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List of Things That Weigh 10 Pounds

If you ever need to calculate the weight of 10 pounds, a scale is a good option. However, there may be a time when you don’t have access to a scale, or at least an accurate scale.

That’s where knowing a few things that weigh 10 pounds can come in handy.

What things weigh 10 pounds? Many items weigh around 10 pounds, though not all of them are exact. Some pet cats weigh 10 pounds, though others weigh less or more than that. While it seems obvious, a 10-pound bowling ball would weigh that same amount. A gallon of paint is also an everyday item that weighs 10 pounds.

Whether you need to compare the weight of a 10-pound item or want a fun fact to tell at parties, you should know many things can be around 10 pounds. Of course, some items aren’t quite 10 pounds as they can be slightly more or less. 

1. A Pet Cat


If you’re a cat lover, odds are your pet cat weighs about 10 pounds. Now, some cats weigh less than that, and others weigh more, so this won’t be an exact weight. However, many adult cats weigh about the same amount, so it can be a good comparison.

You can easily pick up your cat to snuggle, and you can check their weight either at home or at the vet. If you have a body scale, you can weigh yourself and note the weight. Then, you can weigh yourself while holding your cat and subtract the first number from that.

If you get 10 pounds, then you can use your cat as a living 10-pound weight. Of course, your cat’s weight could fluctuate over time, so this may not be the best long-term solution. However, it can be a fun way to interact with your pet.

2. A Small Dog


Perhaps you’re more of a dog person, in which case you can probably find a small dog that weighs 10 pounds. Of course, this won’t work with a Great Dane or other large dog breeds. However, there are plenty of smaller dog breeds with weight averages near or at 10 pounds.

Even some medium-sized dogs can weigh around 10 pounds when they’re a puppy. To determine the weight of a small dog, you can take them to the vet. You can also use the same steps as you would for weighing a cat at home.

While your dog’s weight will change, especially if they’re a puppy, you can use a small dog as a 10-pound weight for a short period. Some dog breeds that weigh about 10 pounds include Japanese Chins, Russell Terriers, and Pekingese. Other dogs weigh a little less or a little more than that.  You can see more dog averages here.

3. A Gallon of Paint


If you don’t have any pets on hand, you’re not out of luck when it comes to 10-pound things. One somewhat common item you can find weighing 10 pounds is a gallon of paint. You can find a gallon of paint at your local hardware or home repair store.

Whether you want to repaint a room in your house or want some paint to have on hand for quick repairs, a full gallon is a good option. As long as you don’t use up the paint, the weight won’t change like it would with a dog or cat. This means that it can be a better option for comparing weights over a long period.

Of course, using up the paint will reduce its weight. However, the weight of a full gallon is stable and consistent. Plus, you can move the gallon and won’t have to worry about it squirming out of your hands as an animal would.

4. Certain Bowling Balls


Most people don’t own bowling balls, but many people know that they come in a variety of weights. However, that variety includes 10 pounds, so it’s easy enough to find a bowling ball that’s not too heavy and not too light. What’s more, many bowling balls have the weight printed on the side.

The next time you’re at the bowling alley, test out a 10-pound bowling ball. You don’t have to use it for each round, but it can be an excellent way to familiarize yourself with what 10 pounds feel like. If you want to use a bowling ball to compare weights at home, you can buy one for yourself.

Remember, though, bowling balls are round, which means that they can roll around if you aren’t careful. If you need to compare the weight, make sure you keep the ball steady so that you can get an accurate comparison for the other item.

5. A Bag of Sugar


Not everyone has pets, and plenty of people may not have paint on hand. And unless you want to drop the cash for a bowling ball of your own, you should know some common items weigh about 10 pounds. Check your grocery store’s baking aisle, and you can find a 10-pound bag of sugar.

That’s right–the right amount of sugar can measure out to 10 pounds. You can look for a bag of sugar and check the label to determine how much it weighs. While some smaller bags will contain less sugar, others will have just enough to reach 10 pounds.

Like the aforementioned gallon of paint, the bag will only weigh 10 pounds as long as it’s full. So make sure you keep it full for when you need or want to use it as a 10-pound weight. As you use up the sugar, the weight will continue to go down.

6. Small Microwave


While not always the same weight, some small microwaves tip the scale at 10 pounds. Unlike pets, the weight of a microwave won’t change day to day. Also, the weight won’t decrease over time as you use the microwave.

Most homes have a microwave as it can be a useful appliance for quick meals. Of course, some microwaves are larger than others, and large ones will weigh much more than 10 pounds.

However, if you ever have surgery and can’t lift items weighing more than 10 pounds, you will know to avoid your microwave. Sure, moving your microwave isn’t something you often do, but it’s good to know in case you ever have restrictions on what you can and can’t lift.

7. A Traditional Vacuum Cleaner


Another common household item that weighs about 10 pounds is a traditional vacuum cleaner. Now, this doesn’t include the new wireless, stick vacuums since those can be much lighter. However, the 10-pound rule can apply to older, traditional vacuums with bags.

If you’ve ever struggled to move a traditional vacuum around, it can be a relief to know that it really is that heavy. Not to mention that the shape of a vacuum doesn’t help when you need to move it, especially up or down the stairs. However, an old vacuum can be a great tool when comparing other items to 10 pounds.

A vacuum won’t change weight like a pet, and while it may weigh more or less based on the contents of the bag, that’s something you can control. If you find that your vacuum is closer to 10 pounds with an empty bag, you can make sure to empty it when you need to use it as a weight.

Final Thoughts

There are tons of things that weigh 10 pounds. Whether you have them at home or need to venture out to find them, you can use any of the items on this list when comparing the weight of other things. Just make sure you don’t drop the bowling ball on your foot while you use it as a weight.