The 7 Heaviest Guitars Available (Acoustic, Electric & Bass)

There are many types of musical instruments and guitars are one of the most dominant amongst them.

Guitars equally have variations with each producing a unique sound when the strings are struck. Do you love guitars and wonder which guitars are the heaviest on the market? 

Then, this piece is just the one that provides you with the answer. Stay tuned (no pun intended) to learn more about the heaviest guitars available:

Heaviest Acoustic Guitars

1. The Gibson J-100 Extra Acoustic Guitar

The Gibson Guitar Company invented the magnificent Jumbo guitar, and they still produce them. The Gibson J-200 and SJ-250 Monarch are two of the world’s most immediately recognizable (and renowned) guitars.

The Gibson J-200 body design or configuration is as readily recognized as the Martin dreadnought body style in the field of acoustic steel-string guitars. People notice the design and proportions of these guitars without even realizing it.

My favorite Gibson guitar is the lesser-known J-100 Extra. A J-200 costs about $5,000, and an SJ-250 Monarch almost doubles that, and I can promise you that most people who desire one would be foolish to spend that much money on a guitar.

The Gibson J-100 Extra is a nearly identical guitar, yet it costs a fraction of what it’s overpriced and overdressed cousins do. This guitar is also one of the heaviest at 5 pounds.

2. Martin J-40 Acoustic Guitar

The Martin J-40 is an all-solid-wood instrument with rosewood back and sides and a spruce top, thus it produces the sort of sound that has long been desired and delivered by the smaller D-28, but it is a touch louder and has more bass response owing to its larger size.

C.F. Martin & Company guitars are not competitive with Gibson guitars since they are designed to have a different tone response and are significantly different from the inside out. 

Outside of the purely subjective assessment of the performer or listener, there is no “better” or “best” between any two identical Martin or Gibson instruments. This Guitar makes the list of the heaviest guitars on the market with a weight of 5 pounds.

3. Larrivee J-09 Acoustic Guitar

The Larrivee J-09 is a wonderful rosewood and spruce jumbo guitar, and Larrivee seems to be aiming straight at Martin, which they do well. I would urge anybody interested in the Martin J-40 to also look at this superb Larrivee guitar since the J-09 is a bit less expensive and provides no less value.

This guitar lacks the depth of abalone inlay seen on the Martin J-40, yet it is as beautiful in its way. The Larrivee J-09 makes the list of heaviest guitars with a weight of 3 pounds.

Heaviest Electric Guitars

1. Gibson Les Paul Electric Guitar

Les Paul guitars are mostly crafted of mahogany, with swamp ash being used in a few unusual instances. The fretboard may be made with rosewood, ebony, or even maple, and the neck might be maple or mahogany. Gibson Les Paul’s weight ranges from 9 to 12 lbs (4 to 5.5 Kg). 

Although some of the newest types are chambered, they will still fall under the “greater than 9 pounds” category. Despite its weight, many guitarists, such as Slash of Guns ‘n’ Roses, continue to use Les Pauls because of the deep and rich tone they produce.

2. Gibson ES-335 Electric Guitar

Some sections of the body are not fully empty. This guitar weighs roughly 9 pounds (4.1 kg). This is much larger than a Fender guitar. This is due to the maple bodies with a maple center block and a mahogany neck with a rosewood or ebony fretboard on the guitars.

Despite being semi-hollow, these guitars are nonetheless somewhat hefty. However, if you want the greatest blues guitar, don’t be concerned about its weight. The ES-335 is one of the greatest semi-hollow guitars available. It’s also a fantastic blues and jazz guitar.

Heaviest Electric Bass Guitars

1. Yamaha trbx204 active electric Bass Guitar

The guitar has two pickups, one at the bridge and one at the neck. The bass guitar’s two single-coil pickups are well-known for producing a bright and interesting sound with a lot of nuance towards the instrument’s higher tones.

The sound is still pretty strong even though the output is not as loud as that of a humbucker. Unfortunately, the pickups do not provide enough string buzz resistance to make it useful.

The controls of the guitar are placed unusually. On the control panel, you’ll find one master volume knob, one balance knob, and two EQ knobs. With a weight of 11.34 pounds (5,14 kg), it is one of the heaviest guitars on the market today.

2. Ibanez BTB745 5-String Bass Guitar

The BTB745, which is composed of wood, has five strings. It’s made of wood on top and wood on the bottom. This adds depth and richness to the sound.

The 35″ scale, 5-piece maple/walnut neck-through allows for a lot of tones and a lot of sustain. The stainless steel frets on a rosewood fretboard are exceptionally durable and make the guitar sound bright and clear. A zero fret allows open strings to ring with the same resonant quality as notes played higher up the neck.

The Mono-rail V bridge features a variety of settings, and each saddle is firmly connected to the body for optimal vibration transmission and little interference from adjacent strings. D’Addario NYXL strings are used to increase dynamic range and harmonic response. The Ibanez BTB745 weighs 11.02 pounds (5 kg).

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