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List of 16 Motorcycles That Weigh Under 300 Pounds

Many different kinds of motorcycles, each with its own set of features and capabilities, are available. In most instances, weight is also a major distinguishing factor. Think you’d be better off with a lighter motorcycle? I’m inquiring as to the bikes that come in at less than 300 pounds. Read on for more details.

1. Benelli TNT 135

The new Benelli TNT135 shows the adage “Size Isn’t Everything” with its compact frame and large-bike amenities and technology. Mile after mile, the super-fun TNT135 will surprise and please thanks to its race-inspired suspension, wheels, and brakes as well as its lattice-steel frame and sporty ergonomics. It’s lightweight at just 266 pounds.

2. 2022 Honda GROM

The GROM isn’t serious, and that’s on purpose. The GROM is a well-liked mini-moto, and its popularity has led to the formation of GROM clubs around the United States. It is very light at just 275 pounds.

3. Aprilia RS 50

Aprilia makes a sports moped called the RS50. The model was manufactured until 2005, and its power came from a liquid-cooled 49.7 cc single-cylinder two-stroke Motori-Minarelli AM6 engine with an aluminum cylinder block. This bike has a weight of 291 pounds.

4. Revolt RV400 Premium

In India, Revolt Motors is off to a good start with the release of the RV300 and RV400 electric motorcycles. There are two variants of the Revolt RV400 on the market: the RV400 Base and the RV400 Premium. No, the RV400 Base and Premium haven’t undergone any major redesigns. They appear exactly the same. The RV400 Premium, the subject of this discussion, tips the scales at 238 pounds.

5. Zero FX

The Zero FX takes its inspiration from the company’s off-road heritage. You may blast off when the light turns green and hit your favorite trails or take quick cuts with complete confidence. With a total weight of 247 pounds, it qualifies for this group.

6. Revolt RV400 Base

With the RV300 and RV400 electric bikes, Revolt Motors started its business in India. There are two types of Revolt RV400: RV400 Base and RV400 Premium. Before you start to wonder, both the RV400 Base and the RV400 Premium look the same. The RV400 Base, which is what we are interested in, weighs 238 pounds.

7. Zero FXS

The Zero FXS has pinpoint control and lightning-fast acceleration, making it capable of annihilating urban slalom courses and tearing up local tracks with stealthy, tarmac-carving ferocity. Cutting through the urban jungle has never been easier than with the Zero FXS, which combines off-road durability with on-road nimbleness. This monster is 251 pounds in weight.

8. Revolt RV300

The RV300 model of Revolt arrived first, followed by the RV400 series. As a result, despite its towering stature and tremendous performance, it is somewhat lighter. The curb weight of this motorbike is precisely 223 pounds.

9. Super Soco TC Max 

The Super Soco TC Max electric motorcycle persuasively argues that a smaller, simpler, shorter-range commuter is a better use of present-day battery technology than a large roadster. Its near-zero operating expenses and the ability to refill while you sleep make it an attractive option for commuters. Additionally, the weight is 220 pounds.

10. Honda CB125R

The CB125R offers an exhilarating riding experience for novices because of its compact size and high concentration of power. It’s the baby brother of the fantastic CB1000R, so it belongs to the Neo Sports Café family, and it’s a show-stopper thanks to its striking good looks and sturdy tubular steel frame. Its 278-pound weight puts it in the running for this spot.

11. Super Soco TC

The Super Soco TC has the same frame and swing arm length as the Super Soco TS, but its 1,500W motor provides much more power. This bike has quickly risen to the top of Europe’s list of preferred electric motorcycles. The Tesla of electric bikes, as one critic put it. It weighs only 185 pounds and is easy to move around.

12. CCM Spitfire Bobber

Lightweight is not a strong suit of cruisers or customs, just as it is not for adventure motorcycles. Instead, these motorcycles epitomize vintage design, low-revving sunny cruising, and rugged authenticity. The  CCM Spitfire Bobber weighs just 297 pounds.

13. Peugeot Kisbee

Scooters with a 50cc engine and AM certification are usually rather lightweight. That’s pretty much a given, given the scooters’ little 50cc engines, tiny wheels, and overall stature (which is limited to 30 mph). In fact, very few people weigh more than 198 pounds. So, it really doesn’t matter whatever option you choose. The Peugeot Kisbee, which is the best in its class despite being a full-size car (roughly speaking), weighs just 198 pounds.

14. Super Soco TS 

The Super Soco TS is the first of the Australian-owned company’s Limited Speed Motorcycles to be sold in Europe. Despite having its top speed capped at 45 km/h by European law, this bike has had tremendous success on the continent.

A first glance at this motorbike would lead you to believe that it was produced by a well-known brand with decades of expertise in the industry. It is very light at just 175 pounds.

15. Aprilia SX50

Aprilia is a top name in Italian exotica, but they’re also a formidable competitor in the lightweight motorcycle and scooter markets. The SX50’s very low weight of 218 pounds is convincing evidence of this.

16. Honda Super Cub

The Honda Super Cub/Cubicle is a Honda underbone motorcycle powered by a four-stroke single cylinder with a displacement of 49 to 124 cc. This impressive beast weighs in at just 238 pounds.