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The 10 Heaviest African Animals

African wildlife attracts tourists and is a major contributor to their economy.

In fact, Africa is known for its diverse wildlife and is home to some of the biggest animals in the world. With such huge animals, you can only expect some of them to weigh thousands of pounds.

So, here’s a list of the heaviest African animals of all time.

1. Antarctic Blue Whale


The blue whale is occasionally found on the west coast of South Africa. It’s the world’s largest and heaviest animal. It’s a gigantic creature and weighs over 130,000kg.

Additionally, its average length is 24 meters and can feed up to 3000kg of krill daily. Their calves weigh approximately 2500kg and 7m in length and can live up to 80 years.

2. African Bush Elephant


African bush elephants are among the largest and heaviest animals in Africa. They are in the family of Elephantidae.

These mammals can reach up to 2.2-3.4 m in height and 7m in length. They weigh from 5200-6,900kg (5.7-7.6 tons).

They are herbivorous and can consume an average of 250kgs. These mammals weigh up to 6000kgs and can reach up to 3m in height and 7m in length making. 

3. White Rhino


The White Rhino is the largest existing rhinoceros in the world. Additionally, it’s the second-largest of all the land animals in Africa.

These animals live in the savannas and grasslands. They can weigh from 1700-2300 kg (3747-5070 pounds) and reach 1.9m and 3.7m in length.

4. Hippopotamus


Hippos are semi-aquatic animals and are the third on the list.

There are different species and are found in different parts of Africa. They are herbivores and weigh 1300-3500 kg, whereas males are heavier than females.

In addition, they are dangerous animals and can grow up to 4 meters and 1.5m in height. Their calves can weigh an average of 30kgs and can live up to 40 years.

5. Giraffe


Despite being the tallest animal in Africa, it’s also among the heaviest animals.

The average height of females is 17ft and 18ft for males with their necks about six to seven ft tall.

They take about 40kgs of leaves and shrubs and can live up to 25years old. The females can weigh between 1100kg and males around 1360kg.

6. African Forest Buffalo


Buffaloes move in herds and are found across Africa.

The average weight is around 250-900kgs and can reach up to 2m in length and 1.5m in height.

These animals have high breeding rates and have an average lifespan of 20 years.

7. Zebras


There are three zebra species. They include the Mountain, Grevy’s, and plains zebras.

These beautiful animals weigh between 290-450 kg and can grow up to 2.7m depending on the species.

The Grevy’s zebra is the largest and tallest species in Africa. Their foals’ average weight is 30kgs, and their lifespan is 25 years.

8. Lions


The lion is a cat family and hunts and lives in groups. Lions weigh around 120-250kgs and can reach up to 2 meters and 1m in height.

Their average lifespan is 10yeras and is mostly found in the plains and savannas of Eastern and Southern Africa.

9. Wildebeest

There are two species; the blue and black wildebeest. They are found in open savannas of Southern and Eastern Africa.

The African wildebeest weighs 110-270kg, whereas the blue species is larger and heavier. They are grazers and can reach up to 1.5m in height and 2.3m in length.

The blue species have a large movement every year across the Mara River in Kenya to Serengeti.

10. Ostriches


Ostriches are found in the arid plains and savannas and belong to the avian species.

These animals weigh around 100-159kgs and can reach 1.7-2.8m.

They are very quick and can sprint at an average speed of 70km/hr, and their average lifespan is 35 years.


Africa has the majority of wildlife in the world. However, due to poaching and habitat destruction, the numbers have reduced.

But thanks to African countries trying to fight and safeguard wildlife welfare. Most of these animals on the list are also the largest but are either threatened or vulnerable.

So now you well know some of the most massive animals in the beautiful continent of Africa.