The 12 Heaviest Actresses Ever

Hollywood is the oldest and largest movie industry in the world. However, it’s been hard to fit if you are a plus-sized woman.

Actresses are changing the norm by staying healthy and refusing to starve to meet the crazy bodyweight demands. Additionally, thanks to the body positivity movement, Hollywood has made a shift in its perception. 

To change the narrative, some great actresses fought against all odds to make it in the industry.

1. Mama June Shannon

Mama June Shannon heaviest actress

Mama June tops the list being the heaviest actress. She weighed 460 pounds(208.6kg).

However, in 2016 she underwent a Gastric sleeve surgery and a tummy tuck. Today Mama June weighs 250pounds(113kg).

2. Roseanne Barr

Roseanne barr.jpg

Roseanne’s heaviest in her career was 350 pounds(158kg), and it was in 1997.

Later in 1998, she decided to get in shape and underwent gastric bypass surgery.

After the surgery, she lost 100 pounds (45kg), and over the years, she has even lost more weight.

3. Chrissy Mitchelle Metz

Chrissy Metz began her career in 2005, and her heaviest was 339lbs(181kg).

However, Chrissy began to eat healthily and do 20-minute walks in an attempt to lose weight.

In the end, she managed to cut a considerable amount of 100lbs in five months. Now, after losing weight, she weighs 308lbs(140kg).

4. Queen Latifah

Queen Latifah is a famous rapper and actress. Queen Latifah has been curvy all her life, and the heaviest she has ever weighed was 307pounds (139kg).

However, over the years has shed 160 pounds (72kg) thanks to gastric surgery. Today this multi-talented queen weighs 209.44 pounds (95kgs).

5. Gabourey Sibide

Gabourey has been obese since her childhood. When she joined the acting industry, she weighed 300 pounds (136kg).

However, later she underwent surgery and dieting and lost more than 100 pounds. Today Sidibe weighs 150 pounds (68kg).

6. Monique Angela Hicks

Angela Hicks has weighed 300 pounds (136 kgs) at her heaviest, and that was at 17 years.

However, after being diagnosed with blood pressure in 2009, she had to lose weight. Finally,she managed to shed 100 pounds (45kg) in 2018 weighing 200 pounds (90.7kg).

7. Ashley Fink

Ashley Fink is a star actress in the musical comedy-drama Glee.

In her first appearance on the show, she weighed 300 pounds (136kg).

However, over the years, Finks have shed some weight. She shed around 50 pounds, and her lowest weight ever has been 220 pounds (99.7kg).

8. Melissa Mccarthy

Mellissa Mccarthy revealed that she has struggled with weight since high school.

Mccarthy’s weight was 207 pounds (93kgs), earning her a spot in the list of the heaviest actresses.

However, later in life, she decided to lose weight and lost 74 pounds. After the weight loss, she now weighs 134.8 pounds (61kgs).

9. Rebel Melanie Elizabeth Wilson

Rebel, known as Fat Amy from Pitch perfect, has struggled with weight since childhood.

She said what contributed most was eating junk foods.

Rebel weighed 250 pounds before starting her weight loss journey. After her journey, Rebel is now smaller and weighs 165 pounds (74.8kgs)

10. Carnie Wilson

Carnie struggled with her weight, and by 1999 she was 300 pounds making her one of the heaviest actresses.

Later she decided to shed weight and underwent gastric bypass surgery.

She was able to shed half her weight, 150 pounds, in 16 months. Today Carnie weighs 150 pounds (68kgs).

11. Octavia Spencer

Although her weight is below 200 pounds, she is considered heavy.

Spencer weighed 185 pounds (85kgs) before he shed some weight.

After shedding 30 pounds now, she weighs 145 pounds (66kg). But honest opinion is Spencer’s weight defines a normal average body.

12. Brooke Elliot

Brooke Eliot is the last on this list. Her weight is 185 pounds (84kgs), and she is considered one of the heaviest actresses ever.

There’s a list of the heaviest actresses ever. They might have been heavy then, but most of them have gone through a significant transformation due to weight loss. So now you know how much your favorite actress weighs.

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