clip weighs one gram. Forty jumbo paper clips weigh 40 grams. The average paper clip is 4 cm long. Here’s a fun fact, 65 paper clips can be made from one straight piece of wire 10 meters long.

8. 6 Lincoln Pennies/ 13 Union Shield Pennies

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Noting the weight of a penny is no simple feat. Most people don’t realize how many different weight changes the penny underwent. Pennies first went into production in 1793; they were 100% copper and weighed 13.48 grams. From 1795 to 1857, the size of the penny was reduced to 10.89 grams.

Then from 1856 to 1864, the composition of the penny was reduced to 88% copper but included 12% nickel. It weighed only 4.67 grams. It didn’t end there. The penny would see a redesign and composition changes at least four more times causing a difference in weight. 

However, all pennies minted since 1982 weigh either 2.5 grams (Lincoln Penny) or 3.11 grams (Union Shield). Lincoln Penny’s are composed of mostly copper (95%), while Union Shield’s are composed of mostly copper-plated zinc. Sixteen Lincoln Pennies weigh 40 pounds; 13 Union Shield pennies weigh about 40 pounds.

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