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The 9 Heaviest Kids That Ever Lived – Categorized By Age

While many preventive measures have been put in place to manage obesity, there are still instances where people gain excess weight either from medical conditions or naturally. Here are some of the nine heaviest kids who achieved so much weight, making them nearly five times bigger than kids their age.

1. Heaviest Newborn

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Carmelina Fedele’s child was the heaviest newborn ever to be born by a healthy mother. Carmelina gave birth in 1955 in Aversa, Italy, and the baby weighed 22 pounds and 8 ounces at the time of delivery.

Carmelina never had any health issues at the time she gave birth and the baby as well. However, further information about the baby, such as gender, identity, and picture, has never been shown to the public.

2. Heaviest 1 year old

Luis Manuel Gonzales was named the heaviest one-year-old kid in 2017 after weighing 62 pounds. His weight was equal to that of a 9-year old and neither his parents nor doctors could explain his weight. At birth, he weighed 8 pounds which is typical for a newborn, but two months later, his weight had gone up to 22 pounds, forcing him to wear clothes for three-year-old children.

Due to his enormous size, Luis could rarely sit up or crawl, and his family could not carry him around with such weight.

3. Heaviest 2 year old

In 2003, the Guinness World Record named Dzhambulat Khatokhov as the heaviest child weighing 75 pounds. Due to his weight, Dzhambulat made the headlines early in his life, making him the heaviest 2-year old ever recorded. At age seven, he was named among the world’s biggest kids at 224 pounds.

His weight never stopped growing, and throughout his life, he kept recording a significant amount of weight gain. He would later make a name for himself as a Russian Sumo Wrestler before his death at age 21.

4. Heaviest 3 year old

In 2017, Freddie Hunt made it to the record for the heaviest three-year-old kid after packing 84 pounds within a short time. Freddie’s condition came after he underwent surgery to remove a baby-fist-size tumor in his head. The surgery interfered with his brain nerves, and his metabolism could not be controlled. This means that Freddie’s metabolism is suppressed, and his body stores more food than the body needs.

5. Heaviest 4 year old

In 2011, Lu Zhihao was named China’s heavyweight toddler for his weight of 136 pounds. At the time, he was the heaviest four-year-old kid, standing at the height of 3’7″.

Lu Zhihao was born with an average child’s weight, and three months into his life, he started overgrowing, and doctors could not link his growth to any illness or condition. It was discovered that his eating habits were the leading cause of his obesity, and this forced his parents to cut down his meals from three bowls to one bowl of rice per meal.

6. Heaviest 5 year old

In 2020, a 5-old Rwandese boy named Raiponce weighed 220 pounds standing at nearly 3’10”. At birth, the boy weighed an average of 5.5 pounds and was considered to be underweight. Unfortunately, he started growing rapidly, and he would even gain a pound in less than a day. His mother added that their one-year old last born daughter is also facing the same problem, weighing 60 pounds.

7. Heaviest 6 year old

Suman Khatun might be the heaviest 6-year-old girl ever recorded in the world. At the age of 6, she weighed over 203 pounds, and this was attributed to her constant eating without getting satisfied. At birth, Suman weighed a mere 8 pounds which is the standard size for a kid. However, it was noted that her feeding patterns changed when she started drinking milk.

Suman could eat 30 pounds of rice, 17 pounds of potatoes, 17 pounds of fish, and 180 bananas in a week. Her diet also included plenty of Bengali cream cakes and sweets. Luckily, she managed to get the help she needed for weight reduction and now weighs much less than before.

8. Heaviest 7 year old

Justin Painter comes eighth on the list of the heaviest kids ever to live. Justin weighs 250 pounds at only seven years old, and this has been a problem for him and his mother. Justin gained weight uncontrollably, which prompted the North Carolina Social Services to push his mom to give up custody of the boy.

Justin’s mum was given two months to prove that her son is losing progress since the situation was considered an act of abuse and neglect. After being in foster care for a few weeks, Justin shed some weight, and his mother was given custody.

9. Heaviest 8 year old

Jessica Leonard was once named the fattest kid in the world. Her eating habits saw her gain nearly 420 pounds when she was eight years old. Her weight took a toll on her body, and she could not go to school since her legs were too weak to support her. To move around the house, Jessica was restricted to rolling on the floor.

It was until Tennessee child protection services came to her aid and sent her to an obesity clinic for treatment. Luckily, Jessica was able to lose nearly 320 pounds while at the clinic without surgery.

Wrapping Up

Most kids suffered from medical and hormonal conditions that interfered with their feeding and dieting skills from the list. In some cases, parents overfeed their kids resulting in rapid weight gain from excess appetite.